Energy Healing: How The Subconscious Mind Keeps You In Pain

It’s hard for us to wrap around the idea that we could actually be keeping ourselves stuck in pain and patterns of illness. In our conscious mind, it seems like we’ve done nothing but try harder and harder to heal, leaving no stone un-turned, looking for a solution.

I’m sharing a client case study with you in this post, to help you see exactly what goes on between our body and our subconscious mind that can actually be creating the relentless pain or symptoms you find yourself in.

I have been no stranger to chronic pain in my life. Because, I lived it daily for 10 years, and tell my story and how I got out of it, in my book

I was working with a client this morning, who reached out for guidance about how to manifest healing.  If you’ve followed my work at all, you know that I talk a lot about everything being energy.

So as I’m listening to her go deeper and deeper into her pain and pattern of overwhelm and anxiety…

I am watching her mind wind up her energy and spin her around like a cyclone.

She has an idea about what I’m going to say to her….that everything she needs to heal is within her.  That her body knows how to be healthy.  She expects me to ask her if she has Faith in her body being already healed and that God/Source/ Intelligent Substance is within her as her healthy self.

She is regurgitating to me, all of the things that I have talked to her about in the past and wanting to tell me that she has tried everything and it hasn’t worked so HOW does she get out of this pattern?

And then all of a sudden she says to me….I don’t think I can Trust God. 

Bam! There it is.   What she’s really saying is….she doesn’t trust herself!

A little brief backstory…

She was raised by a mom who was hyper-religious and Catholic.   In a  mentally unstable environment.

She is an empath and has employed many many different healing modalities to heal from a plethora of health ailments.  

As people are telling me their challenges and problems, I’m hearing their “identity” and story come through.   As she went deeper and deeper into her pain and struggle, there it was….

What is the Truth about this?

She believes in an energetic universe and all things are connected. So when she says she doesn’t trust God, she is really saying she doesn’t trust her self. That divine part of her self that is the Oneness.

What does that mean exactly? And why does it prevent healing? 

When you KNOW you are the Oneness, then you are love and goodness, sovereign, abundant, healthy and well. You are aligned with the manifest and un-manifest, in all possibilities. You are the law of polarity when you are the oneness….you are all possibilities at once, which means that you are  healthy and already healed, and you are in lack of health and in dis-ease, both at the same time…..

But which one you MANIFEST will be the point in your consciousness that you CHOOSE along the paradigm.

She then explained that she could believe in God when he was a “Mean God”, the religious, catholic God that wanted to punish her….But she couldn’t believe in the benevolent God that was light and love and goodness, waiting to give her all that she desired.

BAM! There it is again! Do you see the Subconscious belief pattern?   She NEEDS to be sick and anxious and in pain, in order to support her subconscious belief that she is unworthy of health and happiness.

This is the nature of the subconscious mind to create patterns of pain and illness to keep us stuck where we are…in the subconscious patterns that were given to us as children by our parents!!! 

She was programmed as a child to believe that she was “bad” and in a God that was going to punish her. So the only God she can relate to is the one of her “identity.”  

You can’t out perform your identity.

She needs to believe in fear and punishment, in order to uphold her agreement with her mom.  So every time she gets close to breaking out of the pattern, her pain and symptoms get worse. And the subconscious wins and pulls her back down into her old patterns.

No matter how hard she tries she will always have to agree with this identity. Now here’s an interesting pattern as well. When she was a child, she needed her mom to take care of her, so she AGREED to take on this belief, in order to get the love and attention and safety she desired, as a child.

But, now that she is an adult and can take care of herself, she has trouble seeing her way out of the pattern because it is so deeply rooted in her subconscious mind.

Once I helped her identify what was going on, I gave her my recommendations on what she could do to heal it.

I just told her exactly what to do and her SC pattern, story, fear, and control, are so deeply embedded that she just keeps asking me, but “how”.  When we are stuck in our old identity, we can’t see the solution, even when it is right in front of us. Because we are so focused on the problem and BEing the problem.

That is the trickery of the SC mind. And the closer you get to breaking the pattern….the harder it gives you push back to try to keep you where you are.

You have to RECOGNIZE that this is your story, pattern, and identity. You have to shine light on it every time it comes up…but the easiest and quickest way out of it is to UNINSTALL the program from your SC by putting a new program in. Yes, it takes some work. But it is NOT hard. It takes consistency and repetition. Constant space repetition.

Look at it this way, you have been repeating this same story and program for years!!!  Be willing to invest 2-3 months of consistent reprogramming in order to free yourself from it.

If you are stuck in a recurring pattern on your healing journey I’m here to help guide you to the other side. Apply for a Blind Spot Breakthrough Session and unlock the missing piece that has you wandering in confusion

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