Energy Healing for Heart Disease

A Woman reached out to me for energy healing for heart disease.  Her email said she had multiple heart problems and wanted to start with balancing chakras. She mentioned that she had a lot of health issues.

She’s had 4 strokes, 2 massive heart attacks, and triple bypass surgery. As I read that, I knew the spiritual cause of heart problems.

I can be certain the solution is energy medicine for her heart problems.

Remember one thing, I am a medical intuitive and multi-dimensional energy clairvoyant. I can see and feel A LOT, just from someone’s email. When they connect with me, I start receiving intuitive information.  Sometimes it’s words, sometimes it’s pictures.

If you’re reading this hoping for a “do this” or “follow this” step-by-step plan for how to heal heart dis-ease and symptoms in a more holistic manner, this is not that article.

Because the truth is…That kind of healing doesn’t exist.

Healing is NEVER a linear path, like medicine or most holistic practitioner want you to believe it is.

She went on in her email to tell me about the losses she’s had in her life in the last couple years: her dog, her mother, a house, three best friends,  a divorce. There was more, but you get the idea.

And then she says, she’s “in a good place emotionally” and she thinks she needs her chakras balanced.

All at once I am angry, annoyed, frustrated, compassionate, and determined.  How have we gotten to this place? In the spiritual and holistic healing communities?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to people like Dr. Oz who brought new concepts for healing to the mainstream. But a little chakra balancing isn’t a magic wand for healing.

As an empath, my heart aches and breaks for the lack of understanding in what really causes illness, and what it takes to heal it.

I’m sorry, this is going to sound full of ego and lacking compassion and understanding, but…

A little chakra balancing isn’t going to help her heal the spiritual and energetic cause of heart problems.  It may soothe the rough edges and adrenal fatigue she is experiencing.  But, it is definitely not going to create a new neuropathway for healing. It’s okay if smoothing out the edges is all she can handle right now!

As I settle my frustration I feel even deeper into her energy and situation…

I can see that she is so uprooted energetically, she can only muster a little bit of mind-space and band-with to look for some chakra healing.

Her circuits are unplugged, literally. The energy that beats her heart is completely offline. She is numb, and may not even realize it. Yet, she says that emotionally she is in a good place.  When I was a hospice nurse, I was taught to never take someone’s denial away from them. It’s a powerful coping mechanism.

Okay, those that know me, know that I have a deep compassion for life struggles and the human condition. I’ve lived a few!

Losing a pet? Grief.  Losing a parent? Grief. Even though my mom and I did not have a close relationship there was grief and a pile of emotions when she passed.

Losing a home and a marriage? Okay, we can say the house is “just stuff.” But it’s often those little things that keep us grounded. You know, that feeling that you have when you arrive back home after a week’s vacation. The “I had fun but it’s “good to be home” feeling.

And dissolving a marriage, losing a life partner, no matter what the situation or dynamic, it’s still a major adjustment in life. You’re either happy to be free of them, or not.

Either way, that person has been energetically connected to all aspects of your being.  And it is a major adjustment energetically to release their energy form your body, being, and surrounding aura.   

I’m wondering to myself, how could anyone go through these major life changes, all at once, in a short time period and “be in a good place emotionally?”

I want to jump through time and space and give her a great big hug. But, instead, I have to find a way to send love back through an email.

The most compassionate healing act I can make for her right now, is to say a deep healing prayer for her. 

I don’t balance people’s chakras. That’s not what I do. I could, I can. But there are plenty of other practitioners she could hire for that.  I do the deeper healing work with people.  She’s not ready. Just not there, yet. She’s in shock energetically and not prepared to do deep work. Her heart is filled with grief. It’s short circuiting.

Now here’s the thing. Had she reached out to me, prior to some of these events, I could have helped her re-wire the programs and circuits that created the heart disease in the first place.  That I can see very clearly.

But no one told her. She wasn’t aware that her energy was congested and out of balance. Where was the was the healer that could have helped her become aware of the core wound agreements that kept her in fear and grief?  She wasn’t aware of the patterns that set her up for heart disease.

Because we’ve been programmed and trained to believe that this is “just how it is.”   That we had nothing to do with creating the illness. That something outside ourselves is the answer and solution to healing.  We’ve been programmed to give our power away to doctors and healers.   

I struggle to not be angry again. And then I realize, that is just an issue of my energy.

I can only help those that are willing to open to the Truth.

From nurse, to victim, to healer…I learned what it takes to heal on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. In the beginning, it was about linear focus and balancing my chakras.

But we have come so much further than this in our evolution. Science has shown us the nature of quantum reality. Eternal wisdom teachings have always remained the same. They have been here all along. They got buried.  And, no matter what beliefs and teachings you subscribe to, there IS one undeniable Universal truth.

Everything is energy. We can’t measure the speed of darkness, but we can measure the speed of light!

My healing work is channels of light. It is guiding and teaching others to be in a place of extreme self-love.  In that place, you become a luminescent body.

My work is to balance the body, mind, and spirit, energetically. And yes, it does result in transformation and healing of physical symptoms.

But the true healing happens in the teaching, teaching others how to keep the energy and channels open and clear. Teaching people how to access the true nature of their being, sovereign health.  In teaching the Universal Spiritual Laws and principles of energy medicine and healing, I empower others to always have a choice and a path to freedom.

Can I balance your chakras? Of course. Is that the most compassionate thing to do for this woman. Indeed. Yes! S he is in energetic trauma. But down the road when, if, she comes out of the grief, my work is to teach her how to take care of her energy so that she is fully empowered to live a healthy and happy life.

Some days we just need soothing. It’s a good thing.

I’m holding a sacred space for those that want to rise-up out of the rubble, heart a blazing, energy aligned, body strong, mind clear. For those that declare, “This life is for me!! I Love myself.”  That’s the kind of healing that empower individuals to take back control of their health and their life.

Energetically, the heart center supports us to love ourselves. If there is unresolved grief, mentally or emotionally, this is the area of the body that will likely store it. It’s palpable and real.  Grief is a real physical symptom that weighs heavy on our chest.

When grief gets buried energetically in our heart center it results in the blockages that cause heart disease.  

Blood is the river of life. Our heart pumps and carries all the nutrients of life to our cells and body.  If we don’t resolve the grief it undermines our heart health.

There’s no amount of medication or open heart surgery to fix that.   The energy that caused the symptoms still remains despite the surgery, despite the medications for high blood pressure, etc. That’s why they stop working!! That’s why you have to take more or switch to a different medication. 

Your body knows how to be healthy. What it doesn’t know how to do is store all that grief and still keep functioning.  Chakra balancing is nice. It is comforting. There’s no denying that.  But to prevent illness and create health and healing, that’s going to take a deeper energy healing approach.

When your ready for profound transformation and taking real control of your health and well-being I offer free consultations here

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