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Healed and Unlimited


You have everything you need to live an extraordinary, healthy life.

You have a remarkable opportunity to experience healing transformations and to live without pain or illness.

Dealing with chronic dis-ease? Sick of visiting new doctors and alternative practitioners? Feeling like there's something more to life and to your health?

You're right, there is! 

This book is a candid account of Martha's mystical journey and the physical, spiritual, and emotional healing that reversed Fibromyalgia and 10 years of daily chronic pain. After undergoing three back surgeries and hearing from doctors that she'd never walk again, Martha chose a different path and she shares her fascinating story here.

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This is a powerful story of transformation and healing. It was life changing for me.  Martha's book brought a profound shift in my mindset and beliefs regarding healing and how to accomplish it. 

AMy Bush - New York

 Excellent read; Powerful tool 

Terri Maxwell
CEO, Succeed On Purpose

 Heal your life and restore your personal power.

Keith Wilhelm
Certified Hyponotherapist

Martha teaches you to become your own healer.

Jacq Fisch
Author, Copywriter, Coach

Transform Your Life Today

Learn how to move from chronic dis-ease and ailments to a healthy life. You'll learn how to tap into your own unique healing energy. Martha is here to show you that you can change your physical reality. Healing is available to you, today. Filled with emotions ranging from joy to anger to hope and despair, Martha takes you on the ride of a lifetime.

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Martha's storytelling is inspirational and brings you to want to discover healing for yourself.  Well Done! I really enjoyed this book and will be recommending it to others.

Sheila Franzen - Spiritual Coach