How The Love Meditation Speeds Up Healing

How The Love Meditation Speeds Up Healing

People ask me all the time…how is it that a simple meditation helped you reverse fibromyalgia. How did a meditation help you heal from 10 years of daily chronic pain?

They want to know, will it work for their issues, their challenges, their symptoms?  They are always skeptical and want to know-how does it work?   

The truth is, It’s not actually the “doing”  of the Love Meditation that is the healing. But rather, it is the mechanism inherent in the process that facilitates the healing. And also, setting the intention is an important piece. 

They are both very subtle nuances, but understanding them is what will speed up healing. 

In this quick video I’m sharing with you how the meditation actually works and what you should focus on for the best results

This is how you can get back in control of your health and well-being. 


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