Using the Law of Polarity to Get Unstuck

Break free from the patterns that keep getting in the way of what you desire.

Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to break free from the patterns that keep getting in the way of what we desire.

If you’re like I was, you’ve tried so many approaches and read so many books– not to mention all the workshops and courses you’ve done.

So what’s that answer?

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to re-pattern and re-program YEARS of self-sabotage. my answer is the same.

Whether it’s  physical healing, mental, emotional, or spiritual advancement you’re seeking, they’re all intertwined, right?   We know that.

So getting unstuck in one area can make it easier to free up patterns in all areas of your life.

Knowing how to make a quantum leap out of the same energetic patterns is one of the biggest problems I help people with when they reach out to me for healing.

Here’s the piece that they are usually missing– they don’t understand and use the Law of Polarity to their advantage.

Learning and applying the Universal Laws in my life helped me re-pattern and re-program YEARS of self-sabotage.

In fact, I can admit to the fact that until I learned about them, I didn’t even realize I was in self-sabotage patterns!

Why is it important to understand how to apply the Law of Polarity?

Because, for most of us, our minds are on a continuous loop of mental chatter about what it is we don’t want. We get fixed on a particular fear, worry, or pattern and play it round and round and round, in our minds. Never arriving at a solution or resolution. At least not for our sticking points.

What’s really going on is we are using the power of our mind in a negative way, working against ourselves,  focusing on the problem instead of the solution. We let fear control the situation.

When we’re focused on the problem we can’t find the solution.

Here’s what happens…

You have a vision for something better, a dream or goal you want to create. For some it’s better health or well-being, for others it’s a new career or relationship. In each case, you have a vision for this “thing” you’d like to be, have, or do.

But, you find yourself still wondering and even struggling, how to make it happen. Every time we try to make a jump to something better, something more, than what we’ve had before, our subconscious mind kicks in, looking for a familiar pattern to take us there.

Now here’s where it gets tricky, without understanding that what you want is already “here”, (the Law of Polarity) your mind gets stuck only in what you have previously experienced.

And so it looks for problems, rather than solutions.

And, when we are focused on what’s wrong, or how things went “the last time”  we can’t actually see and feel and hear the solution that is needed to get us where we want to go.

Think of it as a coin.  Think of the Law of Polarity as a coin, let’s say a quarter.  The Law of Polarity says that what you want is already here.  It exists as the opposite of what you are experiencing right now.  If you have this coin, and you have always looked at the tale side, that’s all you know. It’s all you’ve ever been trained or taught to see. The tail is your problem.  Because you’ve never been trained to see anything else, you have no idea that at the exact same time you are looking at the tail, the heads side exists.

They are two sides to the same coin, existing at the same time. The solution is the heads side of the coin.

You just can see it because you’ve never been taught to see it, your subconscious mind has been patterned to look at the tail. It keeps you stuck there, in the familiar.

How do you get your mind to focus on a new outcome and a new possibility?  Flip the coin. Flip the question. Instead of focusing on the problem, start asking where the solution is.

Most people are asking, from a place of fear, how do I get out of this problem. And they keep getting more of the problem. But when you pivot your attention to ask, Show me where the solution is…you switch to the tail side, affirming that the solution is already here.

When your energy is invested in the idea that what you want is already here, you break the old pattern and you begin to move in the direction of aligning with what it is you desire.

Don’t ask, “how do I fix the problem but instead, ask, where is the solution?’ Because in the solution is the Law of Polarity.

This is where most people get stuck. It’s where I was stuck for a long time. Because no one was teaching the Universal Spiritual Laws–nobody was really talking about these teachings 30 years ago. And they still aren’t widely taught in the healing and coaching professions.

Apply this mindset tip consistently in your life and you’ll find yourself breaking through old patterns effectively.

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