Blind Spot Breakthrough Call

Every one of my mentoring clients starts here.

In 1 hour, we’ll uncover the core cause of your symptoms, struggles, frustrations and chaos that are keeping you in holding pattern on your journey to being well, and begin your transformation.

Yes, it can happen that quickly, but only if you show up fully engaged, open, willing and curious.

Martha was amazing!  After one session I felt a million times better, lighter, more free. Martha empowers you on the deepest levels. 

Sarah Stabler-Georgia

You Bring The Want-to. I Bring The How-to.

The first step to creating change and BEING well, is getting clarity about what's in the way.

Whether your desire is for improved self-care,  improvements to your physical, mental, or emotional health, or eliminating anxiety, stress, or pain— everything you need to bring it to fruition is already inside you. I promise!

The only barrier to your healing is that you haven't uncovered the core cause.

The only thing standing in the way is a blind spot that has you feeling confused and disconnected from your source of power.

In this laser focused session, I use my skills as an energy intuitive, spirtual channel, and psycho-energetic healer to help you uncover the core cause that has you stuck in a holding pattern on your way to being well and living your best life.

You will never have to wonder again why you aren't getting results. You'll know the root cause and what to do about it.

Restore Your Personal Power

There’s no discovery call. There’s no sales pitch. You apply here and now because you know I’m going to deliver a life-changing perspective shift just like I’ve done for every client before you.

The more you consider the results I’m offering, the more you’ll realize this is exactly what you need to solve your problems.

After our session, I’ll guide you through what’s next.

Instead of worrying and stressing about why you're still stuck in symptoms, dis-ease and the old patterns and modalities that haven't worked,  you'll feel a sense of control over your body, your health, your well-being and destiny.

During my session with Martha I truly felt like I was speaking with an old friend. Through her special gift, she knew exactly what I needed to do to heal. Her unique insight and tools lifted my soul in minutes.   You receive the guidance you need to make amazing changes in your life!" 

Mary Anderson, Pennsylvania

Martha is incredible. She is able to see things that you cannot even imagine. I felt so much clarity and relief after our time together. I will be forever grateful for her help .

Liliana Perez- Event Craft Studio - Pennsylvania

My promise to you.

The positive possibilities for you are endless.

I see you. I see your ability to live as a well BEING.  And I'll illuminate your path to help you see yourself that way too. I support you in uncovering your magic and healing abilities, and help you remove whatever barriers stand in the way of your success.

This life is FOR you and I’m here to help you get unstuck and create your transformation from the inside out.

Breakthrough Session - 60 minutes


Martha shares her knowledge and wisdom generously; she truly is an Earth Angel providing guidance so we realize our own healing.

Anita grace, Alicante, Spain