Keeping Your Heart Center Open

How To Keep Your Heart Center Open During Challenging Times

We are indeed moving through some incredibly powerful and intense transformational energies right now.

Everyone is feeling them…and many are struggling and feeling overwhelmed. However, attaching to and ruminating about fears right now will weaken your immune system and body and you could also miss the grand opportunity to allow your Soul and Heart to take the lead in your life.

Over the last few weeks I noticed I kept getting the same message in meditation.

I heard, “Open Your Heart to Love”.  It made me pay more attention to the areas of tension in my body–places I was constricting my energy to protect myself from fear. Every time I heard the message, I’d think about the situations where I had found myself sort of shutting down or zoning out.

And then a few days ago, in my morning meditation, I received this insight…

“Well, Martha, that’s ironic don’t you think?  You’re trying to use your mind  to locate feelings and energy that are in your heart?

Why do you continue to do that?  You know that the only way to the heart is through the heart.

Close your eyes, center yourself and allow God/Source to reveal the healing path. Allow your heart to speak”.

I consider myself the “keeper” of the Love Meditation that I channeled many years ago. I use it nearly every day…and yet, like so many, it’s easy to constrict the flow of energy in our body when we feel we need to make a decision. We think the answers are in our head.

When the energy, anxiety, overwhelm build up inside us, it just seems easier, in the short term, to dampen it down to a more manageable level.

But that’s not a good long term solution for our heart or health. Anxiety is nothing more than energy moving in our body. It’s trying to release the pressure build up–and also get our attention.

I observed myself playing out scenarios, listening to the voice in my head. “Okay, I’ll forgive her. I’m sure I played some kind of roll in this discord, but honestly, it takes two and she hurt me, with her actions and words”.

This was not the voice of forgiveness speaking, and it is not an open heart. It is a mind that will go round and round in circles trying to rationalize and put it all in a tidy place up on the shelf. It never works. Have you ever noticed how it comes back around…even a year or two, or 5 later?

I had set an intention and prayed about it….please deliver me from this judgement and resentment…I don’t want to carry it and I don’t want to project it into the world.

Within a short time, I got another clarifying insight…

“Martha, the message was not about opening your heart to loving others…to releasing your pent up emotions. It is very simple…..”Open Your Heart to Love” means open your heart to God…to a higher power. To faith and trust and self-love.

Open your heart to being loved by God, loved by Life. Open your heart to the Love that you were created from. Allow yourself to be filled with feelings of love and goodness.

Don’t worry about anything other than opening your heart and mind to the Truth. Don’t worry about what anyone else says or does.

People will do that. They will talk about you, they will be confused, they will be hurt, they will lash out. They are acting from their own pain and separation and nothing you can say will change that.

Stop all the efforting to get it right and work so hard to make it better for everyone, all the time…..let God take care of it.

Just open your heart to love. Let it pour in and you will have all the right people, all the joy, all the experiences that you came here to enjoy.

All your lessons will come through Love. You won’t need to learn through pain or struggle. That was never God’s intention.

But, if you just let your heart continue to be open to God/Source….well, this will dissolve anything unlike love. This is how you live with nothing or no one against you”.

Okay, I got it.

We don’t really need to keep playing over in our mind situations that we wished had gone different. Those were in the past and there is no going back. This is true.

It is always, only, Now. So everything is always healed in the “Now” by just opening your heart to Love and allowing yourself to be filled with the Love of creation, right now.

We are in an incredibly powerful time on Earth right now. If you are not used to using the energy and power of your heart center it can seem overwhelming.

But this is the time right now to take advantage of the energy of this “pause” and the shift that is occurring during this rebirth.

These energy shifts hold so much growth and love for our evolution into personal power.

If you see your mind trying to be offended and the rationalizations and offenses starting to constrict your body and energy…..just tell yourself, remind yourself……don’t close, don’t shut down. Leave your mind behind and be aware of the heart center, the center of your being.

Affirm…My heart is Open to Love. Make it your mantra. So be it!

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