Spiritual Prescriptions for Healing ~ Is the Full Moon Causing My Migraines?

A client reached out to me for an Intuitive Energy Assessment and Healing Treatment because she was feeling overwhelmed, out of balance.  She had been experiencing migraine headaches and anxiety “around the Super moon”.

An energy assessment and healing treatment is a service I offer where I assess the energy field for blocks, barriers, and imbalances that cause recurring patterns in the physical, mental;, emotional, and even spirituaI levels.

She had read on social media that a lot of empaths and highly sensitive individuals experience physical symptoms and imbalances as a result of new earth energies and frequencies that shift with this new and full moons.

For many, there is a correlation between health, illness, and the moon cycles.

During her breakthrough session,  her energy field assessment revealed several areas of energy imbalances that could cause her to experience anxiety and migraine headaches.

So what was really going on and how could she eliminate the imbalances, distress, and headaches?

The Guides explained  “Yes, my friend, tell her that God Source, the Creator of All That Is, purposely wants to create health problems for it’s Earth Angels!   NO!   This must stop! Truly…..why do you, and by you we mean, all of you….

Have this belief that the cycles of the planets were intended to cause you some kind of harm or pain?  Or to wreak havoc on your physical body and existence.

When will you stop blaming everything on the stars?

Please accept responsibility for the fact that you are separating yourselves from the Truth of your being.

Please recognize that the planets, moon, and stars have nothing to do with the fact that you have chosen to think negatively about yourself and your existence.  It is causing a disturbance in your energy field, physical body, and divine light body. 

Like everything in the multi-verse, “You”, the collective, and the moon are One.  Those cycles helped inhabitants to chart their course and find their way and align with the oceans, land, day and night…for ions and ions of existence.

They are filled with Love.  There is always order and balance.

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Creator and Creation has no intention other than Light and Love. Creator and Creation wants nothing but to create more of itself.

What you must recognize is that you ARE the One Heart and One Mind, EQUAL TO, All-That-Is. And as a result, you are empowered with all that creation is, and you ARE its frequency.  You are the moon.

Disturbances happen when you choose fear over Truth and Love”. 

So what did her intuitive session reveal? What was indeed the root cause of her symptoms?

Well, I could see that her energy was ruminating in her head and upper body.  She was going in circles about circumstances in her life.  And she was not able to be in alignment with her Higher-self.  

She had been trying to build a coaching practice so that she could live and work her purpose as a mindfulness and self love coach…but as we dug deeper during her session, her current actions and vibrations were not in alignment with that.

Her higher-self was trying to move her in the direction of her purpose but her personality/mind were in resistance to it.

She was unable to get from where she was to where she wanted to be because the frequencies could not line up.   Her beliefs about herself were sabotaging her.

It had NOTHING to do with the energies of the super moon.

She had been putting off conversations that she needed to have with her husband.

She feared speaking her Truth in several areas of her life.  She grew up in an unstable environment and despite great strides of creating a positive and meaningful life she still had some addictions present in her life that were holding her captive from fully loving and accepting herself.

The good news is… with her reading she was open to growth and advancing her spiritual development and during our session she had completely clarity and honesty with herself, and the courage to take the next steps to balance her energy, emotions, and body.

Within 24 hours her migraines subsided.

Now that’s empowered self-healing! 

As explained in the four levels of consciousness in healing…

So long as we believe that the cause/problem is outside ourselves, in this case, the Super moon — then the solution must also come from outside ourselves. 

In this model and belief there is no option for self-healing. It creates a victim mentality.  It creates dependency on others to “fix” us.

It creates a culture dependent on Imitrex and botox injections to relieve migraine headaches!

When we are able to recognize and accept that we are the Creator of all-that-is we can shift our perception and our vibration to that of what we desire.

If we choose to believe that our body is having trouble processing energies from a Super moon, then we are dependent on the super moon to change or for someone else to fix the imbalances. 

When we have the spiritual and emotional maturity to admit that we are out of alignment with our Divine self, Higher-self, and Truth…

Then we are free to choose what we will do to restore balance and lift up and out of our current circumstances.

Too often, spiritual folks, misinterpret the law of attraction to mean that we are a magnet to undesirable people, events, and circumstances. 

Truth be told, we are merely a frequency match to the vibration of our beliefs.  In the case of this young woman, her low self-worth and esteem were creating her circumstances and imbalances. 

Learning to get still, go within, and see her soul and its light were her spiritual prescriptions for healing.

She was able to see that her symptoms had nothing to do with the moon.  She had the ability to take control of her thoughts, beliefs, and body.  She chose to do the necessary self-care and spiritual growth practices to balance her body, energy, and mind.  She created and action plan during our strategy session and began implementing the steps.  Her migraines are gone, her anxiety has subsided.  Her relationship with her husband has grown stronger and she is well on her way to living her purpose and light with health, vitality, and joy.

Ready to open to your full expression of health and purpose? Start by listening to the Love Meditation as part of your daily self-care practice and  Be Uplifted Instantly!

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