Why Having a Stillness Practice Increases Your Self-worth

For a very short time during my professional career as a healing mentor and transformation coach I used to offer “psychic medium” readings, and clients booked what I call “crystal ball” sessions, looking for answers.  I didn’t do those types of intuitive readings for very long. I had to stop offering them because it was out of alignment and integrity with my beliefs and life purpose.

I have a deep knowing that we ALL come here with everything we need to live happy, healthy, and wealthy lives. To continue doing those types of readings was to dis-empower the client because I was not helping them gain access to their inner knowing.

I was not helping them to build Faith and Trust in the divine intelligence within themselves.

There are so many things about doing those types of readings that I believe diminishes a person’s self-worth and self-esteem.

Going to a psychic for answers keeps you in the identity of someone who isn’t able to get answers for themselves and take control of their lives.

For me, that was an injustice that I wasn’t willing to take responsibility for any longer.

What I will take 100% responsibility for is teaching people the true nature of their Being, how they can Be, Do, and Have anything they CHOOSE.

God/Intelligent Substance wants us to be happy, healthy, and successful. It is our natural sovereign state.

What’s gotten in the way of that is the subconscious mind and the programming we learned from our parents and society.

Everything you desire and the means to achieve it is already within you.

When you’re willing to sit still long enough to listen to your body, your Being, your heart and soul…the path to achieving it will be laid out in front of you…one step at a time.

We can’t expect to find our value, worth (self), or purpose if we aren’t willing to be still long enough and go inside to find it?

We come from and live as the Field of Intelligent Substance–it supplies everything we need. But through our early domestication and programming we come to believe that there is something outside us, that we are missing. (That’s a lie!)

The transformation you’re looking for is just on the other side of your willingness to take back your power and roll with the energy that’s percolating within you. (Most of the time the resistance of that energy is what anxiety looks and feels like.)

In order to create what it is you desire, to break through the internal blocks, you’ve got to be willing to be still long enough to find your internal value.

What you desire to create and manifest can’t come into existence if you can’t see yourself as the person you trust to create it and have it.

For many years, I wracked my brain trying to figure out how to “GET” what I wanted. And yet, on the inside, I wasn’t a person who could see myself as the person who had all those things.

My stillness practice became the foundation for finding what I wanted inside myself. If I couldn’t find it in myself, I certainly couldn’t align with it in my 3D worldly experience.

It’s why Stillness is the foundational practice I teach  every single client when they first start working with me.  It’s a completely different process from “doing” meditation.

The idea of meditation for most people, is to calm their mind so they can short circuit stress.

They begin it with the idea that it’s something they ‘should” do. Because they are stressed, and it will be good for them.

That intention is not the same as coming to a place of stillness to go deeper into yourself.

Many times, meditation has the participant trying to forget who they are, reaching for a state of nirvana, rather than seeking information about their internal energy, power, and presence.

They feel more intention to leave it all behind, rather than dive deeper into their feeling body and source of intuition.

Reaching for the opening of their “third eye” they lose touch with the energy of knowing that sits in their heart.

This is where you’ll find your value, knowing, Faith, and trust…

And recognize that what you want is already here and the path to it’s fulfillment was written in you, and written in the stars, before you even got here.

A long as you see yourself as a person who needs oracle cards to get answers you will always be a person who needs oracle cards to get answers.

You’ll always look outside yourself for an answer and not develop or build trust in your ability to feel and intuit your own energy signature and Soul destiny.

You’ll continue to be a person that will create self-doubt, believing you can’t trust yourself.

Over the long-haul, this leads to constriction of energy in the belly and digestive disorders because the solar plexus is the chakra energy center related to self-worth and self-esteem.

Instead, what if you got still and practiced feeling into what your heart, body, and soul are calling you towards?

Be 100 % responsible for your energy and thoughts and feelings and recognize that you can be at CHOICE to change them at any time you choose.

Free will means you can CHOOSE.

Every day we get a new 24 hours to BE something different from the day before. Growing a stillness practice is one of the simplest tools you can learn and use to shift your energy and mindset and improve you self-worth.

This is exactly what I teach in my Unlock The Missing Piece Course

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