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Ep. #40 Stop Wearing Your Feelings- The Energetic Path Out of Anxiety and Depression

In this episode…

In this episode I’m talking about how we break free from the unpleasant feelings of trauma and other events in our lives in order to free up our energy and use it to create well-being and live and create a life that is our truest and fullest expression.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Why clinging to a diagnosis is keeping you stuck in an energetic pattern of illness
  • Why staying going on disability for anxiety and depression will suppress your life force and impede and slow down your healing.
  • The best way to process and disconnect feelings from life events
  • How to feel your feelings energetically so you can move through them to freedom and thriving.
  • How to use Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect to transform negative feelings and emotions into healing.
  • How the consciousness frequency of your feelings creates illness patterns in your body.
  • How holding the energy of your feelings causes grief in your heart center and can lead to long term heart disease on a cellular level.

Mentioned Resources

Freedom from “Something More” Syndrome is possible for you, as soon as you unlock the missing piece that has you anxiously wandering in search of a solution.

BOOK: Healed and Unlimited: The Secret To Breaking Free From Chronic Dis-ease and Igniting Personal Power. 

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