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Episode # 26 Why Psycho-energetic Healing Is Effective At Healing Chronic Pain and Illness?

In this episode…

What is psycho-energetic healing? What makes it effective at healing chronic illness and pain when nothing else seems to work?

Western medicine is great at saving lives but has done nothing to improve or eliminate chronic pain and illness. What make psycho-energetic healing model different and successful?

Conversation Highlights:

  • What is the truth about mind-body medicine? Can it really be effective at healing chronic symptoms.
  • How brain-based, mental science healing works to reverse chronic illness, pain, and anxiety.?
  • The difference between mindfulness and properly using your mind to repattern your body to health.
  • Why you are not destined to be sick.
  • The role of brain-based science in healing the body.
  • How to combine reprogramming your mind while transforming your bio-energetic field.

Mentioned Resources

Learn to move and manage your energy: Unlock the Missing Piece

The Power of Neuroplasticity  by Shad Helmstetter.

NLP: The Structure of  Magic  book by Richard Bandler


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