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Ep. #37 Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing For Depression

In this episode…

How to use energy medicine and spiritual healing to alleviate depression. Why is it so many people struggle with depression? Even when they take the medications prescribed by western medicine?

I’m sharing the approach that myself and my clients have successfully used to reverse symptoms of depression, without having to take medications that make you feel “numbed out.”

Conversation Highlights:

  • What’s the true cause, the root cause of depression, from an energetic perspective.
  • How treating depression energetically can be the quickest and most effective approach to healing it.
  • How in ayurveda, vata dosha are more likely to have mental imbalances.
  • How I got myself out of depression using an energetic and spiritual healing approach.
  • Attributes to the root chakra energy that create depression and keep us in survival mode.
  • The role that shame plays in being a major contributing factor to depression.

Mentioned Resources

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