Psycho-energetic Healing: Your Illness is Your Way Back To Your Greatness.

Wait, what? How can my illness be a good thing? With a psycho-energetic healing approach you’ll see exactly how this is so, and how to transform your health.

Talk about a paradigm shift!! How and why would we ever look at illness as a positive thing?

Well, the Truth is…illness isn’t the problem, it’s the solution.

It was so spontaneous and synchronistic when I first me Lisa Augustine Glaser. We started as strangers one Saturday morning and ended up talking for over three hours, about everything health, healing, and spirituality.

Nearly a year later, she asked to interview me for her EnergieGal Podcast.

In this episode, we covered the true nature of illness and how it’s really not a problem to have symptoms of illness, but instead a gift and a blessing…

When you learn to move towards your pain or chronic illness with a sense of curiosity and reverence you’ll be able to step into the EXPANSION that the One Mind is trying to lead you to.

Your illness is your way back to your greatness!!

Grab your favorite beverage and settle in…this interview is filled with enormous insights for your healing!!

Highlights from this interview:

  1. The most powerful question you can ask yourself to clear blocks and illness from your body
  2. How our subconscious mind creates illness in our body
  3. The how-to of psycho-energetic healing
  4. Recognizing where the stories come from that are creating our symptoms and struggles.
  5. Why annihilating our symptoms isn’t helping us be healthy.
  6. What empowerment for our health and healing really looks like.

and so many more insights and wisdom for your healing path back to greatness, and being well!

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