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Ep. #39 Energy Medicine: Balancing Mis-managed Energy- part 2

In this episode…

In the last podcast episode I introduced you to some principles from Universal Spiritual Laws and quantum science and healing.

When you understand these basic principles of healing in the quantum field, or unified field of consciousness, you’ll realize that your symptoms are an energy imbalance, or lack of understanding in how illness is really created.

I gave you the first three esoteric and spiritual healing principles in the last episode of the podcast. In this episode I’m sharing more of these principles so you can apply them to create transformation.

Conversation Highlights:

  • How the mechanism of healing happens
  • The role and frequency of Love and Faith in creating transformation from the inside out.
  • Five esoteric and spiritual healing principles that will help you shift your mindset and internal energy
  • Why Faith is the active energy that clears the channel for healing.
  • Why Divine Mind is your supply and source of well-being.
  • The role that shame plays in being a major contributing factor to depression. And how to clear it.

Mentioned Resources

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Grab The Love Meditation

BOOK: God Works Through Faith

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