Using Universal Spiritual Laws to Create Well-being and Change In Your Life

The law perpetual transmutation of energy has the most intimidating name because it doesn’t make sense right away, but let me explain it to you and why it’s one of my favorite laws.

The law states, it’s definition states… that everything comes from the same source. It starts in the non- form, goes to the form and back to the non-form.. So that’s the definition of it. But what that also means is that we come from that energy.

So you can call this Source, you can call it the Universe, and you can call it God. Everything comes from the same energy, the same source. I have no push on what word you use.

Please choose what word works best for you. And if I reference God and your turned off to that word, don’t worry, just change it in your own opinion to the Universe or Source. I like the word intelligent substance,

I feel like it takes pressure off of us. And sometimes we need that in a world like today. This law gives me all of the confidence I could ever ask for. And here’s why.

When I say that we come from the same energy, from the same source, from universal intelligence, that means that we are an expression of it. So before we even came to earth, we talked to God/Source and explained that we could come here and we could change something about this world.

That’s our desire. We literally explained and said, I could give you a different expression through this earth form and I will help everybody that comes into my awareness and help bring them to Truth. So God says to himself, all right, that sounds amazing. I’m going to send you to earth.

So we get here, and we are an expression of the Universe. It is the Universe that gets to experience this life through us. So everything that we ask for comes from the same Source. And it’s brought to us through people. And the reason that we can ask for anything that we want is because it’s coming from the same Source.

Universe is giving it through people to us. We are an expression of the universe. So let me bring that into a little bit more of a better explanation.

When we ask for things, like we ask for the nice car, we want a nice house, or we want that dream job…

We want to experience all the beauty that this world has to offer. The Universe wants to give it to us because it’s the Universe that experiences it through us. So you don’t need to ask, you don’t need to think that you’re asking too small, the universe wants to experience it through you. So do you think God put himself here on the Universe to suffer? No.

It does not have to be hard. We have different words that doesn’t matter. God, Source, Intelligent Substance, wants us to be happy, wants us to live the expression because it’s in us. We’re actually feeling this thing that we want to do. Yes, it’s in us for a reason.

And that’s for the fulfillment and completion of it. We don’t have to settle. There’s one thing, people think, “Oh, I really want to do this, right?” That’s the desire and energy from Source. And creation has that desire and wants us to have it, but then it’s only our minds that gets in the way that says, oh, I’m not sure if I can have that or I deserve that. So I better ask for less.

All the while what was really placed in us is what we can have and should have. Period. Anything else is just our program…that we received as a little child. You know the stories we carry: “don’t ask for too much, Oh, we can’t afford that.” They come from old generations of thinking that we are not worth what we actually are. We’ve kind of forgotten who we are. It’s been programmed into us.

As we talk spiritually, energetically, in our culture about waking up and understanding these universal laws, these really truly are the spiritual laws of the universe. Some of the other stuff that’s out there is being taught as spiritual. It’s really not these universal spiritual laws at all.

And it’s keeping people stuck at this level of belief. I’m just old enough, being born in the 1950s, it was a very different world. People weren’t awake, or the ones that were, they were hiding it? It wasn’t really acceptable. When you think of the book “Think and Grow Rich” and some of the masters of the earlier times, they knew these laws and they used them and they understood them back in 1910.

They knew them but, we didn’t have the Internet. We didn’t have exposure to them. We didn’t have easy access to this knowledge. It wasn’t like it is today. So we settled.

I love the Universal Laws so much because there’s not an overwhelming amount of them. There’s 7 basic Universal Laws that bring us back to the Truth. And when we learn those laws, we can start to co-create a new experience as a human. So when you’re starting to ask for your desires, don’t ever shy away from how big that desire is.

And also really get away from comparing yourself to another human. Because even if two people were going through this together and they wanted the same things, our eyes are different and our senses are different. So even if we’re taking in the same beautiful view, it is completely different than the person standing beside us because their eyes see it differently.

Their senses on their body feel it differently. They are a different expression than us. So when you ask for the things that you want, ask boldly, allow yourself to know yourself.

The Universal Intelligence wants you to live in a healthy body. It’s your natural state of BEING. It wants you to experience pleasure and joy through your desires. It does not create a desire in you without the means to fulfill it. You can experience, achieve, and attain all of it. But you must ask. And ask clearly. And then become ready to receive it.

In order to receive your desires for health, well-being, abundance and prosperity you must align with the receiving of that energetic frequency. You can’t have doubt, fear, unworthiness, or conflicting thought. It confuses the Source energy and it can’t deliver. It’s never that it’s not meant for us. We cut ourselves off from it with our thinking.

To use the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of energy you must learn to keep you mind clear and focused on what you desire, and only what you desire. We become what we practice. Always.

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