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Past life healing is easier than you think.

Want to access and heal past life trauma without re-living them in this life time? It’s much easier and enjoyable than you think. But there’s a few important details you should know first.

A friend wrote to me…inquiring about past life regressions. She wanted to do a regression. She felt she was carrying things from “before’ and really wanted to “let go” and move forward. That sounds reasonable.

This request comes up all the time in readings and healing sessions in my private practice.

Gracon (spiritual guides) gave me teachings on how to heal past lives many years ago.

There’s a few things that most folks don’t realize about the over-rated past life regression.

I’ve only done a past life regression one time, when I was first beginning to explore spiritual and metaphysical realms. The regression was in a group classroom setting. I did see a lot about myself in that lifetime. But, it offered absolutely no benefit for my healing my past life. It didn’t help me clear the cellular memory from my body.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve had as a healer is being able to see and feel energy from a previous lifetime. I’ve always had a knowing about about metaphysical things I was seeing and feeling in my clients. I’ve been able to discern the ‘age’ of a vibration and how long it’s been around. I was tapping into the energy of the Akashic Field and each persons soul records.

With a good experience of the presence of God-Light within yourself, if you suspect that “something” is from another life, it probably is. So you’ve already assembled most of the pieces that you need to know.

Without a consistent spiritual practice it is difficult to correctly discern the layers of energy in and around your body.

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With a consistent spiritual practice it’s easy to heal past life trauma energy and the karma that is unfinished.

Another simple method, when practiced, is to just ask simple questions, during your stillness practice, and wait for the answer. It will come from your Subconscious/ One Mind. It may take 30 and 60 seconds for the answer to move up to the surface for you to accept it.

The purpose of carrying the cellular memory of another lifetime into this life is so you can complete your soul’s work from that life.

Don’t get caught up in the “wicky-woo” of spiritual voyeurism. Once they’re aware of the past life they spend more time focusing on that. Instead of using it for their spiritual growth.

They try to annihilate it without ever knowing why they brought it with them.

I know many people that have gone for past life regressions. And I know a hand full of colleagues in my local community that offer regressions to their clients. Yet, clients continue to come to me and tell me that they are struggling to release them.

Rarely do I find a practitioner that has helped a client release the karma and attachment to the past life.

Very few were a princess living in a castle eating bon-bons and enjoying a happy and joyous life.

Usually they are grueling, torturous experiences that are brought to the light. So why have a regression? Why re-live it only to see it and satisfy a cerebral ego desire to “know”. Is there a way, an opportunity, to gain some sort of wisdom and healing from the experience?

Absolutely, Yes!

In the case of my friend, there was a mis-perception about past lives. I dug a little deeper. Her desire was to know and understand why she feels unloved. And why she doesn’t seem able to have unconditional love for her husband.

We did a healing session and I uncovered the cause of the current discord she was feeling. It had very little to do with how to heal past lives. And everything to do with her evolution and development of her spiritual gifts and path in this lifetime.

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I saw her situation was related to her karma with her mother, (who is passed into spirit).

And the beliefs that she chose to tell her self about her worthiness in this lifetime. As an empath she came to help heal her mother’s addictions. Success and completion of that agreement cannot be judged by the human mind. From that perspective she assumed failure.

From the soul’s perspective she can remember that her mother exercised her free will and chose fear over God-self realization.

Her current challenges come from a mis-perception created in childhood…cellular memories of fear that changed her vibration and consciousness and took her further away from her natural vibrational state of Divine Love. (The energetic result shows a deficient root and sacral chakra and a grief congested heart center).

In our human-ness we search to have others validate our Divinity. It is impossible for someone to reflect our Divinity back to us if we haven’t already experienced our own Divinity.

Likewise, it is impossible for one to reflect Unconditional Love, (the pure God-state) to their spouse if they haven’t first experienced it within themselves.

The truth of these spiritual laws puts healing past life trauma and responsibility on the client and their current consciousness and vibrations, and to the dismay of many…not on someone else. That’s the good news. You can heal it all, right here, right now.

Remember that no matter what…everything is energy. Everything has a frequency and no matter whether it was this lifetime or another one…there is a frequency stream of Infinite Love that is a constant throughout all of time.

Your job in knowing, perceiving, or healing any issue from any life time is to align with your unique Divine-self frequency.

If someone facilitating a regression can assist their client to do that…then the regression will be successful at clearing the karma, vibration, and consciousness of that stored memory.

I’ve found the tool that has been consistent and reliably helpful for myself and clients in bringing past life karma to the surface to be integrated, assimilated and cleared have been the healing vibrations of mantras.

One of my most challenging stored memories was been a lifetime where I was hung. I had chronic neck pain for many, many years. I could feel and sense an ache deep in my cervical vertebrae. Using certain mantras helped to bring it into my consciousness so I could see it’s purpose, learn why I brought it with me, and see what I needed to do in order complete the karma from that lifetime so I could just put it to rest.

Since I was aligning with the Divine purpose and vibration of that lifetime, it would no longer need to be stored in my body. Once I received it’s message the energy could automatically be transmuted back to the Light, back to Divine Love, the Source of all.

My friend’s angst is a call from her Divine heart to develop a spiritual relationship with the presence of the Love within her self.

There is a lot of that going around lately…an intense calling from the Light…to no longer subdue the Truth of who you are.

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