The Love Meditation

The Love Meditation helps you radiate feelings of love to heal yourself.

When you create an internal state of love, you can transform your biggest challenges, painful experiences, and negative emotions.

Get ready for an empowering meditation that will support you to get out of your head and into your joy!

"It's truly an amazing and empowering experience." The first time I did the love meditation, I finally understood what self love is." 

Tara - New york

In this guided healing session you will ...

Shift mental focus out of ruminating and negative thoughts, calming an over- active mind

Balances body-mind connection

Open receptive channels of self-love and acceptance in your subconscious

Facilitate forgiveness and letting go process

Affirms your divinity and true-self to your subconscious mind

Amplifies your ability to restore inner peace and sense of well being.

"Love, love, love. I feel so much love inside when I finish this healing meditation session 

Sharon - new York

"Thank you so much Martha for this. It is very helpful and so beautiful...I feel uplifted, every time I listen". ~ Erica 

Alice Morgan, Stylist

You are the expression of divine love.

Connect with and embody the greatest  expression of your true-self.

The Love Meditation by Martha Blessing

This 23-minute guided healing experience is designed for periods when you're feeling challenged or disconnected from your internal power and self-love. It’s a great practice when you want to restore your belief in your ability to create joy, love, and happiness.

Run Time: 23 Minutes

Meditation Music by Charlie Braun

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