Mantra Meditation


Mantra, Meditation, and Healing Session

Healing doesn’t have to be hard.  Creating a fulfilling life with joy-full work and relationships doesn't have to be difficult. 

In the quantum field of Intelligent Substance, there is no “hard”.  What you want is already here.

Feeling your desire is confirmation from Intelligent Substance that it is already here on the first plane of creation. 

Your only task is to recognize that it’s here, and learn to put yourself into alignment with accepting and receiving it.  

Mantras are sounds vibrations that create a desired effect--healing, transformation, or self-awareness,

Mantras have a powerful effect on the our energy, body, mind, and spirit.

Chanting mantras is also a great way to de-stress.

MONDAY APRIL 18th - 7pm ET $29

Mantra sessions with Martha have been such a blessing to me.   She is an excellent facilitator and teacher.  I am more grounded and centered, and able to handle life’s stressors with much more ease and calmness. I experience better sleep. My chronic pain is reduced and my digestion improved. Mentally I experience more clarity and find it easier to make decisions, and I am more positive in my outlook. I find the experience of a group mantra session to be powerful and beneficial  I highly recommend !

Amy bush - New york

The Healing Space

After 10 years of struggling to reverse daily chronic pain, I met with success and defied the predictions of the medical community.  The funny thing was, I wasn’t really sure how I had done it.

And I had to know. I had to know the cause  that produced the positive effect I experienced.  I devoted my work and healing practice to getting  answers.  Years later,  when I was diagnosed with a rare “one in a million” cancer, I put everything I had learned in the study of mantras and quantum field healing to work.  In just under 2 months the cancer was gone.

While I can’t promise specific results for you, I can promise to teach you the process I've used to heal all areas of my life--and how to align yourself with Universal Intelligent Substance for what it is you desire. Intelligent Substance, (God/Source) wants what you want. It doesn’t know hard. It doesn’t know struggle. That’s on us! Our job is to remove the resistance,  and allow Intelligent Substance and the Quantum Field to deliver it.

In this session you will learn...

Specific mantra focused on removing obstacles and barriers

Brief history on how and why mantras work

How to get clarity and set intention for what you really want

How to minimize monkey-mind and mental overwhelm.

Access physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing in the Quantum Field

Restore internal energy balance between mind, body, and soul

Restore physical well-being and improve immune system

Align with frequency of your desires

Receive energetic healing and balancing to create alignment with your desires

MONDAY APRIL 18th - 7pm ET $29 

Martha's mantra meditations and healing sessions always helped me to release negative energy  so I could align myself with my life purpose.  After each mantra session I left with an elevated sense of well being. 

Jose Acevedo - Puerto Rico

Learning and practicing mantras with Martha helped awaken my heart and soul and heal my debilitating back pain. During the sessions I could feel the energy in the  shift to positive, spiritual, healing energy. It is a safe space where you can feel empowered to help yourself on your healing journey. 

Tara Hilman - New York

This is for you if ...

You feel stuck and struggle to create lasting change and success in your life

You often experience an over-active mind.

Feel like you have a hard time balancing your physical energy

Find it challenging to stay centered in the present moment.

Have a hard time feeling grounded in your body.

Struggle with insomnia or digestive issues.

Keep trying new approaches for personal growth but feel stuck in the same place and patterns

You’d like to have more ease and grace in healing and achieving success.

You want to accelerate healing and personal growth

The Location

We'll meet on zoom for our session. You will have access to a  recorded educational video session prior to our live session.  Think of it as a mini-webinar.

In that video: You'll learn about mantras and what we're going to do during our time together. You'll learn about the specific mantra we're going to do and it's benefits. I'll explain the process and steps we'll be doing during our session.  You'll learn about setting intentions and  how you'll do it when we come together.

This is done prior to our session so you can prepare and you'll be able to relax into the process and healing when we come together as a group. You'll be able to easily pause, rewind, rewatch the videos as many times as you'd like.  You can bring any questions you have to our LIVE session

We'll come together as a group on zoom. You'll write your intention and create a space for yourself that is quiet and relaxed, with no interruption. We'll create a powerful yet relaxing space for our individual and collective intentions--raising our vibration and awareness for healing and manifesting.

I'll guide us through mantras and stillness meditation to receive the  beneficial effects on our energy, body, mind, and spirit. For those that desire we'll have time for Q and A after.

Martha’s energetic support throughout the meditation provides a grounded, enjoyable experience!

– Kelly Haas –New York