Embodying Flow

Open Your Light Body To Create Movement and Flow In Your Life.


"It's truly an amazing and empowering experience." The first time I did the love meditation, I finally understood what self love is." 

Tara - New york

In this guided healing session you will ...

Release stress from your central nervous system

Release trapped energy from your spine and vertebrae to decrease pain.

Restore energy and balance in your body

Improve sleep patterns and relieve insomnia

Relieve adrenal fatigue and restore hormone balance.

Decrease anxiety, worry, and fear.

"Love, love, love. I feel so much love inside when I finish this healing meditation session 

Sharon - new York

"Thank you so much Martha for this. It is very helpful and so beautiful...I feel uplifted, every time I listen". ~ Erica 

Alice Morgan, Stylist

Create coherence and alignment with Source for well-being.

 22 Minutes to Create Movement and Flow in Your Life.

Embodying Flow by Martha Blessing

This 22-minute guided healing experience is designed to help you

Run Time: 22 Minutes

Meditation Music by Charlie Braun

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