Energy Healing: Build Strong Digestion and A Healthy Solar Plexus

Let’s face it, without good digestion and absorption, our bodies can’t supply us with the energy we need to live with vitality and be our best self.

That’s the first important awareness.

Second, is the fact that energetically, a lot of us have had events in our life that have left us feeling dis-empowered.  Many have survived incredible traumas and abuse. And many have internalized or repressed feelings and emotions from those events.

But, no matter what we’ve endured…

When you feed your solar plexus some love from the Earth, (aka real food) it will respond in kind.

You can’t expect any part of your body to be filled with health and joy when you feed it dead food.

But often it’s the traumatic experiences that raise havoc on self-worth, self-esteem, and all the other challenges associated with a strong solar plexus personal power, and will.

On the bright side, it can all be healed!

Physically, since we’re basically made up of bundles of energy, down to the cellular level, we can address the issues and restore balance with an energetic approach.

One of my favorite approaches is using and applying energetic principles of food.

Health and healing starts with the raw materials that we ingest.

Certainly that includes the foods we eat–the quality and vibration of the foods we put into our bodies.

Empaths and other energy sensitive individuals resonate deeply with the feeling of nourishment and love.

Personally I feel the love in the food I eat. And when I eat organic, local food I feel the love and energy of the farmers who have grown it.

Secondly, our health is also cultivated by the thoughts we feed ourselves.

You can’t expect to have a healthy solar plexus if you eat great food but feed yourself a big helping of negative, downgrading guilt, shame, and unworthiness every day.

Energy and Universal Law just doesn’t work that way.

Your thoughts are the most precious food you can feed yourself.

Let them be nourishing. Let them be loving. Let them be kind.

What ever happened in the past let your understanding be that it was to help you grow.  Learn the tools to process it and rise above it. And when I say rise, I mean raise your energy by learning how to release what no longer benefits you.

Learn to feed yourself love…

Physically, mentally, emotionally.

Stop feeding yourself judgement, worry, and fear. 

Every day I talk to people that are hiding, afraid to express themselves, and they wonder why their neck hurts.  And they wonder why they have digestive problems.

Energetically, when we don’t speak up the energy gets trapped in our throat center.  And when we don’t speak up we develop an energy deficiency in our solar plexus.

How many times have you circled round and round in your head about how you wish you had spoken up about something, but didn’t?   When this happens, the energy in your mind gets stuck on an endless loop

If you only have 100 “circuits” to run your body and 80% of them are invested in your mind, that doesn’t leave much to run the functions of the rest of your body.

So not only is it important to eat vibrant, energetic food, it’s also important to be diligent about the mental and emotional diet you feed yourself.

And if it isn’t supporting you in a positive way you need to change it!

It’s time for a reset.

That’s one of the things I teach clients in The 5 Steps To Freedom program

And trust me, if you struggle with this, you are not alone.  It’s one of the biggest challenges I see when working with clients.  But, know that you can shift it.  It just takes practice.

In order to build  healthy digestion  and solar plexus, you have to be your true self.

Feed it love!

Change of seasons ,and full and new moons, are a great time to honor your inner teacher.  A great time for detoxifying and shedding what no longer serves your soul’s plan.

These are great times to support and empower our solar plexus to get rid of heat, anger, and frustration by juicing some nutrients from your local harvest.

This is one of my favorite Ayurveda recipes…

Hydration Plus Veggie Juice

You’ll need a juicer for this recipe. I use organic as much as possible when juicing.

Makes 2 cups

½ large Jicama, about 3 cups

1 cup packed lettuce, raw spinach, or other local seasonal greens

½ organic cucumber

2 stalks

1 thin slice of fresh ginger root

2 Tablespoons fresh basil leaves

1 Tablespoon lemon or lime juice

Wash the vegetables and peel the Jicama. Juice all the vegetables, ginger, and basil. Stir in lemon/lime juice.

The fresh herbs serve as effective and flavorful digestive aids in this juice. They’re perfect for late summer to hydrate your body while building your blood and plasma to support an active summer lifestyle.

Building strong digestion and solar plexus doesn’t have to be difficult.  It’s the result of cumulative choices we make.

Action Steps:

1. Pick two new habits you’d like to develop. Choose one that is food related, like juicing. Or eliminate a food you know is not supporting you.

2.Choose another that is related to your mental and emotional diet. Maybe it’s an intention and affirmation to shift your beliefs about your gifts and talents?

3. Commit to the new habit for 40 days. Keep a journal or notepad of any subtle changes or big “A-ha moments” during the 40 days.

Then evaluate the outcome and effects and see if it is a beneficial habit you’d like to continue…

One that will support your physical and emotional growth and well-being.

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