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Ep. #41 How The Spiritual Path Of Least Resistance Prevents Your Healing

In this episode…

In this episode I’m explaining how and why the widely known spiritual concept of choosing the path of least resistance will keep you stuck with symptoms and recurring patterns of self-sabotage.

Conversation Highlights:

  • What does it really mean to take the path of least resistance?
  • When is it a good idea to not take the path of least resistance?
  • How standing in your truth and knowing is holding a space for alignment and healing.
  • Choosing your personal power vs following everything the medical community tells you.
  • When we’re correcting patterns in the subconscious mind we will come up against fierce resistance.
  • Divine Mind is never in resistance. Aligning with Divine Mind is the only path to offering no resistance
  • How the Core Wound/Unconscious Agreement causes illness in the body and self-sabotage patterns in our life.

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