My Philosophy

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What You Want Is Already Here

My work and business were created over three decades of learning to let my heart lead and taking one small next step.

It doesn’t look anything like I imagined it would. As a matter of fact, it’s better.

I arrived in this place by learning to grow a deep, unwavering faith in a benevolent Universe.   And by expanding, day-by-day into trusting in myself.

In the beginning, it felt like I was creating from an empty cup. Life felt confusing and hard.

But, with each breath,  bringing my attention to the present moment, I built confidence in my True-self.

And a belief that I came here for "something more." My struggle ended when I learned to find comfort, and insights, in the stillness.

We have come here to live our greatness, to be a part of the great awakening—and to do it with joy, in celebration of Life.  I have a deep knowing  that we come to this life with everything we need, inside us.

The transformation arrives when we begin to commune with our internal energy and to trust our eternal spirit.

What begins as a desperate prayer out of the darkness becomes a devotion to the grace of self-love and allowing more Life to move through us.

We become what we practice. In the stillness is every answer you seek.


Healing Doesn't Have To Be Hard

We’ve been misled. We've been un-knowingly programmed to believe that having what we want has to be hard and  take a long time.

That we have to go back and re-parent our inner child, before we can break through. Or that we have to go back through a trauma in order to heal. I lived in that reality, until I uncovered the lie.

The Truth is, it doesn't have to take any time at all. The only thing standing in the way of our transformation are the unconscious programs held in our subconscious mind.

They keep us stuck in an old identity—on a continuous loop between core wounds, old paradigms and our recurring patterns.

We are sovereign cosmic beings.

We're meant to create from our soul and heart’s desire.  Everything comes from and is created through Intelligent Substance.

Source truly wants to help us embody our desires. It wants to support us to be in  expansion and to bring more and more good things into our life.  We are created to BE happy, healthy, and wealthy.

When we choose to move towards that truth and are willing to expand the greatness within ourselves Intelligent Substance aligns with our new frequency.

Lack, scarcity, dis-ease no longer have any purpose.  They don’t need to show up to lead us out of our old identity.

When we awaken to and align with the truth within us we embody more and more good things in our life.



First Comes The Decision

By far, the number one question I get asked in my business is "How?" How do I get from point A to point B? How do I get out of pain. How do I grow prosperity? How can I create success?

Every transformation starts with a decision.

People tell me, "I've been doing everything I can. I've tried everything, I've read everything. I've done every workshop. How do I clear what's in the way? What am I missing?"

When you do things in a certain way, when you live the Universal Laws, you cannot fail to have life work in your favor.


The first step is to have clarity for what you desire. The clarity comes from your heart, not your head.

It's a feeling, not an idea.

You then must make the decision that you are going to have it!  The "how" will be revealed after you make the decision.

Most people try to work it backwards. They want the "how" to be revealed, before they make the decision.  It's what keeps you stuck.

You Are The Author Of Your Story


Everything Is Energy

Nothing is inherently good or bad. There is only the perception we create in our minds. Everything just is.

When we master our mind we exercise our free will to choose differently and create from divine personal power.

Everything is energy. Energy cannot be created or desotroyed. It can only change it's form.

Your ability to transform your life lies in acknowledging and creating your personal energy signature. It was written in your soul and your unique DNA before your birth.

Nothing can keep you from it! The Universe doesn't hold anything back.

You get to choose your energy frequency. You can change it at any time. You can move energy in and out of your body-biofield at will.

Thoughts are energy, however,  you can't think your way to a new state of Being. Intelligent Substance creates through the energetic frequency of your feelings.

That's why so many fail to find success in visualizing or using the Law of Attraction. From your Being comes your thoughts. From your thoughts comes your actions.  Being is first cause.


You Bring The Want-to. I Bring The How-to.

You’re not meant to forever carry this feeling—that life can be better, richer, or more fulfilling.

Or… that something is missing.

Just the fact that you’re here means that you are deserving of what you truly wish for every day—peace, joy, vitality, a sense of purpose, fulfillment, love, etc.

The positive possibilities for you are endless!

I see you! I see the spectacular being you are.  And I'll illuminate your path to help you see yourself that way too.

I support you in uncovering your special unique gifts and magic, and help you remove whatever barriers stand in the way of what you truly desire.

This life is FOR you and I’m here to help you get unstuck and make lasting changes so you can transform your life.

My Promise to you.

My deepest desire is to help you find your expansion so that you can live in the greatness that is waiting for you.  The Universe really is on your side.

That doesn't mean that you won't come up against some challenges and triggers. You will. But I'll be there to shine the love, grace, and truth upon them, to move you through them.

What I can tell you is, it doesn't have to be hard or take a long time.

I lived life in confusion and struggle really, really well. I came out the other side knowing that it didn't have to be so difficult.

When learn how to connect with your internal energy and authentic power and apply the teachings I share with you... your life, energy, and well-being will flow in coherence with your soul, and you can come into alignment with your true self.

You'll bask in self-love, confidence, and purpose as you view your old patterns and struggle in the rear-view mirror.

While that may seem like some kind of fairy tale dream right now, I promise you, it's not! I am whole-heartedly devoted to illuminating your path to transform your life from the inside out.

My experience with Martha was amazing! She is a gifted coach and empowers you on the deepest levels through easy practices. 



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