Guidelines For Using Herbal Supplements – Ayurveda Healing Part 2

Ayurveda’s Guidelines for Using Herbal Supplements ~ Part 2

If you plan on using herbal supplements to support your mental, emotional, or physical health…

Here is part 2, (read part 1 of 2 here), the ayurvedic guidelines for using herbal supplements. Things that you should know and adhere to, to get the most out of your investment. 

How To Take Your Herbs…

The most common way to take your herbs is with room temperature or warm water.  If you’re working with a health practitioner, follow the instructions that they have recommended.

Ayurveda teaches us that taste plays a role in the healing process.  One of the advantages of tablets over capsules is that they provide the opportunity to experience the taste of the herbs before swallowing.

If you choose to do so, holding them on the tongue for just a moment or two will be enough time to do the job.

This is completely optional. The most important factor is to remember to take them.

So, it’s important to integrate them into your daily routine and to take them consistently.

Guidelines For Using Herbal Supplements

Seeing An Effect From Your Herbs

How soon you begin to notice the affects after taking your herbs depends on many things.   What formula you are taking?  What is your intention?  If you have an imbalance, how long has it be present?  And how serious is the imbalance?

In general, the longer and more serious the imbalance the longer you should allow to see noticeable changes.   A general guideline is to give each formula 4-6 weeks to see if it is the right one for your needs.

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Some formulas you will notice changes right away.

For example, when taking triphala, some people experience subtle changes in their bowel habits within a few days. 

And other formulas the benefits can take more time to see.  Just like with good nutrition, the benefits of the herbs accumulate with time.

It’s a good idea to keep a small journal and make notes about subtle, or not so subtle changes.   It’s useful to check in with yourself on a regular basis….

Take a look at…How has my digestion been today? How was my energy?   Was I calmer? Did I feel more focused today?   How did I sleep last night?   Depending on what your intentions are you’ll be asking yourself different questions.

Observe how your answers evolve over time. Writing them in a small journal gives you the opportunity to go back and see the progress you make when the changes are subtle.

If you pay attention you will be rewarded with new insights about yourself and your health.

How Long To Take Your Herbs

Again, this depends on you.  In general, the answer is for as long as you are receiving benefits.  For some herbal formulas like triphala many people find that they enjoy making them a part of their daily routine for years or even a lifetime. 

I am one of those people. Once I saw the benefits of triphala I knew I would always take it as part of my preventative health maintenance.

There are many whole herb formulas that can supplement your diet and are not something you need to worry about becoming dependent on, anymore than you would worry about becoming dependent on food.

Vreating Balance with Ayurveda

If you are working on a specific intention, you may choose to stop taking the herbs once that goal has been achieved.

Or you may decide to take a break from that formula for a few weeks or months and revisit it for support as needed.

I do that seasonally with formulas like joint support, mostly taking it during the cold winter months only.

For general support, many people of my clients find it useful to take a formula for 3-6 months at a time and then rotate into a different formula that focuses on another system of the body.

Another approach can be to alternate between periods of cleansing and rejuvenation.   As an example. One might choose to take a cleansing formula for a month followed by two-months of rejuvenating formulas.

Discovering What Works Best… 

Is part of the journey to greater self-awareness. Ayurveda recognizes that we are all unique and what works for one person is not necessarily the right formula for all. 

Ayurvedic herbs first and foremost are supplements to food. They are powerful and also benign.

To maintain comfort I usually suggest to my clients during an ayurvedic consultation that they start  with the lowest recommended dose and then slowly increase  as needed and or tolerated.

Everybody is  little bit different. 

So relax. Enjoy the process of getting to know what works for you as allies in creating vibrant health and well-being.

I recommend Ayurveda herbal supplements from a company that I have known and trusted for many, many years because I know they are committed to integrity and sustainability and I know they are the safe and high quality.  

With highest quality herbal tablets from Banyan Botanicals go ahead and experiment and see what routine works best for you!

Wishing you the happiest and healthiest year!

With Gratitude, love and light,

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