Unlock The Missing Piece

Everything you need for being well is already within.

Martha is a beacon of light and a gifted facilitator in my personal journey.  She stands in her truth and holds a space for healing with sincerity and authenticity.

Gail Petrie – New York


If you could get your mind, body, and spirit on board with your dreams and well-being.

You’re here because you want to freedom.

From the dis-ease that pulsates through your body every day.
From the anxiety that sits beneath the surface of your smile. From the mental chatter that exhausts your being. From the programming that holds you back from honoring your truth.

Reaching that moment where you can pull in a deep, comforting breath—knowing you’ve arrived, that you’re ok—it’s what you crave most of all.

Yet, despite the extensive doctor’s visits, the self-help books, the prescription pills, the herbal remedies, the energy work, the
retreats, the sound baths, and more—you don’t feel much closer to that state.

Better for a time? Yes.
More and more self-aware? Yes.
Healed? No.
And so… here you are.

More ready than ever to dig deeper, to unlock the missing piece of what’s kept you stuck in a state of dis-ease, of mental overwhelm, feeling frustrated and lacking authentic personal power.

Bravo & Welcome!

This is your time.

This is your opportunity to not only discover the crux of your chronic issues—physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and more, but to also experience a methodology that will initiate multi-layered healing.

You see...as a dynamic being, a singular dimension of healing isn’t going to transform what ails you.

A multi-dimensional one is.

One that accounts for every seam of your humanity—body, mind, and spirit.

Here, you’ll discover that by cherishing your whole BE-ing—listening to your body, trusting your spirit, re-programming your subconscious mind,  tapping into Universal Laws and accepting who you really are—you can activate your personal power and heal anything! From the inside out.

THAT is the key that removes the barriers to you being well and living a deeply fulfilling life.

Martha gave me clear guidance on what needed to change and I had a plan by the time we were done. Her straight to the point, no b.s. method is so refreshing! She's incredibly gifted and actually cares about you and your healing.

Chyanne Bone - Saskatchewan, Canada

I've helped hundreds achieve their desires and create extraordinary, healthy lives. 

What happens in my mentoring sessions

I’m an energy intuitive, spiritual channel and expert in mind-body medicine. During our time together you'll receive: 

Channeled insights and guidance to help you embody your higest self

Powerful attunements, energy clearing, and healing

Time for you to share in a sacred, safe space

Steps for repatterning of energy and reprogramming mindset blocks

Transformative multi-layered healing that accounts for every seam of your humanity

 Martha is amazing to work with! She really takes time to listen and make you feel at ease. Martha helped me create the future I wanted.  

Kelly Joseph - Buffalo Barre - New York

Going Even Deeper...

I am devoted to empowering my clients to go within...

Because running from pain, fear, and the past is the route to dis-ease. We must face it head on and do the work to re-program, re-pattern, and release it, so that we can become clear, healthy vessels and lead our lives in alignment with who we really are, why we’re really here, and how we’re meant to make an impact.

Combining my training, healing journey, intuitive gifts, and 25 years experience...I guide my clients through a process that helps them dissolve the obstacles that prevent them from experiencing great health, great joy, and great fulfillment.

Removing the energetic cause of patterns and agreements from your field at the point of agreement

Repatterning energetic blocks, subconscious beliefs, worn out coping patterns of self-sabotage

Aligning core values and spiritual power in your daily actions

Applyiing Universal Laws to your life and situations for creating what you desire.

Align body, mind, spirit, energy to your new desired identity of health and being well.

Correcting ancestral agreements and energy patterns.

Creating balance and healing within the multi-dimensional layers of body and it’s biofield

After my sessions with Martha  I now feel wonderfully healthy and happy! My life is flowing with confidence and ease. 

Gina puglisi - new york

Step Into...

360° Healing & Personal Power By Working With Me

I've designed the 360° Healing & Personal Power Coaching Pathway for one-to-one work based on my extensive experience as a healing mentor, intuitive transformation coach, and psycho-energetic healing expert.

Work intimately with me over 6 months and heal recurring patterns and uncover and grow your strengths.

I'm here for you if you're ready to make a whole-heart commitment to personal expansion and spiritual growth.

Let's meet in sacred space to awaken to the real you, align with your natural healing  and embody your authentic personal power. 

You Bring The Want-to. I Bring The How-to.


1-Hour Breakthrough Call ($555 USD)

Every one of my clients starts here.

In 1 hour, we’ll uncover the core cause of your symptoms, struggles, frustrations and chaos that are keeping you in holding pattern on your journey to being well, and begin your transformation.

In this laser focused session, I use my skills as an energy intuitive, spirtual channel, and medical medium to help you uncover the core cause that has you stuck in a holding pattern on your way to living your best life.

Yes, it can happen that quickly, but only if you show up fully engaged, open, willing and curious.


360° Healing & Personal Power Coaching 

6 Month 

Good things come to those who COMMIT. We’ll go far beyond the work we began in your initial Breakthrough Call — you’ll peel back more layers, implement practices and create awareness so you can embody a new way of being. You’ll become the person who makes themselves a priority, without guilt, while creating well-being and feeling fully empowered to live the life you've barely even been able to imagine. This is where permanent transformation and change happens.

Your initial 1-Hour Breakthrough Call investment is applied to the cost of this package.

Just the fact that you’re here means...

 You are deserving of what you truly wish for every day—relief, peace, joy, vitality, a sense of self-love, and purpose..

Now, I imagine you’ve been on a mission to bring more of those
good feeling elements into your life for some time now—even if life as you know it is good.

And that’s because beneath all of the boxes you’ve checked along your journey—the partner, the family, the home—you’ve been managing something within yourself that takes the sparkle out of life.

Chronic illness.
Fear of failure.

No matter the symptoms that weigh you down, you’ve
relentlessly searched for a solution that will allow you to be free.
Unburdened. Unlimited. And THRIVING.

This desire has sent you to top doctors, healers, yoga classes,
silent meditation retreats, shelves upon shelves of books on
personal growth, therapists, energy workers, coaches, and more.

Yet, the freedom you crave hasn’t arrived.

And you wonder… why hasn’t anything stuck? And why do I still feel so stuck?

Here’s a truth you probably already sense.

Searching for the “fix” outside of yourself isn’t your way out.

Going into the depths of your being is.
It’s the only way to unlock the blocks, to access the answers, to find your way out of the debris pile of past experience.

And embracing all of it simply because it is the gateway to true healing.

Here, you receive a tried and true framework that shows you the way.

I know you are destined to create vibrant emotional and physical health and spiritual wholeness.

And while I can’t hand it all to you on a silver plate …

What I can do is to illuminate the path for you to uncover it all, and promise you that with perseverance and patience you'll emerge empowered to own your life.

You'll heal, and your True self will light up the world.

Martha's program was a life changer for me in so many ways.  I continue to be amazed by the progress I am making. I recommend working with her for powerful transformation in any area of life! 

Kelsey Johnson - Wisconsin

 I'm growing and glowing in the unfolding of me! I am rejoicing in the beauty of finding out what my life purpose is and how to fulfill that! I am finding happiness!

jennifer cormican - new jersey

One to One is for you if you...

  • Want a closely supported, guided and dedicated personal transformation journey
  • Have experienced 1 or more of the following: meditation & mindfulness practices, bodywork, counseling/psychotherapy or spiritual/energy healing work
  • Are open to channeled, intuitive messages and activating spiritual energy
  • Are looking for a sacred and safe space to explore emotions and release self-limiting beliefs and recurring patterns
  • Are ready to work on deep energetic & emotional levels to clear what no longer serves you
  • Are ready and willing to be an active participant in your healing & personal growth process
  • Resonate with the teachings of Universal Laws and/or the work I share
  • Feel called to your greatest expansion and a higher purpose.
  • Want to commit to inner work and consistently show up for yourself.
  • Feel in your heart that this is 'your time' to step into your best self - no matter what it takes
  • Feel a strong pull towards working with me even if you can't explain why!

One to One is not for you if you...

  • Are looking for a “tell me what’s going to happen”, heavily fact-based, 'crystal ball' type psychic reading
  • Are not committed to personal & spiritual growth, self-healing and transformation or conscious living
  • Are primarily seeking to be given 'all the answers' from an external source
  • Are not comfortable with exploring and expressing feelings, and working on emotional healing and subconscious programming
  • Expect quick fixes & rapid transformation without your own commitment to work with what comes up for healing
  • Haven't engaged with my work, writing, or podcast in any way before
  • Want only a predominantly left-brained style of coaching, problem-solving, money making or goal-setting process
  • Have never experienced ANY kind of meditation practice, mindfulness, bodywork, counseling/psychotherapy or spiritual/energy healing work

How do I apply for a One to One program?

Every one of my clients starts with a Breakthrough Call.

In 1 hour, we’ll uncover the core cause of your symptoms, struggles, frustrations and chaos that are keeping you in holding pattern on your journey to being well, and begin your transformation.

Yes, it can happen that quickly, but only if you show up fully engaged, open, willing and curious.

After our session, I’ll guide you through what’s next.

What happens after my Breakthrough Call?

After our session, I’ll guide you through what’s next. If you're going to start a 1:1 mentoring program with me, I'll give you all the necessary information such as how to pay and session protocols.

Not Ready for 1:2:1? 

Check out my Energy Attunement Healing Sessions, sign up to the Mantras, Meditation and Healing group session, and join the Healing Insights community to get free guidance every Thursday.

Martha helped me identify what I needed to release and how to break free from my past.

KIM WILSON - Maryland