Mantras For Healing Anxiety

How to use a mantra for healing

Why would you need or want to do a formal mantra practice to help remove anxiety, fear, negative thoughts, or depression?

Personally, I’ve used a formal affirmation practice for over 20 years to reset the energy of emotions, feelings, and  negative beliefs.  I find it up-leveled my mindset and my outlook.  (It’s honestly been the practice that has lifted the feelings of worry, fear, doom and gloom, and depression at some of the darkest times of my life.)  

Whereas my formal mantra practice has moved patterns of stuck energy and pain from my physical body.  Mantras work in a completely different manner than affirmations.  

While aligning new feelings and visualizations with affirmations can produce a sense of well-being and uplifted mood, mantras touch a deep spiritual place within. And this is what is needed if you want to remove anxiety and fear.

True mantras, (sacred, sanskrit words and sounds), are the language of the soul, and they bring us closer to experiencing the Universal Soul, our truest state of well-being.

And as result, they release stored energy from the cells.

Mantras even work to releasing the four different levels of karma that an individual may be experiencing this lifetime.

In a traditional mantra practice one uses mala beads to count the number of mantra repetitions.  The malas contain 108 beads — the same number of lotus petals and energy channels on all five chakra mandalas in the trunk of the body.

Why is this good news for removing anxiety? Because the root cause of anxiety is an energy imbalance in the body.  The most common energy imbalances that happen in the body/chakras to cause anxiety are felt in the stomach, chest, throat, and head. Mantras have a profound ability to move energy out of these areas and to heal anxiety at the cause. rather than just “band-aiding” your symptoms with prescription drugs and herbal supplements.

When I first started a mantra practice with the Sanskrit words “Om Lam” the experience was profound.

I could literally feel my root chakra open.  I exerted no mental energy.  I didn’t have to do anything other than allow the vibration of the words to move through my body.

I didn’t have to visualize anything.

I didn’t have to quiet my mind. Although the act of doing the mantras did make me much more peaceful.  

I didn’t put my attention on my root chakra.  All I did was chant “Om Lam” 108 times.  Because I felt something tangible happen I wanted to continue the practice.

I just felt really, really good! And it felt right. It made me dive deep into the study and use of traditional mantras.  It is a spiritual practice with strong roots in Hinduism and mysticism, but…

Anyone can use this practice for deep healing

Because I had such profound results from my mantra practice I wanted to begin helping others to use them effectively and I began teaching my clients how to use them. They all had the same kind of positive results.

A formal mantra practice helps you experience your true self.  You become the turest and healthiest version of yourself, before your mind and fear got a hold of you and started creating stress and illness in your mind and body. 

Mantras align you with your highest self and provides a healing and comfort that I have not felt with any other practice. 

And I believe it is that experience that allowed mantras to reverse my cancer diagnosis. (I did not do chemotherapy or radiation.) 

There are numerous possibilities for choosing the right mantra for yourself.  

While there tend to be some “rules” about mantra practice among experts, I tend to use a more intuitive approach for myself and my clients. (There’s enough rules to follow in life, I don’t want them in my spiritual practice).

I also find that, for me, this approach helps develop a sense of trust in life and self…which is a key ingredient for removing anxiety 🙂 

Once my clients learn the basics I encourage them to experiment and see where the energy takes them.

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of the difference between mantras and affirmations and how you might use them to create lasting change in your life.

If you are struggling with anxiety, fear, stress, or depression, (or know someone who is), please share this with them so they can find hope again.

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