Sage Smudging Rituals To Clear Energy

Questions about sage smudging come up pretty regularly.  Subscribers and clients want to know the best way to cleanse and clear their environment with sage smudging. And a lot of people ask me if they’re “doing it right”.

A subscriber emailed me recently asking for assitance…

“I tried saging my house after I moved in, but am not totally convinced I did it properly… is it possible for me to pick up on any bad habits or issues that the previous owners had?”

The moment I read the email Gracon began to answer!  Below  is the message from Gracon in response to the above email question;

“We  thank you for listening and reaching out for clarification. You do not understand the situation completely.

Yes, there were people that lived in this house before you moved in.

And it is certainly possible that you are a person who can perceive dimensions of energy.  And recognize please that there is no delineation in the time or space here. And the fact that you perceive energy from other souls does not mean anything in particular. That is to say, it is all continuous, the energy.  It can be from anytime, anywhere.  Because the soul and higher-self of any particular personality is not concerned with linear time or limitations.

sage smudging

They, the souls, freely move in and out of many dimensions.  However, there is certainly a possibility that they are choosing at this time to remain close to the 3D world because there are things that they would like to see and do before they move to another dimension.  And the vibration that they carry at this dimension is most likely to be perceived by others like yourself.  So yes, you may very well have a sense of the frequency that they offered there.

And also understand that the only thing that separates the dimensions are the frequencies of light, that is….


Closer to earth the saturation of light in a body or a soul is usually denser.  As a soul or entity moves in and out of dimensions it will hold more light in its frequency.

Now please understand the impact of what you call ‘saging’.  Because we suggest that you have gotten the wrong idea about that.

There are people in ‘Life’ that have been given the ability of vibrating to plants. That is to say, they recognize a frequency and vibration that is inherent in a plants DNA. It is familiar to them through the evolution of many lifetimes. And the essence of the human soul was likely evolving into a different form at the same time that the plant was coming to your earth’s evolution.

Therefore, in that sense, the frequency of sage feels like a personal relative to some. And in the development of that relationship between plant and man… there was an agreement and an intention.

At the time of the agreement the sage had a much different intention and relationship than it does now. It was not used in a fearful way that you engage with it now.

sage smudging

The first relationship of sage to man was not developed out of fear.  That is to say, it was not intended to pacify human fear. But rather to infuse reality with a connection to the plants positive essence. In other words, you are not using it to remove fear or to create protection from your internal fears.

Rather, sage was used to bring the essence of a higher spiritual frequency into your environment. 

And so, the relationship developed over time with burning the sage plant.  The smoke would linger and fill a space with the agreement and intention between the user and the plant. 

It was not the sage plant itself that held a power.  But rather with sage smudging, the clearing power was in the agreement of its harvester, the sacred relationship created between God, Gaia, and man. And the intention was set.  This is how sage became a plant devoted to cleansing energy.

Intention was set, and agreement was made between the user and the sage that it would fill the space with the desired intention. Overtime, like many things that you do and use…you have shifted and transmuted elements to serve your human thoughts and fears.

If there is a perception of fear and negative energy in one’s environment, it would be good to address those directly.

What we mean is that no amount of sage will remove your internal fear. 

And if there is a spirit that lingers that you find to be a discomfort, sage will not remove it. Because if you are asking for the spirit to be removed you truly do not have that power.  

The only power you have in dealing with what you call negative energy is to learn to move and manage energy in your own internal environment. In your physical body. The sage will not do this.  It is possible for you to believe that the spirit has left. But spirit does not ever leave. It may move, but it is always in some form because energy cannot be created or destroyed it call only change form.

So, you cannot get it wrong…

and we ask that you understand that no matter how you burn sage it will not eliminate energy.  It can however, if you make an agreement with the essence of the plant, release its essence into your environment and raise the frequency that you feel in your environment. Because it is earth, because it is God and Gaia.  Because it is high frequency high vibration life force, you can fill your space with that, and by default you will not have low vibration energy/spirit in the same place.

sage smudging

Does this make sense to you, you understand?  

Speaking of being an empath, we understand that you use that word but it would be better for you to say… one who has an ability to live ‘Life’ through many senses and dimensions. There is no need for fear in that.

We perceive that if you do not understand fully what that means then it can seem rather unusual to you and be something that one could choose to be afraid of. But there is no amount of sage that will change this Truth.

The best way through this situation is to learn to manage energy and allow it to pass through you. That is not to fear it, not to fear the unknown.  You can allow it to pass through you.  But there are many of you who are investing all of your circuits, all of your energy in resisting development rather than allowing.

In the allowing everything can move, and move easily. So long as you, and by that we mean collectively, so long as you invest your energy in the fear, you will allow that to become the larger frequency and vibration.

What you “got wrong’ as you put it is that you do not need to sage away fear, and you cannot manage what you feel in your body with sage.  You, and by that we mean the collective, have created a belief about sage and its ability and use that is not Truth.

It does not mean that you should not enjoy the frequent and pleasant use of burning sage for its pure enjoyment and connection to the plant earth vibration. 

It is the uplifting energy of the plant that you should be most focused on.

This uplifting transmutes lower frequencies and vibrations.  This process you use to clear what you call “negative energy” began with many different sacred plant essences. Based on native plants your Gaia has offered to cultures of the world.

And any plant for that matter can provide an uplifting to your environment.  The cleansing comes not from what you are removing but rather from what you are bringing in.   The essence of sage is purity. The essence of sage is purification for your energy.  Therefore, the transmutation of lower frequencies to higher frequencies of light and love.  Intend love and light above all. And so it will be.

Stop now. Thank you”.

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With Gratitude, Love and Light

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  1. Melanie Sutherland on October 13, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Hey girl! So I just went totally confused on the actual dimensions explanation. If an energy/soul is still frequenting this dimension, the energy can still be sensed as tension or “like when your legs fall asleep”, scalp tingles, racing heart…does this make sense?

    • Martha Blessing on November 2, 2017 at 1:45 am

      I’m not clear what you are asking here Melanie….but, soul energies can and do move through many dimensions. Yet, often, ones that have transitioned from physical life on Earth…often remain close enough that human can still perceive them without a lot of effort. That is because our earthly vibrational frequency can pick up their frequency while they are still “close to earth”. There are many different ways that people on Earth plane may experience a soul’s energy….it is not necessary to experience the things that you describe above, in order to feel the essence of another person’s soul. But it can certainly be a possibility. In general, I feel that those sorts of experiences occur because there is just way too much misconception and “wicky-woo” surrounding soul energy. Hope that helps 🙂

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