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Episode # 27- Psycho-energetic Healing: Faith Is Active And Critical If You Want Transformation

In this episode…

What role does faith playing in whether or not you are successful at healing chronic pain and illness? People who have had spontaneous healing of life threatening illnesses all say that faith played a part in their healing

Yet, western medicine doesn’t put much weight on the ability of faith alone to heal chronic conditions.

I’m sharing why I believe faith is a critical element you must include in your plan if you want to meet with success

Conversation Highlights:

  • What is faith, really, from an energetic perspective.
  • How does faith work to facilitate healing?
  • Can we create our own healing miracles through the practice of faith?
  • What role does faith play in creating transformations in your finances?
  • Learn the four foundations of practicing faith to create a lasting transformation.
  • Why there is no room for negation or doubt when relying on faith for healing transformation.

Mentioned Resources

Apply for a Breakthrough Call to uncover the core cause of your symptoms

God Works Through Faith by Robert A. Russell


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