Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Healing Your Chakras

Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Healing Your Chakras

One of my mentors and I were joking a few years back about getting shirts printed up that said, “ What did I do to my chakras”?

My entrance into self-healing and personal growth was a book titled Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss.   It rocked my world!  And I thought it was brilliant.  I still think that.  But I am also acutely aware that implementing a linear, single-pointed focus can keep people stuck– focusing on a particular chakra and they never seem to arrive at balance or healing.

In my 25+ years as a healing mentor I’ve watched so many women remain stuck with the same blocks and challenges because they spent far too much time focused on learning about their chakras?  Or, working to heal a particular chakra–and years later, the imbalances remain.

What’s up with that?

In my professional practice working with clients I’ve gathered some observations on the down side of putting your primary focus on healing your chakras.

This approach and mindset keeps you focused on “what’s wrong”.

It keeps you focused on the problem instead of the solution.

Too often clients put a single  laser- focused energy on a particular chakra and that creates a larger problem.

Say you’re having migraines, thyroid, or throat or neck issues and you feel that energy is congested in that area, 5th chakra…

You decide to put all your attention on healing whatever issues could be stored in the tissues and organs of the throat chakra.  You tell yourself, “It must  due to the fact that I don’t speak up for myself”.

It may be true, but it’s a limited, linear approach, not always effective.

Stop The Overwhelm and Exhaustion

When I mentor women in my one-on-one sessions I tell them, “Think of yourself as a container. Think of your body as a container”.

That is exactly what your body is… a container full of energy.

Rather than focusing your healing on one particular chakra, focus your intention on balancing the energy throughout the container.

There are numerous channels, centers, layers and energetic nodes that are all intertwined and co-mingled in your energetic system.

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Focusing your attention on one or two chakras is like rotating your tires but never doing consistent maintenance on the rest of your vehicle.

I have seen lots of clients put their attention on, say, their heart center being blocked — without knowing or understanding how or why it occurred.

Everyone on Earth is going through a tremendous shift right now, in how we can heal and process energy.

As I was coming up through my spiritual development, (pre-internet days), there wasn’t nearly as much information as there is today.

The pioneers were those who could speak and write about the chakras and meridians. But during that time, collectively, we weren’t nearly as aware of the bio-energetic field that is woven within and around our body. Quantum physics and science has now proven that this field exists and is learning more and more about how it is interconnected to our health and well-being.

Science has proven we have the ability to change the conditions of our cells with waves of high frequency light.  It’s whole new frontier. 

Remarkable advances and miraculous healing are happening like never before. Using our mental energy to focus our attention and intention, ruminating in the problem has shown to cause anxiety and increased stress.  

You can choose in any moment what you will accept for yourself.  You don’t need to wait to be balanced. You don’t have to spend weeks or months working to heal your chakras. Healing truly can happen in a nano-second. If you choose.

There are no limitations. You can come into alignment and balance all of your systems.

Recently I over-heard a psychic medium giving a reading to a client.  She told  her that based on the tarot cards in front of her, she could dream and imagine her perfect business right now. For the next year she would be in the dream phase but, the Universe wouldn’t support her in taking actions to build or expand it.

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The psychic medium advised her that she should wait til next year to build and grow her business.

That had to be one of the most dis-empowering things I have ever heard!  I don’t care if it’s business, health, career, or relationships…don’t let anyone put a limit or restriction on how or when it’s going to improve!!

Source never puts a limitation on the good that can come into your life.

If you are working on healing your body or a specific area of your life or your life, focus on balancing your system, your container, as a whole.

Become a channel for energy to move freely throughout your system.  Just learn how to create energy flow. It’s easier than ever before!  (If you don’t know how, reach out to me. I’ll teach you.)

Set your intention to balance your entire being, not just remove a symptom from a particular area. Medicine uses that approach and well, it is failing miserably at creating health and well-being. We can’t isolate body parts, or chakras, and expect a good outcome.

We are a dynamic bio-feedback system. All be it, a holographic one. The whole is in the parts and the parts are in the whole.

You bring the “Want to”. I deliver the “How to.”

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