Questions To Ask A Healer

Questions to ask an energy healer before working with them

Whether or not you choose to work with me for healing, I have complied this list of important questions you should consider, and ask any healer before you decide and commit to hiring them.

I have your best interests in heart and mind and I believe these questions are important for you to have answered by a prospective healer.

So you can make them best choice and decision I have answered them for you, in regards to myself.

1. How long have you been a healer?

If you have long standing or deep-rooted symptoms and issues, you should choose a healer who has extensive experience and has the option of high-level and more powerful sessions, if required.  If you are looking for a little balancing, say, an energy healing only, then a less experienced healer may be suitable.

ME: I have been healing people since the age of 7 and I have been a professional healer for 34 years. Since 1988.

2.  When and how did you discover your healing abilities?

It is important to know how long your practitioner has been working in their healing practice.  It's simple, you want someone who is experienced.  It is also important to know how they discovered their healing abilities.  You don’t want a healer who just read a book and decided to start a practice.  Always ask them how long they have been practicing and how their healing journey began.

ME:  My first spiritual memory was at the age of seven - in 1965.  I was living on an island between New York and Canada with my family and grandfather. I sat on the riverbank one sunny summer afternoon and I began to receive healing messages from my grandmother who had died 2 years earlier. She told me about events that were going to take place and how to help prevent illnesses and accidents.  From that day, I started laying hands on people.  I have been a trained, professional healer since 1988.

3. Did you pursue any training to help you hone your skills as a healer?

I believe it is not enough for a healer to just say, “It is a natural gift.”   Essentially everyone has some amount of healing ability.  For example, a mother may comfort a crying, sick child by putting her hand on the child’s forehead and the child will feel better immediately.  That in itself, is  a healing.  But in order to become a professional healer, she would have to learn specific techniques relevant to her craft.  Many of these techniques are thousands of years old and need to be learned from ‘masters’- they do not come naturally.

ME:  Yes, I have the natural ability to feel and see energies and to interpret them.  Indeed, I also have the natural ability to move energies and to connect to multi-dimensional levels of spirit.

However, it took me many years of study and practice to learn to control and manage these energies, and to perfect distance healing with exacting accuracy and strength.  To achieve this I studies with masters in Canada, India, Europe, and the United States.

4.  Have you done anything else apart from healing?

My personal belief is it's important for a healer to have real world experience, to truly understand not only what you are going through, but also how what you are going through energetically impacts on your real-world in terms of your relationships, business, family and professional life?  Without understand how your energies impact on multiple levels of life, how else can they advise you?

ME:  I have vast real-world experience.  Beyond my healing practice, I have been a registered professional nurse (working in community health, hospice, and managing Alzheimer's unit), a commercial interior designer, owner of a retail book and gift shop, a university teacher, and founder of an ayurvedic wellness center and spa. In addition I have and continue to travel experiencing different cultures and ways of thinking, and I have always and continue to study beyond my healing specialties.

5. Is one healing session enough?

Very rarely is this the case.  Especially in regard to distance healing.  It is critical with respect to distance healing that there is a constant flow of energy over a period of time; the draining of negative energy, the expansion of positive energy, and then the balancing of the energy body.  Always ask a healer: “How many sessions are required?” – Keep in mind it is very unlikely that the full extent of any healers abilities can be felt in only one session.

ME:  I offer you a immersive programs that cover most healing needs. Month long sessions that include:

A.  Energy healing that involves the removal of negative energies,  the expansion of positive energy, and then the balancing of your new energy body.  This type of healing is ideal for long standing and stubborn issues.

B.  My powerful Spiritual and Energy healing involves the release of attached energies and patterns in the Subconscious Mind, ancestral energies,  and so on.  AFTER such releases I can drain the residual negative energy, allow your positive energy to flow, then balance your energetic body and field.

6.  What happens AFTER my healing session?

Spiritual and energy healing sessions will help you greatly.  However, healing sessions cannot get rid of memories.  Therefore it's very important to ask how your healer can support you after your healing sessions.  If the answer is, “nothing!” my suggestion is: run.  Why?  Because repetitive negative memories can potentially rebuild the negative energy patterns your healer removed.  And you don’t want that!

ME:  Not only will I clear, balance, and restore your energy body and field, I also give you straightforward, practical activities to heal and ground yourself, and make the results long-lasting. If you practice what I teach you, the results will last and symptoms will not return. You have the tools that will help you over your lifetime.

7.  What will I feel like after my healing treatment?

If your healer says, “I have no idea how you will feel because it will depend where you are in your healing journey,” Run.

ME:  Most clients feel lighter, calmer, more relaxed, maybe even inspired and free.  Some clients initially experience an emotional release and can feel temporarily flat, emotional or tired; for these clients the emotional release may be needed for a shift to occur.  If you experience such an emotional release I will be there for you.

8.  As the client what are your responsibilities?

If your healer tells you that you do not have to do anything; that after your healing everything will be wonderful: RUN.  Your healer should give you insights for your happiness and give you sound, practical advice as to how you can keep your energies high.

ME:  I will not BS you.  I tell you the truth so you should be ready to hear it.  If you are willing to hear the truth, I will help you move through the obstacles and barriers once and for all! Contact me.  The insights I have will make sense to you and, if you listen to my instructions (simple and practical), your energies will be higher than you ever believed possible.

9.  How long does it take to get better?

If your healer tells you, “One session.” It's a lie.  There are many reasons why professional healers offer programs that work while one healing session is a quick fix that wears off.  You have had your symptoms and issues for a long time so why assume they can be fixed in one, instant session?

ME:  I do not believe in "quick fixes."  I believe in permanent solutions.  You can expect to feel better in some small way starting from the first session.  Some clients experience  major shifts after one or two distance healing sessions.  That’s great.  But the real work happens over a period of time.  That is why my sessions run continually for 4 weeks.  Sometimes longer.  That is the reality.  If you feel that I am the healer for you – go for it….you have everything to gain!

10.  Can you share any feedback you’ve had from your clients after their healings?

A successful. professional healer should have previous client testimonials.  This is because  testimonials add credibility and legitimacy to their healing practice.  Testimonials make prospective clients (you) feel more comfortable and confident in their abilities.  I feel, therefore, that testimonials are very important.