Working with Martha is  pretty special and amazing.

After my first session with her I was able to quit smoking

And in 2 weeks I'm off all medications including the controlled substances for pain and my back pain is gone!

 And I was also able to start yoga. I cant thank you enough!!

Dawn Marie - New York

Before working with Martha In her healing program I was experiencing a lot of emotional issues and health issues.  I was really in trouble. I was desperate for change and had no idea where to start.

I was angry, judgmental, and moody. I didn't truly trust or love myself… shame and low self-esteem often consumed me because of so much trauma I had experienced. When your sense of well-being and love of self is at a minimum…(I learned from Martha this puts the mind and body in survival mode.) Survival mode is so stressful and you don't even realize how detrimental it is to your whole being. I had a terrible view of my world, oftentimes feeling hopeless, helpless, confused, and unsure about almost everything. That was where I was at, a mess! I was juggling unhealthy emotional issues and a myriad of health issues I had so many health issues I sometimes felt suicidal and it was just too much. Acid reflux, painful digestion problems, teeth and gum issues, vertigo/balance issues plagued me constantly. I had a blood clot in my lower left leg. My sleep patterns were erratic because of anxiety and depression. It seemed there was always something out of balance with my body that showed up as physical pain and distress.

After working consistently and diligently with Martha and her amazing healing program my emotional and physical issues have improved so much or just went away. The blood clot is gone with tools from Martha's healing program and it has not come back.

Let me say this with deep conviction Martha's healing program is very very comprehensive and entails a myriad of modalities that address deep-seated issues and she gives opportunities and solutions that truly bring about transformation in your mental, physical and spiritual self. It's about gaining the ability to see who you truly are, living your life as that authentic self. Healing physically, emotionally and spiritually is challenging work. You will get better and you will heal.  As a result of working with Martha I am more in control of my health and my life!! It's a great feeling that I honestly never ever felt I could achieve. I feel so grateful and so blessed. Thank you so much Martha.  If you are struggling I encourage you to contact Martha. Working with Martha and her healing program saved my life. I mean that on so many levels!


Before working with Martha, I felt absolutely trapped by negative circumstances in my life. I was experiencing problems with my health, had debilitating anxiety and insomnia, as well as relationship and family issues. I felt stuck in the community I grew up in and stifled by the college degree I was pursuing.

After working with Martha, my life has transformed in wonderful ways!

My energy is more clear and balanced than ever before. I am free from anxiety and insomnia, my health has improved greatly, I've forgiven the abuse that happened in my family, and have made wonderful new friendships with people who support and accept me just the way I am.

Additionally, I have found a new career path that I am passionate about, and am in the process of moving to a new city that I love! I now feel safe and free being my authentic self and following my heart.

Martha's healing and program was definitely a life changer for me in so many ways, and I continue to be amazed by the progress I am making. I would recommend Martha to anyone looking for powerful transformation in their health or in any area of life:)!

Kelsey Johnson - Wisconsin

Dear Martha, thank you so much for the healing sessions! I'd like to give you some feedback in order to give back a bit more than saying thank you. I mentioned Migraine for the physical symptom you asked about and haven't had one since 7 weeks or so.  Last Wednesday I had more energy throughout the day, today I am feeling so much at peace - a wonderful and rare experience for me. The past week I've felt a silencing my thoughts. What a great thing. Thank you again!


I had battled Colitis for over 10 years, was on steroids and various prescription medications.  These "masked" the problem, and did not help heal me.  My body had grown tired and I knew I needed to search other methods to live a happy and healthy life.   Thankfully, I found Martha.

She educated me how this is not only physical, but emotional. We did a few healing sessions and I was amazed how much I  had bottled up inside.

After working with Martha my body is releasing the emotional tension that was holding me captive, not allowing me to heal.  Martha incorporated some crystals in my sessions which are truly incredible.

My body and well-being have significantly improved since I started working with Martha.  In my eyes, she is my angel and has a true gift which I hold tight to my heart. 

I have an overall feeling of peace and balance, and my digestive tract has improved and I'm able to stop taking meds now!  

 Linda Allen, Rochester, NY

I could thank Martha a hundred times a day and that still wouldn't be enough to sufficiently express my gratitude!! Since working with Martha  my debilitating depression is gone.

Physical pain is minimal. I have so much more confidence. I am a new person much more optimistic and my energy and stamina are back! I've become empowered by the tools she has given me and my life and health are no longer ruled by fear.  

As I've implemented what I learned from her into my daily routines I've learned how to heal from past trauma in my life and feel more grounded than ever before. Before working with her I was consumed by negative thoughts and emotions.  Now I'm able to nurture myself and my body and take even more steps to healing.

I am so grateful for Martha's guidance in helping me become the woman I knew I could be!  Thank you for sharing your gifts and believing in me!  

Kathy Blumberg - New York

Before working with Martha I struggled with anxiety, self-loathing, anger and chronic back pain. I am also a mother to two small children and feared I would pass my emotional issues on to them. Martha showed me that it is possible to change the vibrations in my body....She taught me how to heal myself, which is very empowering! I am now starting to feel self-love for the first time in my life! My back pain has decreased significantly! My anxiety was at a 9 and now it's a 4. The back pain when I first met Martha was an 8, now it's a 3. I am now on a path to health, happiness and peace.

Tara Schake, Williamsville, NY

Martha is a superb healer and a deeply compassionate intuitive. She has my highest recommendation.

Working with a healer and practitioner is never just about "what do they know?" It also includes protocols that are clear and easy to follow, a listening heart and clarification as the healing journey progresses, and a constantly open mind -- That, in turn, engenders trust on the part of the client, which is paramount for any healing path to work.

Martha has all of these in plenty. In our first session, her deep intuition, healing gifts,  and experience from her own journey were brought together to hand me the opportunity to heal.

Her clear and concise explanation of what needed to be rebalanced in my own physical/mental/emotional/spiritual makeup made sense, rather than being just another bunch of jargon. Her generosity of information has been invaluable.

In less than a week I found myself sleeping most nights through the night (impossible for two years running); my digestion is settling, my heart palpitations are diminishing and my belief in my ability to have a healthy life has increased tremendously.

Rev. Corbie Mitleid - Warnerville , New York

You really care and my well being really matters to you. I’m so grateful for you and the healing work  you do to change people’s lives. 
I never, never, ever, ever thought I could change like this… I thought I would die with all these health issues and depression. Whew, the change is real!!! 


Martha Blessing is a true healer and everything she does comes right through her heart. The thing that sets Martha apart is the way she helps you to heal on all levels, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

She believes good health is a natural state for all of us and if we are finding ourselves with something that is out of sync in our bodies, Martha is able to connect with her higher guides and gives energy healing that can help you get back in sync and for sure heal on all levels.

I keep mentioning "healing on all levels" and this is what Martha believes. If we don't heal emotionally then we won't heal permanently on a physical level.

I was having a lot of problems being in pain and being sick. With Martha's help I was able to get back in sync with my body much quicker than I would have without her help. What I really liked is after her sessions, Martha she gives you homework! Or rather things you can keep on doing for yourself that will help you stay whole, healed & balanced,  & healthy. You can't go wrong if you choose to work with Martha.  

Angie Hewett Abt- Owner, Santosha Center

I am very grateful for Martha, her healing, and her time! It has catapulted me out of the darkness. Before working with Martha I was consumed with pain and fear.  My days were bleak and I had exhausted pretty much all avenues of recovery both medical and alternative without getting effective or lasting results. 

Martha is amazing to work with.  She is infinitely patient and kind and knows from her own life experiences what I was dealing with. 

After working with Martha I’m getting my life back thanks to Martha’s amazing healing, insight and guidance!  I dream of a better life for myself now and have the confidence and courage to continue with the healing sessions and make it all happen.  

Sue Russell - Indiana

Working with Martha has truly been a blessing. No one could figure out why I was having horrible headaches.   I was having severe tension headaches every single day. Of course I thought in the beginning their must be something medically wrong with me.

Come to find out the reason I was having these headaches was not a medical problem.  Working with Martha I found out the cause  was emotional and energetic. Now today they are completely gone.

Through working with her she urged me to quit vaping and discontinue my nicotine addiction of nearly twenty years. This is something that I had tried unsuccessfully a million times but Martha gave me that extra little push to support me through it. She understands addictions more than most people which really helped me. I am now smoke free today, thanks to her. 

Martha is supportive, caring, kind and is always honest in her approach. I am deeply grateful for the time I have spent with her and would definitely work with her again!  

Shannon Marie, Nova Scotia

Before working with Martha I was living with a huge amount of fear. Dealing with a life threatening dis-ease like cancer, which came back for a 3rd time, is terrifying.

I believed I could heal without doing conventional treatments this time, but didn’t know exactly how.

Martha came “miraculously” in my life at the right moment and through her healing  sessions and program, she showed me powerful tools that really work.

Throughout the healing I gained insights, inspiration and clarity. I started to feel better and stronger. She helped me move forward.

My cancer is healing through natural means.

Martha shares her knowledge and wisdom generously; she truly is an Earth Angel providing guidance, healing, and light.

ANita Grace - Artist- Alicante, Spain

Before working with Martha I was experiencing severe left side body pain from my shoulder to my ankle.


Nothing I tried was working. No one could figure out why I was having so much pain. 


I'm an avid runner and was not able to run. After my healing sessions with her I have had very little pain in my left side. I am starting to run again and feel so much more energy and balance. Thank you, Martha! 

Dawn Erb Rucella - Avon Lake, OH

Martha Blessing is really a true blessing! I met her at a really turbulent time in my life.

She never hesitated to give me empowering wisdom and support and is an amazing spiritual healer.

I was nearly crippled with scoliosis and a crushed disc. On top of that I was a caregiver for five years for my grandfather who required complete care.

Pain was all I knew. Surgery was not an option which left me with pain pills and nerve shots.

I could not see a different way until Martha. She opened my eyes to seeing what I had already within and my ability to heal.

After the first week I was free of opiates for pain, which is unheard of for me. And it just keeps improving each week.

Martha can show you a different way, helping access and facilitate the healing power within.

Kimberly Nedopak - New York

I am so thankful to Martha!  I was suffering from unexplained infertility. I was hopeless and in a place in my life where I thought nothing good was going to ever happen. I was in a downward cycle of negativity. I am so blessed to have found Martha. She was amazing to work with! She really took the time to listen and make me feel at ease.  I am happy to say that after suffering from many miscarriages, I was able to successfully maintain a pregnancy and create the most amazing little being that I have ever seen! Martha changed my life! Forever grateful! 

Kelly Joseph - New York

For many years, I have been a spiritual seeker of the light, student of holistic practices, countless healing modalities and alternative ways...trying to heal my chronic pain.

In the short time I have worked with her, she has been a beacon of light and hope for me and a gifted facilitator in my personal healing on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic level.   The fact that she stands in her truth and walks her talk with sincerity and authenticity is a welcome gift in my life. I am grateful.


I wanted to take a quick moment to thank Martha Blessing for sharing her heart & soul with me. Even as a healer myself I need help to clear energy patterns from time to time.

My experience with Martha was amazing!

She helped me heal some deeply buried emotions which were affecting me on all levels, especially physically.

After one session I felt a million times better, lighter, more free.

Martha is a gifted healer because she helps empower YOU to heal on the deepest levels.

Thank you Martha!

 ~Sarah Stabler LMT,  New York

I was feeling stuck and boxed in by where my life seemed headed. I felt emotionally and physically tired. I started working with Martha and  I felt a renewal of energy and spirit, and was able to create a path forward to where I wanted to go.

Many of my physical symptoms improved, and I am confident they will continue to do so. I feel happier and more confident. The tools I can use on my own that Martha taught me help when faced with a crisis or just a stressful day.

I highly recommend working with Martha.

Kim WILSON   Saint Michaels, Maryland

My Promise to you.

After a serious injury at  28 years old, Martha was shown how to heal herself.

Recognizing a natural gift to heal, she went into training to become the best she could possibly be. She has helped thousands of others heal.

Martha offers a 100% money back guarantee with her healing work!

“I know that most of you have spent a lot of money to get better, and it hasn’t worked. I don’t want to be another practitioner or process you pay for that doesn’t work.

Therefore, if after the full 4 weeks we work together you don’t notice any difference, I will refund your money.”

I am whole-heartedly devoted to illuminating your path to health, healing, and transformation.