What Kind of Healer are You?

During a recent consultation and spiritual reading session a client said, “I know I’m a healer, and I want to do that but I can’t right now because I have to work”.

She expressed a desire to take some classes and begin a formal training program. But, she couldn’t because she “has to work”. That seems like a simple enough statement, and I understood what she meant.

Gracon on the other hand…chimed in with his message, to correct the perception and move it from limitation to Truth.

As corny as it may sound, Gracon’s message was, “Once a healer, always a healer”.

“God will choose how and where he uses you. Your job is to trust and surrender.”

As I dug deeper with this client I was reminded of my own developmental journey as an intuitive healer. And as a result, the struggles and challenges I faced.

The comment reminded me of a conversation I had with God when I was working as a nursing supervisor on an Alzheimer’s Unit.

I won’t sugar coat it. I was in charge of some staff members that were really hard-core “inner city” kinda folk. 

I was frightened and intimidated by them on a regular basis They lashed out and did some vicious and mean things to retaliate against administrators decisions and directives.

At the time, I was in the midst of my certification and Healing Touch training. I was an exuberant energy healer.

Furthermore, my colleagues that gravitated towards the light were few and far between. Yet there were a couple. We tried desperately to lift each other up when the chips were down. One of them was our human resources director.

One morning, I saw her…

Visibly shaken by something that had happened. Someone had taken a beautiful stained glass angel she had hanging on the outside of her office door.  It was smashed to pieces on the floor in front of her office door.

She was frightened. She feared more retaliation.

She felt it was in response to a disciplinary action she had been forced to take when following company protocol.​

I supported her as best I could with some energy healing.

I remember telling God, “This is bullshit, if you want me to be a healer ? Why are you putting me in these dark places where I can’t make a difference and they’ re not open to angels, healing, or light”?

While God’s immediate answer was…

“It’s exactly because of that darkness and resistance to angels, healing, and light that I need you to be here and make a difference”.

Seems like I got it all wrong, back then. I just wanted to hang out with fellow healers and lightworkers. I wanted rainbows and unicorns. That’s how empaths like it. Right?

But the truth is, being in those situations and environment while developing my healing gifts served many Divine purposes. Consequently, it was exactly where I needed to be. It wasn’t until years later, I understood the Divine plan or purpose.

Those experiences taught me to grow a soul with stamina.

As a result, they taught me how to stand in my Divine Light power.

And therefore, to go from quaking in my shoes, to standing firm, yet gentle, in my Light. Further more to do it in a balanced body and energy field. 

Seems like that’s what I needed to learn for my development as an empath and healer…

To not take on or absorb the energy of a slower and heavier vibration. Furthermore, Spirit was teaching me strengthening tools for my evolution as a lightworker.

Okay, back to this client. Back to the Truth. The moment she said she was a physical therapy assistant at a nursing home, Gracon shouted out.

“Good God, she already is a healer. Can’t she see that. Can’t she see that she has the ability to use her light, right here and right now. To bring the presence of God and the angels into the lives of her patients?

Most of all, as an assistant she has the legal right to touch these people and when she does she can fill them with Light.

Even without touching them she can be filling them with light.

Day to day life for these people in a skilled nursing facility is filled with some big decisions and life choices.

They are approaching end of life care and decisions.

God doesn’t entrust the energy and care of these folks to just anyone. She has the opportunity to have a great impact on their life reviews and their transition back to the spiritual realm.”

He then went on to question me, her, and “us humans”. He is just that way–has an attitude, or perhaps it’s just my translation that has attitude.

In any case, he continued.

“You need to know that we really wish you would release the desire to resist and question God’s ability. He’ll put you exactly where you need to be for your highest development of your Soul and purpose. 

If only you would choose to ‘bloom where you are planted’ and just keep learning to hold more Light.

Because, no matter what your circumstances are, you would develop and move on so much more quickly.”

In addition, he told me, “Yes, this gal needs to develop herself before she moves on to her next “assignment” but right now she isn’t able or willing to see the beauty and purpose of where she is.

Because she’s trying too hard to be somewhere and someone other than where and what she is now. As if someplace else were better. It isn’t. 

She doesn’t have to wait, she isn’t supposed to wait, to become a healer.

It isn’t about taking a class to develop skills. She’s getting on the job training from God!”

Also, she mentioned that the energy of administrators at her job was very stressful.  She found many aspects of it distasteful. That is not an uncommon lament.

Seems like I hear that from empaths all the time.

But here’s the thing– we’re put in these places to stand powerful and infuse the darkness with healing light. 

In addition, to be the Divine presence grounded and centered in our hearts.

I know how hard this can seem!

Yet, each time we do we build a collective energy shift within. And therefore our environment. Most importantly it contributes a cumulative lift of energy within..

If all we do is complain or feel slighted or overwhelmed, we haven’t grown into the full expression of our God-self.

If all we do is ‘bide our time’ until we move on to something else, we have missed the opportunity for spiritual development and growth. And therefore, to be a spiritual warrior — down in the trenches of planetary healing.

This is the path of a true healer. To continue to shine your light in the midst of apparent darkness and discord.

Gracon’s healing message was to put all her attention on the Light within herself while giving and bringing more of it to her patients.

To take her focus off of the administrative oppression and put it on her soul’s purpose and evolution right now.

All work is an opportunity by which you can get into the flow of Life.

It doesn’t matter what the nature of the work might be. What counts is the attitude with which you approach it.

The support of the Universe is constant in you and the creative process is constantly seeking to flow forth through you.

Meditate on this as you sit at your desk, (or wherever your work has you),

You work and you are paid for your work. But if that is all you experience you will always be underpaid and unfulfilled, waiting and dreaming to be somewhere else.

When I was able to realize that I was planted to be a beacon of Light for my residents, divinely placed there by God, it made the incidents and challenges from staff almost disappear. 

Because I was no longer aligned to fear and resistance.

Because Spirit gives us what we need to complete our purpose.

I mistakenly believed that we can choose what kind of healer we will be.

Also, where our gifts will be unleashed or needed most.

Almost always, the nature of how God will ask us to serve is planted and imprinted in our Soul’s plan and DNA long before we are ever aware of it. Furthermore, it shows up differently for each individual…due to those inner inklings rising up from our desires.

The most grace-full path of development is to listen to the inner callings. They are God living in you, leading you to your Truth.

As a result, the nature of where and how God has asked me to serve has been an incredible adventure for me.

One that I could never have orchestrated with my human will.

While it took me years to stop resisting and trust that I would grow right where I was, into the healer God wanted me to become — All I had to do was stop thinking that God had gotten it wrong.

So all this client has to do is accept that she already is a healer and not be afraid of how God will use her.

This is the path of the empath healer.

Surrender to the kind of healer that God will ask you to be and accept that you ARE chosen!

Most of all, God has already decided what kind of healer you will be. Time to say “Yes”.

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  1. ShAron on December 22, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    Thank You For continuing to be a Mentor and shining your light on those of us who are learning who we are

  2. Nena on June 12, 2018 at 4:16 pm

    Hello, i feel stuck bc i want to get a nursing degree but lack finances & confidence. It never seems to be the right time, but i feel i need to do it bc my husband has been unemployed for the better part of the last 6 yrs. Thank you

    • Martha Blessing on June 19, 2018 at 9:56 pm

      To get unstuck you have to begin by learning how to shift your vibration and energy so you’ll be a match to the opportunities that are trying to find you.
      Sometimes people think it has to be hard. Honestly, It’s simple. Keep doing something every day to shift and change your frequency. Confidence has a frequency. Fear has a frequency. Get me free Ultimate body mind spirit healing kit from the website. Do the meditation every single day!! It will kick in. It will shift your energy. If you put the energy and time into it, it will work. You have to take action. Consistently. Every day! It works I promise!! Sending you love, light, confident vibes <3

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