I'm Martha

I’m an author, mentor, and healer widely known as a leader in Quantum Field Mind-Body Medicine and Spiritual Self Transformation...devoted to helping you heal from the inside out— so you can step into  personal power, BEing well,  and freedom.

I'm passionate about helping you transform your well-being and life!

I create sacred, expansive healing and mentoring spaces for people who are drawn to step into the healing that has been calling to them, for "something more."

That craving you carry for freedom, it can be satiated. But only if you go within desiring to find your greatness.

By cherishing and honoring who you really are, (a sovereign being)—in physical form, in your emotional world, and in your spirit—relief, clarity, and personal power have the space to be revealed. Here, you discover HOW.

Unlocking my own intuitive nature and consciousness has brought me profound healing, and shown me what I'm here to give.

I passionately believe it can do the same for you.

When you work with me, you'll be getting over 25 years of professional training and experience, and the benefit of my 'front-line' journey of reversing 10 years of daily chronic pain, fibromyagia, and a rare "incurable" cancer.

I offer my open heart and promise you: I've walked every step of my talk, and found myself plummeted into the real life-threatening lessons - to find relief from the struggle and experience true wholeness and well-being.

If I can do it, so can you.

I can help you live your greatness.

First, please know this.

You are not destined for a body that hurts. A mind that makes you anxious. Or a heart that’s broken from the challenges of the past and present.

You’re also not meant to forever carry this feeling—that life can be better, richer, or more fulfilling. Or… that something is missing.

Just the fact that you’re here means that you are deserving of what you truly wish for every day—relief, peace, joy, health, vitality, a sense of purpose, love, etc.

You have everything you need to heal and own your life as the person you most want to be.

I'm now a healing channel but I was raised without any connection to my sense of personal power.

I had no idea that I was born with the ability to be, do, or have anything I wanted from life.

All I knew was that I felt completely disconnected from life in my late-20’s, exhausted from suppressing my feelings and living in addictions, trying to outrun my fears and insecurity.

From the sexual abuse as a young child, becoming an addict and losing my way, and then finding it again through becoming a nurse and an intutive energy practitioner...

...to living in a wheelchair, the breakdown of my marriage... being consumed with the healing of a rare "incurable" cancer... I've come to realize that I was always safe, always protected, always being led to my soul's destiny.  I only wish I'd had a wise guide to point me towards the north star within me...just a tad bit sooner.

Divine Intelligence was speaking to me.

I believe that Divine Intelligence was moving through me when I was suddenly brought to living each day with indescribable pain, and catapulted into a career in medicine--inspiring my destiny and healing ministry.

The Divine was speaking to me when I was led back to my ancestral roots: uncovering my gifts as a healer (I'm a 3rd generation healing channel: my grandmother was a practicing mystic and spiritualist in Lilydale, NY and my father’s cousin was a chiropractor in early 1920’s).

When I sat in the neurologist’s office, and listened to the doctor tell me I would never walk again, vowing to defy the odds and find the Truth within myself…

...and how I might feel if I owned it?  At that moment Divine Intelligence was definitely calling me.

The countless years of physical, mental, and emotional healing, energy medicine and Ayurvedic training, opening a wellness center and New World Gifts-books and gifts for conscious living , and healing a rare “incurable” cancer by sitting in stillness several hours a day...

...were all God/Source speaking to me,  so that it could start to speak through me.

Not the language of fear and hardship. Not the voice of The Man, in robe with a big gold “G” around his neck—wanting to punish me into obedience.  Definitely, not that voice.

No, it was the voice of the ever-loving, co-creating, Intelligent Substance that has always been and will always be in awe of our desires....

...awaiting to fulfill them.

Where there is darkness let me bring light.

 Light is the language of the soul.

As I became my wholeness and embodied my truest Self, I realized that at the root of it all was one simple truth.  No one had ever shown me the Truth, that we are sovereign beings—capable of consciously co-creating with the Field of Intelligent Substance, whatever we desire.

From that awakened moment I flung open my heart to receive all that it could hold.

I've created some of my biggest dreams.

I've healed my broken identity.

Removed crippling, debilitating pain and dis-ease from my body.

Mastered my mind and unlocked it's super powers.

Supported countless numbers of people in  private mentoring, group healing and speaking events.

Expanded my energy alchemy gifts to channel healing  messages, insights, and light patterns that bring coherence to  the Soul’s energy signature, born from a spiritual vision I was shown during my cancer healing meditations.

I've become a published author and curator of psycho-energetic  healing experiences.

Everything I've created has been built from the internal embers of my alignment with who I truly am, in my wholeness.

I've built it slowly and painstakingly, guided by one simple prayer:

"Make me an instrument of thy Love."

Show me how I can best heal myself and the world.

Give me Your grace, so that my life can deeply serve.

Thank you."

Every day I awake,

I’m in awe of what Intelligent Substance has created in my life.

As a young girl, I never conceived that I'd be spending my days channeling insights and healing.

I've had the task of healing heavy emotional wounds, battling anxiety, depression, and feelings of shame, and removing ancestral patterns and programming from my subconscious mind.

This has been essential for my wholeness after a traumatic childhood, as well as opening me up to express my soul’s unique gifts.

I believe that the synergy of healing ourselves and expanding our consciousness to live in alignment with our unlimited potential is the greatest gift we can bring to the world.

One can't happen without the other.

Whatever your deepest desires most want to create is what you need to give to yourself.

As you take expansive steps to heal your own wounds, you naturally open up to feel, express, and be who you truly are.

My Mission Statement

Healing was never meant to be complicated

Healing doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to take a long time.

What you want is already here.

Your desire is proof from Divine Mind that it is already here on the physical plane. The only thing standing between you and your greatness is a shift in your energy and consciousness.

The world needs your awakened energy

In case you hadn't noticed, there's a consciousness revolution happening on this planet.

You are what you seek!

 If you've read this far, it's likely your time to step into your personal power and feedom.   

Let's get started illuminating your path.

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