Reversing Chronic Pain ~ A Metaphysical Approach

Reversing Chronic Pain ~ 

I get a lot of clients that come to me for relief from chronic pain, especially after they feel like they’ve exhausted every other approach. 

They’re desperate and depressed. Trust me when I tell you that I understand.  I lived that way for 10 years!

It’s ironic — because clients come to me for “something new”.  Yet, they aren’t always willing to embrace the new approach I’m going to reveal.  The approach that will finally bring them success.

And, I totally get that, too.  However, we are in the midst of a tremendous paradigm shift when it comes to health and healing.  We are seeing more and more so-called healing “miracles”.

That’s what medicine calls healing events that defy it’s “black and white” science.

As we see more and more people experience spontaneous and radical healing, when do we get to believe in this as “the norm”?  

When do we allow ourselves to believe that this is Truth and Reality, rather than the exception or miracle?

Furthermore, when we see fewer and fewer patients finding healing with pills, surgery, and chemotherapy….when do we stop calling that health care.  

When will we acknowledge that there is an unseen, un-measurable, and profound spiritual aspect to healing? When will we acknowledge the essence of  Universal Intelligence in our healing? 

I’ve gotten a lot of flack over the years from “religious folks”, who have an issue with the idea of metaphysical healing.  

They believe that it’s “new age” wicky-woo. But in truth, if we break down the meaning of the word…meta means “beyond”.  Therefore, meta-physical healing is healing that happens “beyond the physical”   It is beyond what can be explained by our 5-sense physical reality.

To me, that is all about God, and there’s nothing wicky-woo about it.  Because, in Truth, who has ever seen God with their physical sight? 

As for “new age”?  Well wasn’t that the whole point of Jesus? He brought a new age of love, compassion, and healing to the world?  A new age of healing miracles!   

I have personally experienced a complete reversal of Fibromyalgia and 10 years of daily chronic pain through metaphysical healing.

It truly doesn’t matter what tangible label, (diagnosis) ​a doctor places upon your physical symptoms.  

There is a corresponding, metaphysical frequency of God’s love and Light that can transmute the body back to it’s divine state of order and health.  

The path of grace, of rapid and spontaneous healing, is to learn to acknowledge and align with that divine frequency.

I can remember the exact moment, that I learned to align with the Truth and grace of metaphysical healing…

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So it began again… another trip to the doctor.

This time it was very troubling indeed. I could not feel my legs. As I was struggling to stand up from a wheelchair, I heard a voice say: “Don’t take it!!”

I didn’t know what that meant at the time. But, those three words would lead me down a path of pain, and ultimately, miraculous healing. Choosing to trust my inner voice, struggling, and ready to give up at times, with my family afraid for my well-being, I was about to embark on finding out who I truly am.

I was about to discover that the power to heal myself, indeed lay within me, only me.

Through research, listening to my body, education, and a constant connection to the LOVE meditation, I would come to fully realize my abilities to reverse chronic pain and illness. And also to help others.  

There are many tools available to us for managing the essence and energy of our physical bodies. The most significant is to be able to experience the prana, or life force, of our physical bodies.  (You can read about my entire healing story and the tools I recommend in my book God Is A Pink Cloud)

In the western medical model we go to doctors so that they can intervene in helping us to not feel the sensations in our physical body. It is a model for ‘moving away from’ rather towards the sacred wisdom and intelligence of this life force that animates our health, our body, and all of existence.  

Becoming still and learning to witness and feel our life force and divine essence is the greatest and simplest healing tools we have.

People think that healing has to be a big magnanimous event and so they discount the simplicity and grace of God to just simply correct an imbalance.  

They pray to God for healing and yet have a hard time acknowledging that God is metaphysical…beyond the physical. They forget that God created our breath…something that sustains life but that we cannot see, touch, or feel.  

So many people struggle with the idea of meditation and calming the mind. We can never really calm the mind, it is always in motion. We can however distract it (and by default alleviate the fear it creates), by putting our attention and focus somewhere else.

Make a commitment to spend 5 minutes every morning and evening to observe the force of life through your breath and you will have discovered the secret to healing. Everything else can begin to fall into place.

I have never forgotten my roots, the divine places that God led me through to learn the truth about our bodies, health, healing and transformation and the truth of our divine nature.

Every night when I turn on the news and I see another story about a heroin addict I think to myself “that could have been me”. By the grace of God I had the love and support I needed to heal, get off prescription pain pills, and not move from those to heroin.

My life is a life of service to change the face of medicine. God did not give me more than he gave anyone else.

We are all made from the same divine consciousness…

With everyone having the ability to do what I did – heal the physical body with self-love and self-awareness. 

If I didn’t share my story, the lessons would all be in vain. People need to know about the magic and divinity of healing that lies within each and every one of us.   

Honestly,  my greatest daily challenge is to help people trust themselves, trust that their body is not designed to break down and turn against them.

People have been programmed to fear, rather than to live with an open heart. And to harness the energy of that open heart to move mountains, clear karma and reprogram DNA.

We live in an absolute magical, mystical, metaphysical Universe, filled with miracles. I wish people could trust that more readily, as truth and reality.  The truth is I reversed fibromyalgia and cancer, 10 years of daily chronic pain, and got myself out of a wheelchair…all with metaphysical healing.

Are you ready to make the conscious choice to release fear and elevate your energy ? The Love Meditation helps you easily and comfortably release stuck and heavy energy and move towards living as your true and Higher self.


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