Unlock The Missing Piece


Awaken a new

connection to spirit.

The Unlock the Missing Piece program helped me get clear on what was standing in my way.  Martha has powerful tools that get to the energetic roots and blocks. Great program!

Terri Maxwell - Succeed On Purpose - Texas

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What do you learn?

Inside my Unlock The Missing Piece course you'll learn: 

How to develop and trust your intuition.

To build your energy signature for self healing, self worth, and self esteem

To trust your body and it’s messages as guidance not fear.

How to manage your physical, mental, and emotional energy,

How to evolve your body/mind connection

How to open your heart center and energy and use it to create what you want

BONUS #1: 3 months access to LIVE Q and A sessions with me

Build your safe space to release energy blocks and barriers

How much?

Martha’s program gave me so many simple tools to move forward - most importantly - a way that works well for me and motivates me.  This program is so practicle and empowering. She is a very knowledgeable guide for helping you to empower yourself.

wiebke saathoff - Germany


Experiencing more peace of mind and increased feelings of well-being and confidence.  Improved self-care for your creative, empathic nature.  Improvements to your health—relief from overwhelm, worry, stress, insomnia.

The most important and foundational course to empower you on your journey to heal recurring patterns and expand and grow your strengths.

Your geatest asset becomes your ability to transform yourself from the insdie out—growing confidence and self-trust.  Learning to manage your physical energy and body with ease, whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for a while and feel stuck.

You can change your world, today!

You don't have to continue feeling out of control— wondering why you can’t seem to make consistent progress towards well-being, vitality, and achieving your goals.

There is a simple and nurturing path out of the confusion and overwhelm. 

I'm here to show you how to build your confidence and self-trust after things haven't gone as you expected.

Everything you need is here for you. You have what it takes. You don't have to keep giving your power away  to things outside yourself.

Those things have only given you temporary results. It's time to unlock the missing piece that's already within you.

There's only one key ingredient to success on this healing journey.

And you can get it today. 

It's the only thing standing between you and your desires. 

It's time you learned how to create your powerful energy signature—so you can feel safe, secure, and empowered. 

When you stand in the strength of your personal energy signature you'll feel confident to use your feelings and  emotions to reconnect to your true self and what you truly want.

You will feel confident to be at choice for what you want and use your free will to create it.

Life feels expansive instead of overwhelming.  You know exactly what to do to manage your energy, body, mind, and spirit in each and every moment.

Being sensitive becomes your greatest gift. It's now your super power. It's the key to having everything you desire.

It is all here FOR you!   When you unlock what's already inside and grow your internal energy signature you trust yourself and your body.   You stop feeling stuck in an endless loop in your mind—trying to feel safe and control every situation. 

Your super power is being centered in your sovereign energy. 

It's Your Time To...

Unlock The Missing Piece

Working with Martha has transformed my life! My energy is more clear and balanced than ever before.  I now feel free being my authentic self and following my heart. Martha's program was definitely a life changer. 

Kelsey Johnson, Wisconsin


your energy signature



 and trust your intuition



to your heart's fullest expresssion


Martha is a true guide and mentor and everything she does comes right through her heart. The thing that sets her apart is the way she helps you gain clarity and healing on all levels.

angie abt - New York

The Curriculum

You will have access to 5 video modules.  This includes a Quick Start introduction to support you in implementing the program quickly, as well as 5 modules that explain and demonstrate each part of the daily structure you will be using during your healing journey.

You'll be able to easily pause, rewind, rewatch the videos as many times as you'd like.


You also receive Bonus Group Q&A Calls with Martha Blessing -- for 2 months starting the date you purchase the course -- where you can attend and ask your questions. 

Ready To Dive In?

Martha is amazing to work with. She is infinitely patient and kind. I’m getting my life back thanks to Martha’s amazing insight and guidance!

Sue Russell, Indiana

Martha's course is one of the best. Her comprehensive approach is easy to follow and made me question why I bothered with any other modalities.  I feel empowered to take on challenges without all the busy work of clearing blocks.  For the price of this course you will not receive a better experience than this. Highly recommend! 

Alicia Masano- wisconsin

What I can tell you...

You are powerful beyond your knowing.

When you learn to evolve and grow your personal energy signature you'll be confident in your ability to:

~ feel strong and balanced in your body,

~ stop monkey mind, feelings of anxiety and overwhelm,

~ build and trust your intuition, grow your self-confidence for achieving consistent results

~understand and trust the messages your body is guiding you towards for personal growth and spiritual advancement

I cannot recommend Martha enough. She is the real deal. No fluff, just real guidance needed to take your life to the next level. Thank you Martha for doing the amazing work that you do with others. 

Alana Hoffman - Ohio

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