Weird is Good-Be Proud of Your Beliefs and Convictions

Publicly sharing a personal journey…

For most of my adult life, my path and purpose have been about health and healing. No matter what my present circumstances appeared to be, my deepest spiritual truth and knowing is that we can live happy, healthy lives, free from illness and disease!

Over the last twelve months, while nurturing a new business, I put most of my focus on tending to the infancy of that business and I had less time for “me”.

I worked 70+ hours a week, and it seemed like there was always more to do. Those that know me, will testify that I love to cook and eat fresh, live, organic foods. I have been known to grow my own sprouts and wheatgrass.

Well, for the last year, those days were reflections from my rear-view mirror.

Things Change……When You Go After Your Dreams

I did the best I could, but I wasn’t feeling great about the foods I was eating or my lack of consistent yoga practice and exercise. Those are the things that have always nourished my body and soul. I have followed a mostly vegetarian, seasonal, (Ayurvedic) meal plan for the last 10 years. Suddenly, I was finding myself coming home and eating a bowl of cold cereal for my dinner at 8pm.

Who was this woman? I didn’t recognize her…I had become one of my clients, out of balance and grasping. That to me is a lack of integrity! I have always walked my walk and talked my talk…practiced what I advocate. I was always good at finding little ways to make it work for “stressed-out working moms”.

I knew that the stress and overload of the new business would be short-lived, but I didn’t think it would last a whole year! I knew I would get back to “my other life”, but when? For 15 months I’ve watched the pounds creep up, (17 to be exact) and my clothes get tighter and my self esteem go down every time I got dressed in the morning.

Friends would say, “You look great for your age, don’t worry about it”. They wanted me to accept this as my reality. But it just didn’t feel right.

It felt like a surrender of the worst kind, accepting what someone else believes as your reality. I think so many women my age are so tired and burned out from raising families, working, and tending to husbands, they just give up on themselves.

At least, once a week, (but probably something more like seven times), a woman will say to me…don’t you think it’s so much harder to lose weight as you get older? It hurt me, literally, every time they said it. In my mind and heart I would cringe. I would feel depressed and sad…they had just injected me with a dose of their beliefs. It took me a while to realize what was happening. I was becoming discouraged by their beliefs.

To be polite, I would not say anything but inside I would think, “well, of course it is if that is your belief”. It’s not really their fault, they are unaware that they are accepting the programming of society.

As We Believe….So Shall We Experience

Now here’s the kicker….I began to hear it so many times, I almost started to believe it! That almost became my excuse and reality. I began to tell myself, “Well, you are 55 years old, and you do look “pretty good” for your age. just be happy with where you are, you look better than a lot of woman your age”.

I have worked with hundreds of clients, post-menopaual women, who accept this as their reality….the dogma created by the media and pharmaceutical companies to sell you prescription drugs. The truth is, too many are PROGRAMMED to go with the flow and accept what doctors and every one else tells them is the “inevitable”.

And then divine intervention stepped in… came full circle and I stumbled onto the success of one of my clients…..who now has inspired me! Several years ago a client came to me for coaching and inspiration and now what I found was my friend pictures of her new career on Facebook. The pictures were so profound! I had to know what she was up to.

Well, she successfully moved past her infertility to have a happy healthy boy, and she left her teaching profession to be a work at home mom. She went to Integrative Institutue of Nutrition and she had just posted “before” and “after” pictures of the nutrition and exercise program that she uses. Who could have known that a client I helped two years ago, would now be helping me…..I love it!!

Things have begun to balance in the business, I have dug deep to remember who I am and why I do what I do, and with the inspiration from a client and friend, my reality of the world and what is possible is restored. NEVER surrender your truth to someone else’s reality of mediocrity. We are infinite, amazing, potential!!

I am coming out now to share my “get back to myself and own my beliefs” journey with others. If I sound well, “a little full of myself”, I am! And I’m grateful and happy that I dug deep and didn’t succumb to others reality. But wait….there’s more.

This is a little harder for me to share, but here goes…..I have actually denied “myself”, (my higher self), and beat myself up for eating healthy, for loving whole fresh living foods, and spending so much of my resources, (time and money), on this lifestyle choice. Yes, it’s true! I’m done with that now.​

I love the way eating clean, healthy and whole makes me feel, I love myself, and no I’m not weird. It’s who I am, It’s what I love, it nourishes me on every level. It vibrates with my soul! I am done trying to “fit in” because others accept poor nutrition and processed foods and think I’m “different”.​

Never Compromise Your Values…

This mindset and thinking began to consume me on another level… I began to contemplate dating and to find a partner with similar values, or at least acceptance of mine. I began to worry that I would have to compromise my desires and values in order to “fit in” with the average male whose culinary adventures are….well, I won’t go there, that would be judgemental.

But I will say this, I’m tired of overweight, unhealthy people saying, ”You eat the weirdest things”. I eat real, healthy, and whole. Please keep your opinions and your reality to your self.

I have a plan for life that has me happy, healthy, energized and on my way back to my fit, firm, ideal weight….that fits into my life style, (30 minutes of home exercise a day).

These are my truths. I own them and I make no excuses for my likes, my desires, and my passions!

No, it’s not hard to lose weight the older that you get. What’s hard is looking in the mirror every morning and believing that you are helpless to change your present circumstances.

What inspired me to write this post?

First, I was mad, mostly at myself for believing in limitations and listening to mainstream beliefs, and secondly I was sad, for judging myself and making my self wrong for standing out in a world where we every one else is trying so hard to fit in.

As an empath and light-worker it’s okay to be more of yourself…’s okay to fill yourself up with the things that make you different.   Shine your difference!

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