Developing Your Third Eye and Spiritual Sight

Developing Your Third Eye and Spiritual Sight

Are you an empath, healer, or spiritual seeker wondering about developing your third eye and spiritual sight?  I get a lot of questions about this from clients.

They want to know…

How can I train myself to see auras?

How can I communicate with guides and angels?

How can I develop my “third eye”?

What can I do to develop a higher levels of perception and consciousness?

From what Gracon tells me…there is a lot of misinformation and confusion about the third eye, and in our modern-day interpretations and self-development.

He tells me we have confused the concepts of an “outer” third eye vs the “inner” third eye. It appears that we have strayed from the Truth, according to Gracon.

He tells me that many spiritual seekers don’t understand the evolution of our third eye and spiritual sight through the time-space continuum.

Just as our physical bodies changed throughout evolution to adapt into becoming upright homo sapiens, our spiritual sight and light body have changed with evolution.

In civilizations like Atlantis, inhabitants were “wired” with a predominant light body and an external third eye that processed high frequencies of light and spiritual information. It was the “norm” of that time and civilization.  Over time, as civilizations became extinct and as humans evolved, this third eye atrophied and sunk into what today is known as the pineal gland.

It essentially became a dormant center of pure potentiality. It is now often referred to as the mind’s eye or inner eye.

But this mind’s eye or inner eye as it is called is not truly of “the mind”, as in the intellectual, ego mind.  But rather, it is and has the essence of the Mind of God.  It is filled and coded with mystical and esoteric concepts and content. It is indeed holographic.

The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.

That is too say that with it one can view within their inner realms, and the mind and higher consciousness of God. And with it can also perceive the outer realms of higher consciousness of the entire Multiverse.

In theosophy, the third eye is also related to the pineal gland. According to this belief, humans had in far ancient times an actual third eye in the back of the head with a physical and spiritual function.

There was minimal need for “developing the third eye”. Much like an infant learns to walk, once a human had grown into their third eye it was fully developed and accessible throughout their life time.

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But over time emphasis shifted away from putting a high value on spiritual sight… and we literally became “third eye blind”.  Now many empaths, healers, indigos, crystal and rainbow kids, and lightworkers are accessing cellular memories of lifetimes when they lived freely with a predominantly spiritual third eye.

Their soul and DNA remembers the existence when they actually had a fully-functioning third eye and not just a dormant pineal gland.

They see ideas, and concepts, truths and Light through their mind’s eye, and the Mind of God.  They inherently know Truth and experience and perceive high frequencies of light. They do not spend a lot of time or exert a lot of energy trying to open their third eye, perceive auras, or make contact with angels and spirits. 

They are old souls who have lived many lifetimes and have brought with them genetic code and supranatural ability in their DNA from many dimensions of existence.

They have brought it with them to assist with the re-calibrating of our bodies, our lives, and for the raising up of humanity.

But, many of these old souls are uncertain what to do with information that they’re receiving.

And they are uncertain how to manage the energy they are experiencing.  Their physical bodies have trouble interpreting and using the higher frequencies.  It causes anxiety, insomnia, aches and pains, chronic fatigue, migraines, bi-polar disorder…

And numerous other imbalances.

What they’re experiencing is a remembering. It is a remembering of our Multiverse experience, when we lived with both an internal and external third eye.  It is the remembrance of our ability to process the fields of light in the all-that-is.

Understand that there is only one thing that we need to do to return to complete use of our third eye spiritual sight for the benefit of humanity… allow it.

Accept it as Truth. Accept it as Divine. Accept that we live in a metaphysical soup of frequencies and highly evolved life forms that extend far beyond our physical reality. It is not new age… it is all of time, forever and ever.  

It is not dark or “scary”. It is Light.

It is not anti-Christ… anti-religion. It is the Christ. And every other Ascended Master that has ever existed.

Simply allow yourself to be the perception of higher frequencies.

We are conduits of energy.

As healers do, when one can perceive energy with their hands they have trained themselves to perceive certain denser, all-be-it energy frequencies, of the body. When one can perceive emotions, in the case of highly sensitive empaths, they are adept at perceiving the energetic frequencies of emotions.

In the case of a medium or psychic, they have honed their ability to tap into different energy frequencies of the space-time continuum.  They have trained themselves to perceive energy from souls that are in other dimensions other that our physical third dimension.

They have learned to connect with a particular frequency in a moment of time. God/Source has given us free will, and so there is no predestined outcome…no matter what someone may tell you in a reading.

They are only pulling a perception down out of space. Literally.

But the highest frequency is that of Creation/Creator. And it too is perceivable by every human.

To put it another way, think about a dog whistle.  Humans cannot hear it– but dogs can.  Does it mean that the sound made from a dog whistle doesn’t exist just because we can’t hear it. No.  It’s just a frequency that we are not able to perceive with our human ear structure and function. 

And so it is with spiritual sight.  Some are better at perceiving higher frequencies. But we all have the ability. For it is just matter of developing it.  Now the big question is how to do that!?  I can only speak from what my experience has been, and what Gracon tells me…

From Gracon:

“It is not necessary to put your attention and focus dear ones on reaching out into the cosmos, as if you are going to pull the light and energy needed down into you from somewhere else. You are the cosmos, in it and of it.

It is you.  So we suggest instead that you simply become still and allow your frequency to match it. To surrender your lower frequencies by managing your container of energy you call your physical body.

The very act of trying so hard to reach somewhere changes your frequency to struggle and efforting.

Instead, allow your breath to regulate the energy of your container. With practice you will have periods of time when your frequency is a perfect match to that of your higher self and soul plane. 

In that space you will just naturally recognize and perceive all that is. It is all coded in you, in your DNA. In your container. But collectively you spend so much effort with things outside of yourself, outside your container. We can tell you that you have such a super ability that all you really have to do is be still and it will come to you, through you. Like attracts like”.

I can tell you that my experience became simple, graceful, and easy when I learned to practice stillness.

I never tried to “open my third eye”. I never tried to develop my third eye chakra.  (see my post on why you shouldn’t focus on healing your chakras).

What I did do is listen to the voice that told me to… “sit and clear, sit and clear, sit and clear”.   I heard the same message, over and over again. 

I didn’t really know what it meant, or what exactly I was supposed to do.   

So I started with the first part. I sat in my sacred space.  Being an active vata type, that was the first hurdle. To just be still.   But I did it.  And soon, what I noticed was that Divine Source, guides and angels, and benevolent light-beings did the clearing for me.  

It was my intention and desire that paved the way.

I did not put my focus on pulling in energy or spirits, or information from outside myself, down in through my third eye.  Rather, I sought to be still and listen to what was already within.

All I had to do was be willing to commune with the Divine. To surrender all my ideas and crap, and wicky-woo drama and beliefs to just be in the stillness. They are that committed to our spiritual path and uplifting humanity that they responded with deep love and assistance from the moment I was willing to do my part.

They purified my heart, balanced my body, and supported my developmental path… in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.

(Okay, I will admit that there was one day that I felt like I had been shot right between the eyes, and I had a wicked headache that made me rest all day).  But other than that… my experience has just been about holding more and more light in my physical body/container.

In that process, I have a deep knowing that my spiritual sight is integrated… with internal and external third eye fully engaged in their ability to perceive all forms of light, in every plane of existence. And I am so deeply appreciative that it flows freely through my heart and soul.

I was not asked to go against myself. I was not pulled into any forms of fear or darkness. At no time did I feel I had to protect myself from low or dark energies.  

I do believe this is because as an empath I learned a very long time ago how to manage physical energy in my body and to always be centered in the purest divine frequency.

(A lot of empaths have never learned to do this.  I am honored to teach you or any one that desires to learn).

I didn’t have to eat a certain way or give up my life to live in a monastery. I did learn to experience more peace, joy, and better health.

So what I know to be true is that the pineal gland does indeed regulate light. But in so many more ways than science or medicine can measure.

Those of us who have come to infuse our existence with more light and elevate humanity can easily do so… if you are willing to hear the Truth and commit to accessing and living it through your personal and spiritual development.

If you are willing to be the Light from whence you came….

You can learn, you can practice. It can be joy-full.  You have full access to your spiritual sight. You need only be willing to allow it..  

If you’re ready for more… I humbly suggest you schedule a Power Hour Session to provide you with clarity, guidance and support.

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