Secret Story Behind True Healing

My Secret Story Behind True Healing

I’m sharing a little story with you today… 

For those of you that don’t know me or anything about my back story, I was a nurse for 25 years in western mainstream medicine.

I became a nurse because I had a deep desire to lessen pain and suffering and it seemed like nursing was the best venue for me to do that. I had a lot of struggle and pain through my early years.  One day I realized that if the worst I had was that I had poor vision, I was really fortunate.  I decided I should stop wasting my life and do something to help others.

I was drawn to nursing school when I was 28 years old and it seemed like the perfect fit. Until I became a patient in that broken sick care-system.

Shortly after I got out of nursing school and started working I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I also suffered with debilitating back problems that resulted in three back surgeries. I was living in a wheelchair. I was told by doctors that I’d likely never walk independently again.

After I had a somewhat mystical experience in the doctor’s office, I knew that I had to fight for something different. I intuitively knew that there was more. I knew that there was a different answer and I didn’t have to accept this.

Well I did fight and I did defy the odds the doctors gave.

For many years after that I would talk to anyone that would listen to my story. They all said I should write a book–it would help so many people. So I did.

And at the same time I started letting my natural gifts emerge that I had suppressed since I was about 6 years old.

I was born into a family of healers. 

My great-cousin was a chiropractor in Western New York in the early 1920’s. And my grandmother was a healer in the 1960’s.) But I had shut all that off and buried it inside because it was so confusing and scary to me.

I began teaching people the tools that I used to heal 10 years of daily chronic pain, anxiety, and addictive behaviors.

I got certified as a Clinical Ayurveda Practitioner and a Holistic Health Educator and Practitioner.  I got certified as an energy medicine practitioner in the Healing Touch Program. After having a private practice for many years I opened an ayurvedic wellness center.

During the next 3 years people would come in just wanting another form of a “pill and bill” medicine. Granted the herbal, nutrition, and lifestyle approach of Ayurveda was better than prescription drugs, but they still wanted someone else to “fix” them. They still thought the answer was in something outside themselves.

The more clients I saw the more this would happen.  I started getting really strong intuitive messages over and over again.

I knew I had to lead with the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Well, truth be told, I began getting intuitive insights into the causes of peoples illness and dis-ease back when I was in nursing school. I knew that if people didn’t start to address the underlying mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic causes they wouldn’t be empowered to heal themselves fully.

I kept doing the healing work with clients.  But, I was really struggling to help people grasp and embrace the true nature of healing.  What it would take for them to be successful at it like I was.

Eventually, I was led to open a “conscious-living” book and gift shop. It seemed like the perfect way to educate people who were looking for a truly holistic healing approach. And it was. 

I learned so much about where people were stuck.

And what the obstacles and barriers were that kept them living in pain, illness, dis-ease, anxiety, depression, fear, and worry.

It was so frustrating to have healed all those things within myself, knowing that I had the tools to help them break free. I desperately wanted to educate people and help them see that they didn’t have to struggle with ailments, they could create their own transformation just as I had.

I knew I had to give people a step by step plan… 

…and I needed to give them the one-on-one support that they needed to stay the long haul, through all the growth and changes. They needed accountability too, when life got in the way and they got side-tracked.

Just having my book to read wasn’t enough. They needed a strategy and step-by-step plan to get it done and stay on track with their progress on all levels. From that The Divine Healing Blueprint was born…my first one-on-one coaching program. I worked with clients privately and gave them teaching modules, and homework and support, and intuitive insights and downloads, and the accountability they needed.

This combination proved to be very successful and clients met with great success and results. But then another problem occurred.

I could only help so many people with the 24 hours that are in a day. I could only work with so many people at a time, and supply and demand of my time and resources became a huge commodity.

Yet, I still had a burning desire to help people break free…

…from frustration, sadness, aggravation and disappointment they were experiencing from the never ending visits of doctors and prescriptions drugs that weren’t working. And even the continuous visits to holistic practitioners with only limited results.

The other thing I noticed was that as word spread of the divine healing blueprint, a lot of people began coming to me from the spiritual and metaphysical communities.  They believed I had some kind of “magical” answer to healing.

That soon became a huge frustration to me! The truth is, I did discover what it takes to create true healing, but it isn’t at all magical. It is a 5-part strategy that works for any one that is willing to do the work.

Believing that you can achieve something without the right formula and effort is magical thinking. 

You can’t just visualize a loaf of bread and have it appear on your kitchen counter. You need a specific recipe to follow for the kind of bread you want.  You need to get the ingredients and put them together. You have to  put it in the oven. Set the right temperature and wait for it to bake.

Healing any kind of symptom or imbalance takes the exact same effort.

I needed to be able to reach and help more people with my work. Making my work financially accessible to many more people around the world became a huge priority for me. While I still work privately with people, I know that private coaching and mentoring is not in everyone’s budget.

Out of those challenges…a dwindling of my time and energy resources, mis-understanding about the nature of true healing, and a desire to reach and help more and more people… The Body Freedom Blueprint was born. It is the perfect win-win.

For anyone looking for healing from physical pain, symptoms, and disease it’s the perfect combination of tools, resources, and support.

It’s an 8 week online course that teaches the 5 -part strategy that I have used over the last decade with my private clients. It offers weekly video lessons, a step- by -step plan and tools, and weekly live Q and A sessions to answer questions.

I’m super excited to share the story and evolution of how the program was created. My heart feels so full with the possibility of being able to help more people clear away the barriers that are keeping them from experiencing freedom in their bodies and their lives.

If you know anyone  struggling or suffering with anxiety, depression, chronic illness or dis-ease, please share this with them so they can find hope again, or share the video with them.

Five Steps To Freeedom is open for enrollment

You bring the “Want to”. I deliver the “How to.”

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