Can We Create Spontaneous Healing?

What Does It Take To Create Spontaneous Healing? 

We all want to believe in miracles. And especially, if we are living with pain or illness, we want to believe in spontaneous healing.

Having reversed a rare incurable cancer, (called EHE), and 10 years of living with Fibromyalgia and daily chronic pain…I’ve had a little experience with this concept.

I’ve also worked in the healthcare field for 30 years both as a registered nurse and a certified clinical alternative/holistic practitioner.

Personally, I’ve experienced what I would call spontaneous healing, and I’ve helped my clients achieve success with healing all kinds of ailments.

It’s important to understand what the healing mechanism is behind spontaneous healing.  It isn’t necessarily instantaneous.

Let’s talk about the difference between spontaneous healing and gradual healing…

It is the difference between partial acceptance and complete acceptance.

Acceptance of what, you ask?

Instantaneous healing happens when your mind moves from awareness of your One-ness, (an intellectual understanding) to the full acceptance of your One-ness.

When you have full acceptance the fears of the mind are not present in the body, and as a result, there is no need for the body to create symptoms, imbalances, and illness.

With full acceptance, you think, believe, and take action from a place of Faith and Trust.

As a result of full acceptance, your Faith and Trust is in the essence and energy of the One-ness that permeates every cell of your body.

Appearances of “illness” don’t cause your Faith and Trust to be diminished. Societal norms and programming don’t cause your Faith and Trust to waiver. Truth is truth, and it doesn’t have to be prove itself.

In full acceptance, your mind has no room to run out of control with doubt or fear.

From this place, you are free from old programming that would have you believe that your body is programmed to break down and turn against you.

Some might say that they need “science” to verify or explain the mechanism for healing. Jeffrey Rediger, MD, believes that this is a grave mistake and that our insistence on clinging to old systems and beliefs leaves much lifesaving science out.

Rediger, who is on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and is the director of McLean Hospital SE, has spent the past two decades studying verified cases of spontaneous remission, looking for unifying threads that might be repeatable for others with the same diagnosis.

He realized that he was taught to give a diagnosis and a prescription, but never in medical school did he study about how people heal. Now, there have been enough cases that defy the old paradigms, they can collect data on what used to be considered a rare phenomenon, but is now becoming a common day occurrence.

Spontaneous healing comes when…

We learn to be in alignment with it- we are able to accommodate/accept the essence of our True self…rather than aligning with the ideas of core wounds and old ‘stories” created by your subconscious mind.

In that space, there is no need for a frequency that can create the appearance of illness.

This is freedom, from the tyranny of illness and dis-ease.

With gradual healing, there is room for doubt and fear. You dip your toes in and out of the pool of Truth. You want to believe it, but your subconscious mind is running the show.

In that place, you have moments of full acceptance, you become the purest expression of True Self consciousness, temporarily.

When you are living life from this place you are BEing the One-ness.  And illness and symptoms can leave the home you’ve given them in your body.

Every time you experience your life and being from this place you move one step closer to your next level of embodiment and One-ness.

None of it is in vain.  With each breath, each moment, you are becoming free.  Don’t let appearances stop you from believing that healing is happening.

Create your path to freedom, expand your energy and consciousness for BEing well.

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