Is This Spiritual Myth Keeping You Sick, Scared, And Stuck?

Is This spiritual myth keeping you sick, scared, and stuck?

Listen up!  Yeah, I’m shouting. Because I am going to tell you the number one thing that could be keeping you stuck in pain or struggle and how to easily change the situation so you can heal your body and your life and feel great.

Honestly, it drives me a little bit crazy and it also makes me angry because so many people have bought into this misinformation and it’s causing a lot of harm, confusion, and frustration.

People in the spiritual, holistic and metaphysical community have bought into this myth and it’s time that you learned the Truth. So you can finally, stop worrying about this and live the greatest expression of your higher self.

So let me just come out with it…

You don’t need to “protect” yourself. (I’m not talking safe sex here. Of course, you should always protect yourself there).  

I’m talking bubbles and shields of light.

Yes, that’s right. You don’t need all that shielding stuff! Also, forget about what you’ve heard or been taught from books and teachers about spiritual protection.

Not only do I feel that you don’t need to protect yourself spiritually, I am going to explain how it can actually be hurting you and what you should be doing instead.

1.     Why you don’t need to spiritually protect yourself.

From the very beginning of my spiritual awakening I started hearing people talk about dark or negative energy.  I didn’t see it and I didn’t feel it. I had no personal experience with what they were talking about.

I just chalked it up to inexperience.  From the way people talked I figured I’d fall prey to it eventually. I figured I’d just deal with it when it happened.  I made a conscious choice not to invest my energy in something that would keep me focused on fear.  I chose to believe in the highest of high energy instead.

I was born an empath and medium. I started getting “messages” when I was 6 years old.   I’ve worked as a light-worker, healer, and clairvoyant, and energy intuitive for 25 years.   I have seen, heard, and experienced a lot of the mystical, metaphysical, and spiritual dimensions.

Not once have I had to protect myself from negative spirits or energy.

How can that be, you ask?

If you are like many highly sensitive people, you were taught that there are evil and dark spirits just waiting to pounce on your energy and soul. And, maybe you took an intuitive development or mediumship class. There you learned how to shield and protect yourself with white light.

Or you read in one of the many books by authors like Doreen Virtue, that you need to put various layers of light around you as a shield from specific danger or energies.

But, let me ask you this…

As a result of shielding and protecting yourself with these methods, have you often felt drained, exhausted, and overwhelmed? Have you continued to feel that “something” was siphoning your energy and spirit?

Spiritual Protection

What I channeled from Gracon and what I know to be true is:

The idea of putting white light around you first thing in the morning and then going about your day without paying any attention to your physical energy body creates real problems.

And it’s a little to wicky-woo and irresponsible. Sorry, but it’s true. Think about it, “Oh, I’ll just zip myself up in pink and white light and I don’t need to check in with my body or energy for the rest of the day.”

Gracon explains, “Somewhere you, (meaning the collective society) came to believe that it was valuable to just zip yourself up in light. But that actually weakens you into believing that you can do it once in the morning and then you don’t have to be in charge of processing and managing your energy system for the rest of the day.

Yes, there’s lots of healing light at your disposal to heal and manage your physical well-being but just surrounding yourself with it is not effective for doing that.

You must learn how to bring light into your body, into your cells, so that you become a stronger and higher vibration than any perception of darkness.  If you practice this regularly you will embody the light of divine creation, the highest of all vibrations.

As many of you awaken to your spiritual essence you engage in classes and activities that do not support your true purpose.  Many of you are old souls but you don’t know it when you first awaken.  Learning to sense and talk to “dead people” is a fine and good place to start training yourself to perceive different frequencies with more clarity.  It is not your purpose.

Souls on that plane are still reviewing and reconciling their last lifetime and indeed there can be some lower vibrations in that dimension.  But you should not be concerned with that.  You should put your efforts into developing a consistent spiritual practice that will allow you to focus on raising your personal vibration higher and higher.  Light always trumps darkness!

Within the last 100 years there have been many who have paved the way for you now, and they did the best they could with presenting and understanding energy imbalances. But new wisdom and insights are coming in quickly to your collective and you should seek to use it to advance yourself and serve to help raise the vibration in others.

No one, in any direction of space and time can siphon your energy or bring darkness into your world when you are filled with the light of Divine Consciousness.”

Therefore, let’s be very clear, it’s a choice. You can choose to believe the old worn-out beliefs of those that have gone before you, or you can step into the light.  Too many are choosing to believe and attention and focus in the “woo-woo” of your culture and teachers who don’t know or understand the Truth.

These teachings are outdated paradigms and hence, are keeping you living at the lower vibration of fear.

The first step out of fear and struggle is to decide that you are going to build a soul with stamina and up-level your beliefs and energy.  Great! You are making an empowered choice.

2.   why practicing spiritual protection Can actually Cause More Harm than good.

When you choose to believe that you have to protect yourself you affirm to every level of your being – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, that the world is not a safe and friendly place.

As a result your frequency becomes aligned to that. You become a victim just waiting for things to happen that are out of your control. It’s fear-based thinking and it actually creates a very low vibration in your cells.  It’s keeps your body living in a constant “fight or flight” mode.

Your adrenal glands become exhausted. Also, your immune system can’t keep up with the consistent underlying stress frequency.  Most of all, instead of moving towards your true-self and the Truth of your spiritual divinity, you’ve programmed the frequency of your life force and your cells to go lower and lower.  

Furthermore, you cut yourself off from the very essence and miracle of life that created you.

You’re creating a body that is aligned with your beliefs – a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s all about frequency.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You started your spiritual development path learning from psychics and mediums? The problem is many of them never learned how to manage energy in their physical body.

The teacher trained you to open the spiritual energy centers in your head.   They also taught that in order to be safe from the spirits of dead people you must put white light protection around you.  

This is incorrect and it creates extreme energy imbalances and poor health.

These teachers falsely believe that you can just put white light around you whenever you’re are doing readings and you’ll be fine.

What happens with this approach is you have an excess of energy in your upper energy centers and not enough in your 3-D, real world, lower chakras.  You become, energetically, spiritually top heavy.

New students often spend 2 – 4 years in development programs. During this time you learn skills that are projecting your energy towards something outside yourself. You feel excited that you can perceive forms of energy in other dimensions. All the while you’re neglecting your physical body.

For many, you were already spending too much time in your head – worrying about your gifts and sensitivities.  Now you’re compounding the situation by thinking you can put light around yourself and not tend to or check in with your body.

Consequently, anxiety develops or increases, digestion goes off track, insomnia ensues, and fatigue worsens.  Often obesity becomes an issue because you begin to feel more and more out of balance energetically. Now you use food to ground yourself.

By now, you’re wondering why life seems so hard.  You decide that the darkness of others has indeed gotten to you, and you stop using your gifts because it’s just too much and too hard.   Indeed you have aligned with the belief you were taught.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

3.     What you should do instead

Focus on the Truth and your ability to control, manage, and elevate your body’s energy and healing life force.   There is the highest vibration of empowerment in this. It will be highly effective for you, your life, and your health and well-being.

Be 100% responsible for what you are experiencing. It stops fear and low vibrations from being absorbed by your body.

Most of all, tend to your frequency by learning to manage energy. In my Body Freedom Blueprint program I teach clients how to become masters at managing energy in their body. 

They learn stillness practices and mantras to shift their energy, instantly.  Over the course of the program they learn how to raise their vibration higher and higher so they are not affected by scattered or negative energy.  As a result, most of them report healing within a few days and it continues to increase the more they utilize these tools.

The key here is you must learn how to move the energy out of your head and evenly balance it in your body.  

This is where the whole idea of protection came from in the first place. Due to so many people feeling out of balance, as a result of projecting their energy up and out of the third eye.

If you haven’t learned how to move and manage energy in your body you’ll feel depleted. This approach depletes your whole body leaving you feeling weak and fragile, feeling like you need protection from everything!

First of all, Take back your power. Take control.  Stop fooling yourself with this idea of protection. Practice raising your vibration.  Learn to move energy in your body.

In addition, learn to fill yourself with the frequency of divine light.  Learn to spend more time connecting with your inner light. Learn to go inward and harness the energy of your soul.

Develop an intimate relationship with your higher self. See the light that you are. Use that light to manage your body.  Learn to embody a high, high frequency of love and light. Most of all, remember light always trumps darkness.

Allow yourself to be filled with divinity and you’ll never need protection.

Finally, one of the best ways to do this is with the free guided experience in my Spark True Healing Kit.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What do you think when you read about not needing protection anymore?

What surprised you?

Also, does it make you more likely or less likely to learn how to better manage your energy?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Now What?


We covered a lot in this post. So here’s what to do next.

Step 1: Review the info above. What top scenario best describes your biggest challenge right now.

Step 2: In the comments below, tell me more about your specific challenge, where you’re stuck, and how I can help. I’ll coach you for free right here in the comments!

Step 3: Stay tuned over the coming months, because I’ll be tackling these areas in more depth so you can overcome these obstacles once and for all.

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    Thank God – somebody believes what I believe. If I am in the Universe and the Universe is in me – why would i need protection? Thank you.

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