Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing 

While the path may feel confusing right now—You thriving in every sense of the word is your birth right. 

Arriving in that state of BEing well requires a deep dive into the multi-verse of YOU—being willing to explore and expand into your wholeness and the highest expression for yourself.

That craving you carry for freedom—from the anxiety, symptoms, and dis-ease, and the wish for something more? It can be satiated... 

With a multi-dimensional approach that accounts for every seam of your humanity—body, mind, and spirit. Accepting who you really are—you can awaken and activate your personal power.

You bring the want-to. I'll bring the how-to.


 Energy Healing Treatments

Energy medicine is the most natural medicine in the world today because everything is energy!

The basis is simple—that dis-ease, dis-comfort, dys-function and illness are simply interruptions in the flow of energy in, around or through your physical body.

When energy is stuck or congested, the organs, tissues, and cells in the physical body often become compromised. Because we each need a continuous flow of energy to operate efficiently… stagnant or misaligned energy can be seen as a root cause of physical symptoms.

My treatments are focused on removing the constriction and restoring balance in the bio-energetic field.

 Mentoring Programs

Everything you need to live happy and healthy are already inside you.

I help you get out of the health and healing box you've been put into and take you to the next level of BEing well.

My mentoring programs are a personalized deep-dive for creating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual vitality.

During your program we get your mind, body, and spirit on board with your dreams and well-being.

You'll uncover and transform the barriers and obstacles that have you stuck in recurring patterns and dis-ease.


1:2:1 Intuitive

The first step to creating change is getting clarity about what's in the way.

Whether your desire is to eliminate anxiety, chronic pain or illness, or for improved self-care and removing stress—the only way to transform them is to uncover the root cause.

Everything you need to bring your well-being to fruition is already inside you.

This is my expertise!  It's what I am here to do in this lifetime.


The only thing standing in the way is a misaligned pattern of energy. It's cause could be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or karmic/ancestral—resulting in dise-ease and dysfunction in the body.

During an intuitive energy assessment I use my extensive experience as an energy intuitive, spiritual channel, medical medium, and psycho-energetic healer to uncover the core cause and restore unrestricted flow to your body/field

After our session I'll guide you through what's next

360° Personal Power Activation

I'm here for you if you're ready to make a whole-heart commitment to your personal growth for physical, mental, emotional  health and well-being.

I've designed a path for one-to-one mentoring based on my 25+ years experience as a healing mentor and expert in the field of psychoenergtic healing.

You'll uncover and release obstacles, blocks, and barriers that have prevented your healing.

You'll grow your strengths and confidence in your ability to direct your health, healing, and life.

I have room in my schedule for a limited number of 1:1 mentoring clients.

Your first step is to apply for a breakthrough call.

After our session, if I believe I can suppport your expansion I'll guide you through what's next

Martha gave me so many tools to move forward.
I definitely recommend working with her. She is a very knowledgeable guide to empower yourself. She really has a feeling for what could work for you.  Also, we always had fun during our sessions.  

Wiebke Süßstoff - Germany

Courses and Workshops


These offerings are the foundations of my 5-part methodology that has helped clients across 4 continents get back in control of their body, mind, spirit, and destiny.

They bring clarity and illuminate the path to creating your life of well-being, fulfillment, and freedom.

Your only task is to recognize that it’s here, and learn to put yourself into alignment with accepting and receiving it.

Mantra Healing Sessions are a curated, sacred space to help you align your inner Being with your desired outcomes.

Healing to spark your personal power

When my soul chose an entirely different path than the one I'd been imagining, I was petrified. I had no idea how to navigate it; create what my heart was leading me towards, from a place of self-trust, love, and intuitive guidance.

My only knowing was that when I didn't listen and follow that guidance, life became a struggle and my body began to scream at me. I can tell you that all I've done is show up - willing to use every strand of strength and courage I have within me - to take each small step that appeared.

And some days, that step felt nearly impossible. There was no physical roadmap with guideposts guaranteed to lead me to my destination. The guideposts were sprinkled as nourishing seeds and insights gently illuminating the next expansion for my healing and  being and living well. They were embedded in me,  awaiting my recognition and remembrance.

When you work with me, I'll be walking every step alongside your path, helping you remember—Your body knows how to be healthy and you are meant to live well.

I am so grateful for Martha's guidance in helping me become the woman I knew I could be! I've become empowered by the tools she has given me.  Thank you for believing in me!

Kathy Blumberg - New York