5 Tips To Break Through Obstacles On The Road To Healing

I was talking with a former client recently and she had just come back from a professional training, working with essential oils.

We started talking and I began to inquire about the training.  She said that she really enjoyed it but also came away from it feeling, “There’s always another roadblock.”

Trust me, when I tell you… I know exactly how she felt.

I’ve experienced this in my own life many, many times.

If you’re feeling like this woman, that you’re doing everything you can to create healing and change but it always seems there’s a roadblock in the way… fret not.

Here’s some tips for moving around the blocks that are getting in the way of your health and healing…

Okay, so you want to create health and healing? Or you have a desire to create a new career or business?  You set your goals and plan.  It feels like you are doing all the right steps. You’ve created a plan in your mind/head. You have a dream and desire. And you start checking the boxes off on your to-do list to get there.

And yet, months later, (and sometimes even years later), you’re left scratching your head wondering. What am I missing? Why am I not there yet? What is it going to take for me to move past these roadblocks?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you’re working on.  Whether your desire is freedom from pain, anxiety, or you want to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to build a business or step into living your purpose more fully.

It gets tiring when we live in the feeling of “not there yet.”

Our mind keeps focusing on what’s missing. (Which actually keeps us focusing on what we don’t want!)  You keep wondering. And your search for the missing piece goes on and on.  Your internal drive becomes the search for an external answer.

I did this for years.  Thinking that I was missing something.

That I just needed one more tool. Or one more strategy to get to my healing, peace, and success.

The good news is, I got a ton of credentials and training. And that propelled me into a new career that I love waking up to every day.

But, sooner or later I had to face the  real problem. 

If you want to break through the roadblocks and obstacles you’re going to have to look at your situation with a fresh set of eyes and new mindset.

1. Shift your focus to clear the roadblocks.

2. Begin within.

3. The answer isn’t outside of you. It’s deep within.

4. Stop believing that you’re missing something. You’re not.

5. You have everything you need to bring your vision into reality!

Your vision came through your heart and soul. Your well-being is created from Source/God. When you bring the dream into your conscious mind…everything you need to achieve it is already here, within you. The seeds have been planted and laying dormant just waiting to be watered and fed. .

You’re in resistance.

Oh, how I hated hearing that phrase!

Every time someone said that to me, I got SO annoyed. Until I really understood what it meant.

Simply put,  we’re fighting with ourselves.

The conscious and subconscious mind are in conflict. They’re not playing nice with each other. The inner critic and the inner champion are having a knock-down drag out.

We’re fighting with our worthiness. We’re fighting with our shame. We’re fighting with feeling “not good enough.”  An old default program we likely installed in childhood.

And that’s why the answer to any roadblock is not outside yourself. It’s not another healing modality.  The answer is found by learning to go within, to see where and why you’re fighting with yourself.

When you arrive there…chances are, you’ll be led to the exact place that symptoms are occurring in your body.

Some Reasons we might be in resistance and placing roadblocks in our own way:

  • We’re afraid to be seen.  (This is a big one for empaths and introverts.)
  • We’re living a secret/shame and we don’t want anyone to see or know it.   We also don’t want to experience it fully and deal with it.  This is the biggest reason for addictions and overeating.  I’ve always said obesity has nothing to do with food. It’s just a tool for stuffing the shame.
  • We’re afraid to unpack the shame and get in there and deal with it and release it.
  •  We don’t want to be found out. At all cost we want to hide from ourselves and our dirty little secrets.
  • We’re in conflict and we’re out of integrity with ourselves and that is a hard pill to swallow. We know that we’re doing it and it makes us feel even more guilt, shame, and unworthiness.

The best way to get ourselves out of this vicious loop is to create an external roadblock to substantiate our behavior.

That way it’s not our fault. Oh, if only.

Okay, now that we’ve got it all out in the open, how do we bust through the roadblocks?

Well, the first step was awareness. Now you can be brutally honest with yourself and accept 100% responsibility.

That’s the second step.

Repeat after me… I am 100%responsible for everything that is happening in my life.

Go ahead. Scream and cry and beat yourself up one last time. And then we’re going to move on from it because the good news is that you have a choice about what you’re going to do about it now.

Here’s what I suggest for breaking through the idea of resistance.

“What we resist persists.” (I’ve always hated that saying too!)

So, how about this? How about you just acknowledge your fears and feelings.  Give them a name if you need to. Call them resistance if you want. Call theme Shirley if you want.

You DON’T have to be best friends with them. And you don’t have to shun them like the devil.

Try this different approach:

  1. Tell your fear and resistance, “ Okay, I see you. We’re not gonna be besties. Here’s the rules. You can come along for the ride but you’re are gonna have to sit in the back seat. And you are NOT allowed to touch the steering wheel!  You can sit back there for the ride but you need to keep quiet and behave yourself.”
  2. Determine if you are missing a skill set. If you are, figure out what it is and how to learn it or hire someone to do it. Or hire someone to teach you to do it.
  3. If you need someone to help you unpack or release stuck energy or negative patterns, hire them and work with them until it’s done. And don’t expect that it’s gonna be done in a heartbeat if you’ve been lugging stuff around since childhood. But don’t choose to believe that it has to be a long hard and arduous process either.(Yes, it can happen in a nano-second but only if  you believe that.)
  4. The most important step you can take for your health and well-being is to invest in unlearning what isn’t true about yourself. That starts with old patterns and beliefs that are stuck in your psyche and subconscious mind, as well as in your body. Dis-ease and discomforts in your body reflect the “issues in the tissues.”
  5. It’s best to address your physical discomforts first….cause when your focus is on your nagging symptoms it’s hard to shine your light and go deeper into your spiritual and personal growth.

It takes guts to leave the ruts.

It takes courage to ask for help and to face the self-sabotage that underlies our resistance.

What I know, without a shadow of a doubt,  is that it’s possible for anyone who is willing to do the work…to grow into the fullest expression of self-love, profound health and well-being.

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