Healing Meditations

Change doesn't have to be hard or take a long time. When you stop trying to connect to healing outside yourself and instead become the frequency of what it is you desire...

You allow the field of Intelligent Substance to align with your elevated frequency—to bring the transformations you desire.

Everything is energy...

Healing Meditations provide guided  experiences to create change in your internal energybecoming the frequency of what it is you desire.

Raise the frequency within yourself to match the equivalent in the Field of Intelligent Substance.

This is the path to empowered self-transformation.

You become responsible for your energy signature in every area of your life.

Energy attunements are a simple, effective way to practice coming into alignment with what you desire.

Release resistance and recurring patterns in your frequency to become the highest version of  your true self.

What you want is already here.

Healing was never meant to be complicated. Use these energy attunements to help you come into resonance with less time and effort.

Reprogramming your internal frequency is what creates a new energy signature for lasting transformation, from the inside out.

Each healing meditation holds a specific frequency to help bring you into alignment and resonance within your body and Being.

"I feel uplifted every time I listen."

"Thank you so much Martha for this. It is very helpful and so beautiful...I feel uplifted, every time I listen".


You can finally start to heal and change your vibration. It's truly an amazing and empowering experience." 

Tara Schake

"I am grateful and know it is helping me heal and move forward on my path".  

Sharon Reuvain