Perception Is The Key To Healing

Perception Shifts That Accelerate Healing

So many clients are surprised when I tell them that they don’t need a new supplement, diet, or healing modality, in order to relieve symptoms and step into the wellbeing and fulfillment they desire.

It boggles their mind when I tell them that the perception of their symptoms is what’s keeping them stuck where they are.

It’s not their fault. We’ve been taught and indoctrinated to believe that medicine is, and has, the  only answer.

That suits medicine just fine.

Let me be clear–until you learn to shift your perception successfully, I recommend you keep going to the doctors and practitioners. They are the best solution for helping you manage the energy of your body-mind connection from the level of perception you are currently aligned with.

That doesn’t mean you can’t change it in an instant.

I’ve done it, and so have many others. We have proof of it as Truth. Deepak Chopra writes about it in his book “Spontaneous Healing.”  Anita Moorjani wrote about it in her book  “Dying To be Me.” — when she had a near death experience that healed her terminal cancer while she was on her deathbed.

I write about it in my book Healed and Unlimited. Where I tell the story of how I arrived at 10 years of daily chronic pain, living in a wheelchair, and being told I’d never walk again…

To healing it all and running a half marathon.

There is one specific mechanism that creates profound well-being.

What happens in every case of spontaneous healing is a shift in perception.

The shift in perception can happen on one, or all of these levels,  but your awareness to only one level can be enough to restore the frequency in your cells to wellbeing.

Perception Shift #1: My body knows how to be healthy.

For the time I have been alive, (6 decades), the patriarchy of: big pharma, the American Medical Association, the FDA, for-profit health insurance companies, and special interest groups… they’ve all invested large amounts of resources in using the Law of Cause and Effect very successfully against society.

At nearly every turn they have programmed us to believe that our bodies are going to break down, get sick, and turn against us. They placed doctors and medicine in a place of power and authority and lowered the average consumer to victim status and energetic frequency.

When we understand the Law of Cause and Effect we know  that what is held in mind as truth gets placed into intelligent substance and becomes our reality.

Under the ruse of being invested in our interest and wellbeing, the AMA started recommending yearly, routine screenings to “prevent” illness.

Leading most Americans to become invested in the idea that at any moment we are likely to have a life threatening illness.

Energy follows thought.

It soon became a status symbol of wealth if you had an insurance plan that covered yearly screenings. Then they elevated self-doubt and fear into an effective mind manipulator as the cancer industry has grown more and more profitable for everyone but the patient.

The perception shift needed to reverse this dangerous and self-fulfilling paradigm that is now engrained in society is to recognize that our bodies know how to be healthy. 90 percent of illness is chronic and preventable.  

There is order in the Universe and your body–governed by the Universal Laws. Your heart beats, your breath moves without you doing a thing. That is Intelligent Substance in you, as you. It is always there and ready for your use in creating profound wellbeing.

Perception Shift #2: My symptoms are actually a gift.

I think it was Wayne Dyer that said ”When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Again, Law of cause and Effect in action here.

Do you have to believe and perceive that your symptoms are a bad thing, and are going to lead a horrible outcome, or maybe even death?

What if you knew, as soon as you embrace the messages in your awareness you’d realize they are pointing you to the steps you need to take, so you can step into the expansion of your wholeness and soul’s plan?

What if your symptoms were a north star to living as your true and authentic, sovereign self?

Would you, could you, embrace them and use them as a tool and stepping stone, instead of a fear-full experience? You don’t have to perceive them as negative, just because social programming has trained you to be afraid of your body and it’s messages.

Perception Shift #3: I can choose to embrace my symptoms and befriend them for the evolution of my wellbeing and soul.

Given the raised awareness from shift #1 and shift #2, when you step into this third shift you realize that your symptoms are bringing you back to the restoration of your internal power.

Your symptoms can, and will, lead you to calling out your subconscious mind that’s trying to keep you stuck in the same patterns and paradigms–preventing you from living life as your brilliant, genius self.

Your symptoms will lead you to the other side of the faulty belief system that created them.  That faulty belief system and it’s perceptions are what have kept you separate from the infinite possibilities that are already here for you to experience and expand into.

They will unravel the falsehoods, if you let them, by embracing their gift and message.

Your subconscious mind is an insidious trickster.

It loves to create symptoms to throw you off track, and until now, it has been successful. But when you practice viewing your body as a tool for accessing internal power, you become embodied in the Truth. And illness has no space to exist in that expansion.

Perception Shift #4: I am a sovereign being.

In every moment you can choose to use you free will to determine how you want to think and believe about your circumstances and environment.

When we recognize the purpose of choice and free will to use our mind in a successful manner,  we initiate change in Intelligent Substance, both internally and externally

As adults, we get to choose the meaning we give to every experience, (past and present.)  If we created a negative belief pattern around previous events that created a disruption or contraction of our Life Force energy, resulting in disease, we can correct the effect of that by creating a new meaning, ( and effect).

Every time we choose to create a new thought about our circumstances, asking the question, what is the Truth about this?…

We create the opportunity for healing and a return to a state of wellbeing and homeostasis.

We often see this described as the “wake up call” when people are given a serious life-threatening diagnosis.  They go through a period of letting go of old beliefs and anger about past situations in life–resulting in a reversal of dis-ease.

We are always at choice to change the meaning we give to anything and everything we experience.

If you are willing to shift your perception about what causes illness you can come to recognize just how much power you have to facilitate your own complete healing. The most powerful tool you have for healing is your mind-body connection.

Learning to use it successfully is the foundation for all you desire.

You can get unstuck today, It doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time to move forward. Are you ready to break through your blind spot?


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