Financial Aid Spiritual Lottery

Thank you for inquiring for assistance. Martha devotes part of her healilng practice to help those that cannot afford her regular rates.

There are over 100 people in the financial assistance lottery right now. Martha is able to help 5-10 people each month. However, she gets about 20-25 new requests each month. There is no guarantee you will be selected, as it is impossible for Martha to work with everyone on this list.

By submitting application using the Spiritual Lottery form below, you will be put into my financial assistance waitlist. When a space becomes available, Martha allows Intelligent Substance and  her intuition to guide her as to who she will work with next.

Your Free Consultation will be scheduled when your name is selected for the Spiritual Lottery. 

If you would prefer a shorter wait and are able to afford the $2400 either by credit card or debit card, please sign up for the premium healing package using the button below.

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