5 Ways To Shift Your Energy

Empath Healing…Embracing Your Gifts and Shifting Your Energy.

I will never forget the day that I outed  myself to my mother!  My spiritual “outing”, that is.

It took me 35 years to get the courage to tell her that I hear voices on the “other side of life” and that I had been getting messages from guides, Archangels, and Ascended Masters since I was 6 years old. It seems like that’s a REALLY long time to avoid the truth and to hide who you are from the rest of the world.

Her immediate response, without a moment of hesitation​, was. ” Have you told your doctors about this”?  She was so shocked and ignorant about it that she believed I needed professional psychiatric help.      

When it comes to empath healing, no one understands better than I do…. that empaths and light-workers feel like they don’t fit in with the rest of the world​.  But guess what….it just isn’t true that you don’t fit in!   

As a matter of fact…..you are all of Life. As a result, the TRUTH is….. being an empath doesn’t make you a misfit standing on the outside looking in. It makes you GIFTED.

There have always been gifted empaths and healers throughout all of time…people like Edgar Cayce, Alice A.Bailey.

Most noteworthy, there is no question that even Jesus was an empathic healer.  

But I hear little talk about the privilege of being an empath and lightworker.   Also, the emphasis has been to  focus on how difficult and challenging it is to live in this world as a sensitive person.

What Does It Really Mean To Be An Empath?

First of all, it doesn’t have to be a challenge or struggle…once you are aware of what being an empath really means….In the One Heart and One Mind of God.  

Most important, being an empath means you are an “old soul”.   Furthermore, it means that you have acquired special gifts over the many lifetimes that your soul has traveled.    It means that your divinity has never been in question and it’s time for you to understand and accept that you have a very specific purpose here on Earth, at this time.

Because, now more than ever, you are being called to shine your light with love​ and confidence!

Because it is who you are!  Circumstances are arriving in your life to help you move out of your past and move into loving, accepting, and using your gifts for your highest good and for the evolution of humanity. 

While you can run, you can’t hide. Trust me on this one.  Hence,the longer you try to deny or hide from your true self…the greater your challenges will be.  God has nothing but the best in store for you!  If you pretend that the “messages” aren’t there, you are denying God, denying Truth, denying Love, and denying yourself​.   

God will keep trying…because God never gives up on us!  

5 effortless ways to start shifting your energy and awareness towards positivity and vitality.

It’s like the old statement…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  You have to choose what you are going to behold for yourself.​

1.​  Create a Personal Sacred Space in Your Home

Probably, this is by far the one most important step and practice that will serve you for years to come. It doesn’t have to be a whole room, it can just be a small corner in your bedroom.  But it needs to be a place that you can go to, for stillness and peace…..every single day.

Create a small altar in this space.  Something that reminds you of the sacred spirit, eternal spirit of You, Life, and the Uni-verse.  Maybe it’s a little flea-market stool with a candle and a single flower in a bud vase.  Since, it just needs to be some thing that makes you feel connected to the Divine. 

2.   Develop A Spiritual Practice

Once you have your sacred space and altar set up, visit it every day!  Even if you don’t meditate….start your day, and set the tone and your intentions by spending a minimum of 5 minutes every morning in your sacred space.  

For 5 minutes just focus your attention on being in the present moment.  While you focus your attention on things that make you feel connected to the sacred, spiritual side of life. Maybe a warm sunrise, or a calming spring rain. No matter what is going on or what you feel, just for these 5 minutes focus on something spiritual.

Eventually, the most important thing is to expand your practice to include meditation and breathwork…but if you aren’t doing anything at all…let this be the place that you start.   As a result, the energy will build over time and support you in every area of your life.

3.   Learn Self-Healing Techniques

I can’t tell you how beneficial and important this is.  And EMPOWERING!   Yes, going to an energy practitioner is great…but you don’t want to become dependent on them.  You have the ability to manage your body and Light energy with self-healing techniques like Divine Flow Energy Healing 

And there are many, many more available to you.  Take a Healing Touch course….to learn 6 very specific healing techniques and then practice them regularly to move and manage energy in you body.  It is the best way to remove blocks and restore balance.

4.   Centering Breath

We have a tendency to take breathing for granted and underestimate the healing power and spiritual essence of our breath.

The breath carries your life force throughout you body and is a direct link to your Light within.  You can use it to move energy and to release feeling, emotions and energy congestion from your body.   Whenever you feel overwhelm, anxiety or other unpleasant energy….

Stop, take a moment to center yourself with your breath. Plant your feet firmly and consciuosly on the ground. Take a deep breath in, as if you are pulling your breath into your body from up above your head.  Breath in a deep breath and move it in a straight column from your head to your heart…and then as you exhale move the breath and energy down from your heart, through your torso and legs, down to your feet.

Practice this whenever you feel out of balance.

5. Accept and Nurture Your Higher Soul-Self

I know, it seems like, if you have spent years “in the closet”, hiding and fearful…this can feel like a big, scary, challenge.   Yet, the Truth is you are Chosen.  You are so loved by God.  You agreed to come here with the gifts that you have to advance your Soul ad to help heal and advance the planet.

Keeping quiet does not serve your soul’s plan.

Rather than focusing on how “different” you feel, or have felt most of your life….recognize that you are a unique expression of Universal Love.  And you are not alone!

Many have come before you…you just didn’t know it.  

There is so much support available for empath healing, to help you develop and fine tune your gifts and the expression of your healing light.  

Avoid the “wicky-woo”!  Avoid the crystal ball fortune-tellers.​  Avoid the temptation to get all caught up in the fear and thoughts that the super-natural is scary.   

5000 years ago wise Indian Rishis and Sages sat​ in the Indus River Valley and channeled messages from God…into what is now known as Ayurveda…the world’s oldest and longest practiced system of natural medicine and healing.    Hence, many other systems, like Traditional Chinese Medicine, evolved as a regional interpretation of Ayurveda.

Had it not been for these men who realized that God was speaking to them, through them, for all of humanity…..The wisdom may never have come through.​   They didn’t get caught up in the “weirdness of it”. They accepted their purpose.  They agreed to Serve.

Your Truth is the same…you are here to serve humanity with your Higher-self. Empath Healing is just that simple.  

It’s all good!

It’s all Love.  I promise!


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