Spiritual Prescriptions for Healing: When you struggle to take good care of yourself.

Why do we struggle to take care of our bodies? How well do you take care of your body? Just writing that question feels ridiculous to me. Be clear… I have NO judgement in how anyone does , or doesn’t take care of their body.

Perception is everything!

Think about it…why would we struggle to take care of our body? It doesn’t even make sense to me.

Our body is the one thing we can’t escape, we take it with us EVERYWHERE we go. (until we leave this plane.) Why wouldn’t we want to cherish it and take care of it?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. What makes us “human” is our body. The better care we take of the container that holds our spiritual essence and life force, the longer we get to ENJOY the pleasures of BEING here, now, in this physical form.

Yes, enjoy joy and pleasure! I mean celebration for being alive. Not the temporary pleasure of sex, a cigarette, wine, or a bag of Doritos.

I get a little annoyed that we’ve been indoctrinated into thinking and believing that our bodies are going to break down and turn against us.

It’s bullshit.

Our bodies are wise.

There is divine order pulsing through your body, for optimal healthy functioning

It breathes without us doing anything. It beats of its own accord. And why does it beat? Because positive and electrical charges cause the chambers and tissues of our heart to pump. It’s fascinating. It’s amazing. It’s miraculous.

Why would we ever struggle to take care of this body? To be in awe and gratitude of it. Why would we not choose to move it and feed it and love it? What I observed from years of abusing my body with alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes…And four decades of working with clients in medicine and healing…

How we take care of our bodies is a direct reflection of two things:

1. How we perceive ourselves

2. The indoctrination of confusion and fear from organizations that want to control the masses.

I am grateful for the advancements in emergent medicine that has saved lives. But my heart visions a world where we perceive ourselves in the Truth. Where the collective perception becomes a deep love and gratitude for the magic that is our human BEING.

My heart longs to elevate the AWARENESS and desire within all who are searching for answers to their ailments…

It’s all here for you, within you.

You are divine.

You are already well. Your body know how to be healthy. Don’t give your birthright away to external illusions and trickery.

My soul wants to reflect a brighter and higher existence to you, one that helps you perceive the Truth about your body. It is Intelligent Substance and has everything it needs for you to live in supreme physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic well-being.

If I can help you change your perception of who you REALLY are….could you, would you, change the way you take care of your body? Could you move it with gratitude and amazement? Could you cherish it with foods that nourish and nurture every cell of your life force with love and goodness.

Would you practice balancing and expanding your mind-body-heart connection?

Would you cherish all the range of feelings that can move through you to help guide you through experiences, rather than numbing it with substances to cut you off from the brilliance that is YOU.

Are you ready? Would you be willing to have a different perception of yourself so that you could treat yourself better?

The way a sovereign being deserves to be treated. Would you do that? Could you go there with me…into your expansion? I’ll guide you with this first step…practice raising your vibration and internal energy with this free energy attunement https://bit.ly/3KfFvKA

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