Change Your Identity To Create Lasting Transformations

Do you let your external world influence your energy, emotions, and actions? Do you struggle to create lasting transformations.

As energetic and spiritual beings we are always “being” a particular frequency. Everything is energy.

The big question is… what frequency are you vibrating at internally?

Do you shift your internal frequency on a whim when something external happens…like you look at your  bank account, or your partner or boss says something you don’t like? 

Or are you unshakeable in your knowing of who and what you are…a sovereign being.

In this post I’m sharing some experiences of mine that helped me come to live and create life at a higher level. 

If you’re wanting more from life, then this article is for you.

Because you’re going to start learning how to master your mind and expand your consciousness. And when you do that, you create from freedom and anything you want, then becomes possible for you.

My mother used to watch CNN news 24/7. She thought it was the barometer for life.  Often she asked me, don’t you want to know what’s going on in the world. She was always shocked and disappointed when I said no.

First off, she was always broke, so I knew I didn’t need or want to model what she believed any longer. As a child I was unknowingly indoctrinated to her beliefs and life patterns. But as an adult I get to choose.

Besides that, I had a natural, internal knowing that CNN news was never going to be my barometer for life. I came in as a rebel, defying authority at every turn…since I can remember.

From a young age, I felt that the “rules” didn’t apply to me.

So why would I start now, believing in that kind of control and manipulation. As I’ve grown in my personal and spiritual development I’ve come to understand that most of what I was taught was a lie, a story, based on generations of fear stories.

The more I grew, the more I CHOSE to change my identity and beliefs. I became a person that DECIDED to choose my identity. As a matter of fact, I re-wrote my identity. Several times.

I stopped seeing myself as someone who needed to hold that vibration or frequency any more. Because deep at its core, when I peeled back all the layers, that identity, on the inside, my internal identity, was the frequency of shame and guilt.

So what does this have to do with creating change or transformation in our life? Well, it’s the exact reason we stay stuck in the same place, over and over again, no matter how many times we try to heal and grow. Because we can never outperform our identity.

The feelings and emotions of shame or guilt are created internally by the story we continue to agree to, that doesn’t serve us any longer.  Shame says, who I am is wrong. Guilt says, what I’ve done is wrong. So when I examined this identity that I had gotten from my mother, I realized, Um, no thanks. That’s a lie.

That’s just a story that I agreed to.

We can consciously choose to change our story whenever we want to.

It is a decision. You have to first admit that it’s a story. You have to be aware of it. And then choose to re-write the story. And I mean literally re-write it. 

I’ve personally done this several times and in several areas of my life.  And I’ll tell you how to do it a little bit later on in this article. But first I want to talk about one of the principles of the Law of Cause and Effect, because it has everything to do with helping you embody this wisdom teaching. 

If you’ve listened to any of my podcasts, you’ve heard me say, “Being is first cause.” So what exactly do I mean by that, and why is it so important? Well, it has everything to do with our energy, and specifically our internal frequency. 

One of the best examples I can teach this from is money, prosperity, or the lack of it. 

Recently, I participated in a 90 day high-level coaching program. We had to set a goal for our 90 days together. For a lot of people, it was an income goal. And this was a program about making quantum leaps, okay, so some of the goals were for things like turning our yearly income into our monthly income.

Some folks wanted to leap from making $100K a year to $100K a month. 

Now, it was fascinating to observe the energy and the mindset of some of my cohorts in the program. Because, David had said early on, one of the simplest ways to do that is to raise your prices. 

And so next thing you know, people are changing the price of their programs from $1000 to $3000. But nothing else changed along with the price.

Now here’s the thing, with “Being is first cause.” 

If these folks showed up to our 90 program program as a person who makes 100k a year, they are making that, because internally that is who they are ON THE INSIDE. That is their identity. They are a person who makes $100k a year. And they are BEING that. They think like a person who makes that, their programs are priced at that frequency,

All of their energy is plugged in to that identity. 

They have specific thoughts every day, and take actions on those thoughts every day, as that frequency and identity. 

So even though they had a coach tell them to raise their prices, and they can change it on their website, internally, they are still the person who is being $100k a year , not $100k a month. 

If they had the identity of $100k a month, they would already be seeing the results of being that person. They would be thinking, believing and acting as the person who could ask for and receive that amount of money. So just changing their prices would not equate to them being that person externally, because remember they can’t outperform their identity. 

Now what’s really going on in our mind is that we are likely having a sabotage pattern that will keep us stuck at that same level of energy frequency on the inside. 

So it was fascinating to observe some of the participants go into confusion, and fear, with their old stories around money, when they were trying to increase their income.

When I was first starting my business, and testing my methodology and programs, many years ago, I charged according to what my identity was. I was still stuck in the shame and guilt that my mother taught me and so my internal identity was shaky at best.

But as I worked with my old story and identity and reprogrammed patterns to the truth, and what I wanted instead, then my income and prices changed, because I had changed my internal value and worth from the inside out. 

What I observed in the 90 day group was how damaging and detrimental it was…

For people to go blindly into raising their prices because they kept going deeper into low self-worth each time they couldn’t sell a new client into their expensive program. They didn’t feel they were worth it or deserving of it. Their internal story was something else. Their external identity could not match up, could not align to 100k a month. 

Again, being is first cause. If you are being, that is you have a belief and identity of, I’m not good at relationships, or I’m unworthy of love, or life is hard, everything good has to come from hard work and struggle, you cannot BE a person who has ease and grace and abundance.

Your thoughts come from who you are being. If you are in survival mode, you have particular thoughts and from that, you take actions. If your identity is “The Universe is on my side and always wanting what I want, for me”, your internal identity will vibrate to that and God/Intelligent Substance will provide in kind. 

This is how we really work with the law of vibration, what many see as the law of attraction. They keep trying to “GET” something in their external world. But there is nothing to “get.” it is already here. What you have to do is BE the person who sees their identity as one who already has it. 

This is where Faith comes in.  

Take a look at what ever area it is that you would like to transform in your life. What is your story around that area? What I identity have you created in that area of your life?

If you want health? What is your health identity?

~ Do you see yourself as someone who takes care of their body?

~ Do you see yourself as someone who is committed to eating clean, consistently? Or do you see yourself as someone who eats to avoid emotions and feelings.

~ Do you see yourself as a stress eater?

~ Do you see yourself as someone who could never be fit. ?

~ Do you justify your behaviors that are out of alignment with what you truly desire by saying things like, “hey, I’m a mom of 2, I don’t have time to take care of my needs.” Or beauty is on the inside, not what I look like on the outside, but then hate on yourself every morning when you look in the mirror? 

Examine how you see yourself. Examine where those beliefs might come from. Is it a learned behavior from someone in your family? Mom , dad, etc? 

Once you are clear about the identity you’ve been holding, if you are ready to leave that identity behind, Choose to take the next step and re-write your identity. Choose how you want to see yourself, internally, from now on , moving forward. 

And then, take some time to re-write that identity.

In order to see yourself living as that person on the outside, manifesting and creating what you desire in the external world….you must first be that person on the inside,  in your internal world. Unshakeable in your internal identity can only result in one thing…creation of it in your external world. 

It is all here for you, already inside of you. The path to your healing  and transformation is to excavate her from the hardened walls of lies, stories, old programs created by your subconscious mind. 

You can make that choice and decision right now, right here, today. Book a blind spot breakthrough session to quickly identify your obstacles and barriers and create your action plan to move forward.

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