How To Use The Mind-Body Connection For Healing

Science has proven the mind-body healing connection. And yet, it seems that we haven’t really learned to use it to our advantage. For years I’ve wondered why we aren’t more successful with it.

It’s the most reasonably priced healing therapy I know of–It costs nothing!

For years, I’ve been fascinated by “how” of healing. It started because I needed answers, to get out of my daily chronic pain.

I wondered why, when we have so many modalities and opportunities available, like never before… so many people seem stuck in their healing consciousness and trapped by their minds instead of liberated.

It’s made me dig deep into mindset, mental health, and how to tap into the power of the mind-body connection for healing.

I just knew that there was a way to use our mind and get our minds on board to create the healing and the health and the well-being that we desire.

I’m not just talking about positive thinking, because we all know that positive thinking usually lasts for a few minutes, until something or someone comes bolting in to our day, into our lives– or something we hear or see on television knocks us right out of our positive thinking.

It doesn’t really work when we’re trying to create a really long lasting transformation or change.

So what am I talking about?

I’m talking about using your mind and your thoughts to create a new pattern of energy, both in your mind and in your body. This is how we begin the practice to stop the worry, fear, and anxiety that consumes so many minds.

Now we know that everything in the universe is energy. Our thoughts are energy. And we even know how to measure that in western medicine, with an EEG, an electroencephalogram  Doctors can measure the electrical activity of our brain with an EEG.  When someone’s in the hospital and doctors wants to know if their brain is working,  they use this test to determine electrical activity.

And when you go to the doctor for a check up they might order an EKG, to see how your heart is working.  What that EKG measures is the electrical energy of the heart.  It renders a print out that shows waves of energy.  So we see that even modern science is using energy medicine to diagnose imbalances. And it also uses energy medicine to treat them. Like shock therapy to the brain, or cardioverting the heart with paddles that are placed on the chest.

So first off, let’s stop pretending that we are something other than a great big container of energy.  And secondly, let’s stop believing that we aren’t personally able to change or shift that energy for ourselves. Because we can!

And this is exactly what uncover the cause of the mental/mind pattern is all about. You have the ability to evaluate the energy system in your mind and your body and learn how to choose something new and different to shift it to what it is you desire to experience.

Can it really be that simple? YES!

We’ve just been trained and programmed to believe that it’s difficult or impossible, and we’ve learned to suppress or relinquish our ability to do it.

For most people, the mind-body healing connection is what they experience when they go for an energy healing session, or acupuncture. They feel a sense of peace and calm that can sometimes last up to 72 hours.  It’s because for a short time, the practitioner has made a shift in the energy patterns of the client.

But why doesn’t it last? Why does the person only get temporary results?  Because the client has a repetitive and patterned mindset that has created a default energy pattern in their body. So after a few hours, or days, they start using old thought patterns that re-calibrate the energy of their body to that pattern.

Unless you uncover the cause of the mental/mind pattern, (usually stored in the subconscious mind), and learn to create a new pattern, the same flow of energy will keep going in the direction it’s accustomed to.

The real power of mind-body healing is to recognize that in any given moment you are just responding to random thoughts that you have. And this produces the pattern. But, you can choose to recognize that it’s just a thought and you don’t have to agree with it.

It’s really fascinating when you realize that you can choose a different set of thoughts and it will create a new energy pattern that the body responds to.

We don’t actually have to rely on medicine all the time, in order to create a shift in our energy.  If we take responsibility and take action from this new set of thoughts, everything changes…from the inside out!

We don’t have to rely on medicine to correct our patterns of dis-ease,  unless we’ve gotten to the point where it’s gone so far out of balance, that it’s threatening our life and our very existence.

That’s what’s so wonderful about medicine.  It’s here for us  if we are in that condition and we haven’t learned how to manage or move our own energy yet. Then we have those interventions to keep us alive until we learn to correct the imbalances.

The great thing is,  awakenings are happening right now. People are beginning to understand and recognize that we have this ability within ourselves to facilitate our own healing. I go into detail about it in this episode of The Place To Be Free Podcast

You have within you everything you need to be your own best healer… and to become your own personal way-shower, for your body, your mind, and your energy. It’s so much easier than you think, to integrate them so you can live as your True self, in a state of health, happiness, and well-being.

It starts with our energy frequency. Make no mistakes, you have the ability with your mind and your thoughts to change the frequency both in your brain and  your body.  You can easily create a new pathway and this is what leads to long-term and permanent transformation.

Just know that it can happen quickly if you practice the methods consistently. It doesn’t have to take a long time.  It’s only in our mind we think it is going to take a long time or that it has to be hard, because that’s what our experience has been so far.

But the moment you start to change the pattern, everything on the inside begins to change.

I talk to people every day who doubt that it is possible and they doubt their ability which is why I offer so many free tools, and blog articles and podcast episodes to teach and inspire you how to do it.

I hope you will begin to question your beliefs and entertain the idea that it is possible for you. Because it IS!

Ask yourself if you really want to continue believing that healing has to hard?

What if healing didn’t have to be hard?  What if the key to healing was to stop believing that it has to be so difficult.

What if we just believe that because it’s what the media and the patriarchal pharmaceutical companies have programmed us to believe.  What if they’ve been using the mind-body connection to effectively make us believe in illness??

What if you question your beliefs and instead start asking yourself…what if my body knows how to be healthy and what if there is a simple set of steps and formulas to practice that will get me there.

What if you move towards the idea that you have everything that you need inside of you and the only thing that’s missing is that you just haven’t learned how to access it yet?

That, dear reader, has been my experience, and the experience of my clients.

And when you start to align your thinking with those thoughts versus the idea that you’re just going to drop yourself off at a healer, acupuncturist, cardiologist, naturopath, or nutritionist, and let them be responsible for the outcome…well that creates a whole different outcome.

True healing happens when your mind and body are aligned with the Truth within you!

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