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Ep. #29: How I Was Able to Overcome Family Disapproval Around My Career + Dharma

In this episode…

I talk about my experience of family disapproval, fighting with my mother and having no idea what my path was going to be when I left my nursing career and went to work as a barista at Starbucks! I share this story so you can see that many people you see shining their light did not start that way – in fact, I am this healthy vibrant version I am as a result of overcoming the obstacles I’ve overcome! I hope this story helps you see that transformation is possible, even when you don’t have any examples around you of anyone living their purpose.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Why we feel pressure to conform to others desires for our lives.
  • How to stay in your courage to follow your dharma.
  • How not following our dharma creates illness.
  • What happens energetically when we go against our true desires.
  • How to find and connect with our purpose and dharma.
  • How to break free from family pressures and live in your truth and passions, to create well-being

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