Five Steps to Freedom

The 5-Step Methodology that Liberates You from Physical Dis-ease

Martha empowered me to step into the highest version of myself.  I was able to clear some pretty big blocks! No gift was greater than her process for working through fear stuck in the body!  It feels so amazing. I can feel it working each time. Being coached by Martha was deeply transformational for me!

Jessica Phillips - Pennsylvania


If you could get your mind, body, and spirit on board with your dreams and wellbeing.

All you have to do is take my hand and I'll walk you step-by-step through a healing blueprint that unlocks the piece that you’ve been missing and moves you from feeling anxious and confused about healing to clarity, confidence, and health—without it being hard and taking a long time.

No more holding back. Have clarity on your path and next steps, create a plan to build it, manage your mental energy and mind-body connection with confidence, and clear the patterns that have kept you stuck in your current holding pattern. No more anxiety, fear, doubt, and worry about your future or your well-being.

Stop looking for healing in all the wrong places.

For years, you’ve woken up each day to discomfort or pain.

It’s a reality you’ve had to live with. Because no doctor, no healer, no therapist, no prescription has led to a cure.

So, you live in survival mode. Always managing your symptoms while doing your best to fully function in your life.

Thing is?

You’re nowhere near ready to accept this as normal. That’s why you’ve devoted every ounce of extra energy you can muster to search for a cure.

The fix. The solution. The answer.

On Google. In books. Hiring healers. Attending retreats. Trying out sound baths. Going to acupuncture. Changing your diet. Taking supplements. Practicing meditation. Traveling to the ends of the earth.

While some experiments and experiences have helped here and there, nothing has brought you long-term relief. And that’s been wildly frustrating, upsetting, and discouraging.

Still, hope lives on. Which is why you’re here. You’ve got a hunch that maybe you haven’t gone deep enough. And you’re willing to try anything.

Well, You’re Right.

Working with Martha has transformed my life! My energy is more clear and balanced than ever before.  I now feel free being my authentic self and following my heart. Martha's program was definitely a life changer. 

Kelsey Johnson, Wisconsin


for what you truly desire



your calm center



old patterns and obstacles


The healing, the freedom, the sense of wholeness you’re after, it’s already here for you.

It’s all within you. It's time to unlock the missing piece.

This is the framework that honors your unique makeup, awakens your internal power, aligns you with your desires and wellbeing, and stops your feelings of overwhelm and struggle.

Everything is energy.

And I’m going to teach you exactly how to shift and transform the mental, emotional, and physical energy that has had you running in circles..

It’s simple.

It's Your Time To...

Ignite Your Personal Power

I could thank Martha a hundred times a day and that still wouldn't be enough to sufficiently express my gratitude! I've become empowered by the tools she has given me and my life and health are no longer ruled by fear. 

Kathy Blumberg - New York

What do you get?

Inside my 5 Steps to Freedom program you'll receive: 

8 course modules: step-by-step content to create your personalized healing blueprint

Downloadable transcripts for each module

Lifetime access to all course materials

8 Weekly LIVE Trainings

Weekly Q and A Calls

BONUS #1: The Healing Accelerator Worksheet


The Curriculum

A two-part experience designed to lead you through a multi-dimensional healing process that teaches you to create the life you REALLY want while clearing energetic blocks and patterns that keep getting in the way.

Part 1: The 5 C’s of Health, Healing, and Transformation

Module 1: Uncovering The Cause. Takes you into self-discovery by helping you identify what is truly at the heart of your barriers and obstacles. You’ll receive a written exercise that helps you see this clearly. You’ll begin building a sacred space and practice creating a strong energetic balance between body and mind 

Module 2: Getting Clarity.  Building off module one you’ll do an exercise that helps you clearly identify your vision for co-creating your life and well-being. This is your foundation for building your unique and personal blueprint. 

Module 3: Clearing What’s In The Way.  Now that you’re clear on what is in the way, it’s time to clear it from your Being. You’ll receive a guided exercise that empowers you to see what needs to be cleared emotionally and spiritually so that you can shift your energy. Deepen your self-healing practice of balancing energy in your body. 

Module 4: Core Values Alignment.  These become your Personal Guidance System. As you move through the clearing process, you’ll also be guided on how to release feelings of unworthiness, not enough-ness, and more. You’ll be given an exercise to establish your core values that will keep you accountable to your vision and goals, and what's most important to YOU. 

Module 5: Courage and Confidence for Change. Now that you've identified where you were stuck, it’s time to make the conscious choice to leave it behind. You’ll be guided to align your core values with your goals and actions so that you can start transforming old patterns and chang your life.

Part Two: Mantras, Malas, and Magic: Clearing and Moving Energy To Align With Healing

Module 1: Aligning with Your Best Life. This lesson is devoted to continuing the process of clearing so that you can truly start anew and align with your very best life. Using mantras and vibration, we use sound to clear blocks and heal.

Module Two: Clearing Chakras & Karma.  It’s time to discover the four levels of karma, how it’s stored in your body and life, and how you can start shifting and moving the energy now. We’ll continue the use of mantras and add in chakra balancing through powerful exercises.

Module Three: Creating Space for Your Expansion. Your vibration is shifting which means it’s time to honor this transformation and integrate grounding rituals to support your healing and growth. 

Module Four: Offering Devotion to Your True Self . Consider this your most sacred lesson, your most beautiful devotion to the life you want to live and your commitment to honoring your true self from here on out. Using mantras, we'll solidify your intentions and aligned actions. 

Module Five: Pulling It All Together.  It’s Celebration Time. You’ve now created your blueprint for the life you desire. No matter what you encounter moving forward you have a plan to move through it. This final lesson is devoted to integration. Empowering you to continue to live your plan everyday.  You know how to stay grounded and centered in your physical body. You’ll be guided to manage all levels of your being to deepen your energetic and spiritual practices that sustain you moving forward.


Martha is amazing to work with. She is infinitely patient and kind. I’m getting my life back thanks to Martha’s amazing insight and guidance!

Sue Russell, Indiana

Martha came “miraculously” in my life at the right moment. She showed me how to embrace healing and live love, instead of fear. She truly is an Earth Angel providing guidance so we realize our own healing.

Anita Grace - Alicante, Spain

What I can tell you...

You’re not meant to forever carry this feeling—that life can be better, richer, or more fulfilling.

Or… that something is missing.

Just the fact that you’re here means that you are deserving of what you truly wish for every day—health, joy, vitality, peace.

I cannot recommend Martha enough. She is the real deal. No fluff, just raw truth and real guidance needed to take your life to the next level. Thank you Martha for doing the amazing work that you do with others. 

Alana Hoffman - Ohio

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